Second Batch of Requests (TherapistFluffy)

ArisenLeafOneOffFluffy BirthdayCakeRequest GruntyRequest PolarRequest


The second batch is done. I tried to experiement with this batch a lot. Different brushes etc. I am not good at gore at all, but I gave my best and I once again hope y’all can appreciate this little offerings of free art.
The next Batch will be, if I saw correctly:

After them I will @StoneRouge , who wrote me, then the DnD Fluffy and um… a Fluffy doing Cocaine I guess?

I once again will aim for next wednesday, but if I should finish faster (like this batch), I will upload it as soon as its finished.

Also, yes, that Fluffy getting maimed by the Grunties? Thats “Jimmy” from the macgonagall story! Son of a bitch didn’t get what he deserved as Macgonagall left us, so I thought, lets finish it!


That third drawing is real satisfying to see. :smiling_imp:


I have renewed faith in our military after this comic. /salute


Oh wow! These look great! I love your take on a ghost fluff, the colors, the glow, the expression, it all looks fantastic, thank you for drawing it c:


Was a little disappointed Jimmy didn’t get used for an Enfie-Pal for what he did to little Blue.


Gruntys on the job!! Flawless!! Yes!!! Thank you!! This is what they do!! Asides blowing up when ordered to… Search and destroy feral (and escaped) Fluffy!!!


Grunties can’t Enf jimmy, cause they don’t have reproduction organs anymore… But be delighted they WILL bad poppies on his corpse, and that shit will STINK!! Plus they will stomp his skull in after being torn apart and still lives (NO MERCY!!!), lets just say in short, how Jimmy will die, will make even the most psychotic abuser shed manly happy tears.


I love your interpretation of Birthday Cake! So fluffy so pretty! I hope you enjoyed drawing him :slight_smile: