Smarties be like by FluffyStalker



He,s not even that

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Yeah, that voyager can at least do what it is intended to do

Smarties Are just retarded the little assholes who don’t know what the fuck the world is

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Smarties are the arts and craft space rocket you make out of cardboard and tinfoil when you were 5, and even that is generous considering somebody actually wanted the rocket to exist.

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That’s giving it a bit too much credit

Smarties are like dog shit, it’s there and does nothing and one day you’ll inevitably step on one

It’s like that one retarded kid who ate a bunch of glue who is also self-centered and rich

@Virgil you edited the post? I got a notification but didn’t saw a change

The kid still has rights and is treated as a living human being by the law

Moved it to Community Posts (where memes go)

What the smarty is:
Lvl 0 shitstain

more like lvl -0 barf shit

Uh, EXCUSE me, sweaty :nail_care: Those puffed cheeks are TERRIFYING :scream: and anyone who says otherwise is just lyin’ to themselves to make themselves feel bettah :triumph:

we have a smarty among us you facker

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