Seaside disaster by Princessbitch4

One summer day there was a pastel pink and green pegasus named sweetie. Sweetie was a beautiful and kind but dumb stallion. He was walking on the seaside digging for pretty shells, when all of a sudden he noticed a huge monster. He screamed “Munsta, hewp wawa munsta! mummah hewp sweetie.” Sweetie’s owner a reformed abuser turned to look at her pet. She went over to him and asked “What’s the matter Sweetie? Was a seagull mean to you?” Sweetie shook his head “Biggest wawa munsta neaw dah wawa.” She looked to were sweetie came from and gasped in shock, it was a beached whale. The owner picked up sweetie and call the appropriate authorities to save the whale.


The beached whale was save almost immediately. Sweetie’s owner rewarded him with sketti flavored paté meal. Suddenly another problem happened. A herd of ferals spotted and approached sweetie. The leader of the herd, a lime green and white unicorn fluffy. “ou pawt of smawty’s hewd nao dummeh. nao hand obah dah nummies ow get gib owwies tu 'ou.” The smarty demaded , proceeding to push sweetie out of the way
Sweetie not understanding the situation well cried. Then his owner appeared with her date and his fluffy. She picked her fluffy up and handed him to her date. “Here, take him out with Aubrey to a fun safe location, while I take care of a pest problem.” Her date nodded taking Sweetie and Aubrey to a safer location.

The smarty looked up and made a grumpy face and said “Dummeh hooman dis am smawty’s wand an’ nummies nao. Go 'way.”
The young woman felt rage for the first time in 3 months of fluffy abuse therapy began.

Long story short the feral herd decorated the seaside beach in blood and guts. Sweetie’s owner got cleaned up, then went to get sweetie to go home and spend time at home.

       The End.

So, the story was short and Sweetie?