sea fluffies living in a pool part 2 (by random_viewer_of_fluffies)


he went over to the counter and set down five buck, the worker peer up to him for a moment
“i want as many sit color sea fluffy can get me for 5 buck.”
the worker just nodded, not asking any question and ask one of the other works to begin packing, ten fluffies in to bags for shipping,
he was also giving two bag of sea-fluffie feed to go with them on some . he waited for them to finished as he checked his phone for any request from his boss. he took all ten fluffies and thank the workers, the drive home was quiet with the sea fluffies wiggling in the bags they were in.
he went to work placing each fluffy in the pool. may as well give them a name while he was at it

the first one he dump in was a male unicorn, a dark green body with dark orange mane and tail fin, he name this one greenie, he watched him peer around the dirty pool, his new home.

he dump in another male pegasus, this one brown with bright green mane and fins, he called this one earth.

the next one he dump in was a female earthie, she was a dark brown, with light brown, mane and fin, he name her brownie.

he dump in another female in, this one a black pegasus with brown, mane and fins. he name her dark chocolate.

the name one was another female earthie, dark coloe with cherry color mane and fin, he name her dark cherry.

he dump in another male unicorn, it was a dirty orange, and dirty green main and fin, he called him carrot.

the next one he dump in was a female unicorn, she was a dirt pink and brown mane and fin. he called her bubbles

the next one he drop in was a female pegasus. she had a brown body and dark mane and fins. he called her coffee

he dump in a yellow earthie with brown mane and fin, he called them lemon

the last one he drop in was a male pegasus, he was a dirty green and red mane and fins, he called this one grass.
he watch them check out the pool and nervously check on the tadpole in the pool,
“alright shit flock, your guys job is to eat all these eggs and tadpole,”
their all burst out into asking why.
he thought on it for a moment, then smiled,
“cause if you don’t they will grow in to monster frogs who will eat all your future ‘babbehs’ and sell all your ‘nummies’ well have fun, i’ll be back in half an hour, good luck”
he could hear them swiming in the pool as he went inside to do some work before lunch

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Do sea fluffies breathe underwater? I know they can breathe regular air (depending upon head canon of course), but chlorinated pool water would probably kill them if they stupidly tried to breathe underwater.

All cute!
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Can adopt BUBBLE?

Very exciting work!

there no chlorine in the pool, it went out cause of lack of care, at why their are tabpoles, and frog living around the pool!

Muh Headcanon:

Aquafluffies: gills
Sea fluffies: lungs

Fluffies in servitude…best cheap labor there is!

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Ummm… Cómo ayudaría eso a limpiar la piscina?

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bueno, en la primera página, vio un limpiador de pelusas marinas, que disuelve su mierda, que compró, la idea de que las pelusas marinas se comen las algas y las ranas y él simplemente tira el limpiador de vez en cuando si él recordatorios a él no le importa lo que hagan los fluffies mientras cuiden la piscina o no mueran. (utilicé el traductor de google para ti)

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Owww… Soo cute.
It was not necessary but I appreciate


Just curious. What are the puffy additions only some of them have on their front legs?

their the pegasus version of sea fluffies. seeing as wings won’t do much for them in the wild. it helps them move faster as it catching currents better then other sea fluffies