shark fluffy (Dragonhammer)

shark fluffy

this is the shark fluffy an evolution of the sea fluffys it was subjectively bred and because of the fluffys being let out of containment too early that their genes are all messed up and quiet adaptibul if used right. It evolved with out of nesesudy because of humans hunting, drowning, capturing and killing them. their teeth are a lot stronger and definitely a lot sharper then a regular fluffy\sea fluffy because of this these little buggers can bite off human flesh with anoth hard work their are completely covered in fluff other then their swimming appendages speaking of witch the legs are made not only for swimming but for running, walking and well swimming ass you can see in this artist re-imagining you can see little things on the back of its legs work like flippers and its legs were made to hold onto vary Ruth things sutch as rocks, sea weed, clothing, concrete, human skin, bouts, and pears\docks now you already know how a tail and shark fin work so i wont have to explain it to you. They stay in a pack for power and protection from larger predators they normally circle thare prey before the frenzy to make sure that they don’t escape they normally feed on fish the Stray cocker spaniel but because of thare numbers of the pack they actually hunt larger pray such as smarty’s with Floaties, turtles, small children, fat dogs, and people in boats. Because of thare pack mentality they all ways share food no matter how small so they have an extra stomach for storing food in case they don’t get enough food.

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so what do you guys think?


I like it.


Thank you

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Cool idea. Will they hunt other fluffies eventually? Be prime hunters like natural sharks?

Yes and just to let you guys know you guys can use my fluffys in your story’s

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Think of jaws but Puranas

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the bio research ones not the ones with out pics

will it be wise to make it a purana fluffy insted of a shark then? :hmm:
they even have “herds”, just like fluffies

well you see since the are fluffys they still have the herd mentality and the peranas wont be more of a threat since the don’t have legs also some one already did peranas

sharks don’t have legs either
and are you sure there’s a fluffy piranha there? I remember how an ordinary fluffy was eaten by ordinary piranhas, but I don’t remember a fluffy piranha.

trust me they are their the peranas i mean. also they have legs because they evolved to have them do not ques-gen science!

sorry for being rude, but is english your second language?

no i live in amaraca for all my life its just hard to type also my mom says i have adhd


we cool just to let you know

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I think it’s a walking oxymoron. The deadliest creature of the sea combined with a creature so fragile it can drown on dry land.

So, obviously I like it.

ya i know its cool

Yeah it’s funny

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