Shit Factory (by: moonbat)


Poor fluffy mare was bought to have babies and make money on the side for her new owner. But, unfortunately, she only gave birth to poopie/runt foals and no alicorns and this pissed the owner off so much they decided to dock her mane and tail, dewinged her (she was a pegasus), permanantly dye her originally beautiful platinum fluff and red violet mane to a dirt brown and dull, ugly shade of blue. Then they place her on top of an old metal wash tub outside too high for her to get off of and runaway a few blocks away near a highway, made a sign and placed it in front of her and spray painted the words “SHIT FACTORY” onto her disgraced fluff. That was her name now. This is who she is.


The owner would’ve got more use out of her by selling her to someone. He could’ve definitely find someone willing to buy her for her colors.

On another note, being recolored into an “ugly” fluffy (seriously, brown is not a bad color) sucks so much for a previously beautiful fluffy. It’s one of my favourite concepts.


I’d take them if only to gamble on the turn around karma.

See if as soon as they’re not being forced to pair with ‘beautiful’ fluffies/alicorns and actually get a special friend with a fluffy that tolerates bad colors or a poor color themselves and not just a stud and bam.

Good color foals because the mare’s no longer suffering various stress hormones’ etc which zonks out the gestation and causes them to go shit factory because there’s so much pressure when they’re just viewed as a money printer.


Yeah, maybe. She still may have ended up worse off if she was gonna be a breeder because she doesn’t have good colored litters. Later on, someone pities her, brings her home and asks her why she ended up the way she did. She gets her hair re- dyed to an even prettier color (white with a peach mane) and even gets colored contacts to help boost her self esteem and give her a shot at a decent life. Even if it’s only for a brief period.

I actually really like poopie fluffies just as much as neon fluffballs so I would take her in. Seriously, I have a brown dog, a black dog and a cat who is a tortoiseshell so why not lol


often im fairly sure most fluffy breeders jerk it 2 this guy


i prefer the “poopie” colors better then the neon colors


If they can permanently dye her brown, why can’t they permanently dye the foals into some ridiculously expensive colors?


the dye will dull out eventually, and it’s a good way to get sued for fraud.


Because abuse.

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I was wondering what to get Von Stein for dinner. A little bit of junk food would be okay.


In that case, maybe with enough washings, she can have her original pretty fluff back?


worst case it will grow out or shed out eventually. my border collie got a huge patch of purple running at me whne I was dying my hair once. lasted about a month and a half


Also just to add an extra fuck you to all of this, he placed her on the edge of a particularly noisy highway…that way so she would never have a moment of peace and would be mocked at by passing drivers and pedestrians. Ouch.