Should I make a series about a guy dealing with a large feral herd? (Orchid)

I’m thinking about writing a story but I don’t know if I really should. I’m fairly new to the community and I don’t know how to write a story yet


what do you mean if you should

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I’m new to the community so I don’t really know the rules here

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It’s up to you if you want to or not.
Also, no one starts off as a good writer, your first story is gonna have its flaws, and people are going to critique it no matter what.


do what you want , as long as you don’t involve pedo shit or real animal abuse you will be fine


You can find the website’s rules here.

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Speaking as a writer who is also new to the community, I say do it!

This community in specific is one of the most receptive and nice I’ve ever been on! People on hear love to read about fluffies in all their forms (for the most part) and if you have an idea to share, I for one am eager to read it!


Seem like a decent premise. I say go for it.

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Well the only way to get better is to do it. So don’t worry about it just do it and listen to the advice of the comments to help you and you’ll be badass at it b4 you know it

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rule one: don’t ask permission to create. we are not your dad

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I think you should try
It will be good practice
And everyone has to start somewhere :heart:

The answer to every “Should I…?” question is a firm, resounding,

I want you to write and I want you to express yourself. Do something you’re comfortable with and keep it small, controllable. Read fluffy stories and don’t stop reading them; they will teach you the good and the bad of storytelling.

Also, welcome to the club. Have some fun homie.

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Do it.

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Enough said

Go for it, dude. Or dudette, I’m not sure.

I was hesitant when I started out too. I didn’t think anyone would like my stories. And I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that people do like my stories.

I suggest you tinker with the idea. Throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks. Don’t be afraid to throw it out and start from scratch. If an idea isn’t working, it isn’t working. I’m pretty sure this has been done before, but see if you can’t do something new with it.

You’ll never know til you try, plus the community here is, as you can see, supportive and will usually offer numerous forms of constructive criticism, guidance and pointers

Added bonus is that invasions are always fun to see how they turn out. Should you want anything to inspire you, ask and I’ll toss a few of my favorites in the ring.