Savoy the Cibapath (Captain_Emo)

The largest fluffy industry in the world right now is the fluffies-as-food industry.

How else do you deal with the fluffy overpopulation problem?

(We’re kind of a little lazy at the the whole population control thing….)

It also meant that people (the big corp guys) could make some buck on these things.

Hell, everyone believes that you can make money from fluffies such as how pervasive those urban myths are. Why would the big money, big business men be any different?

This is also why you get people obsessed with breeding an alicorn foal.

They’re determined to find that golden goose……and then sell it off as soon as it’s pumped out of its mother and then someone presents them a lot of dollars……

……let’s just say they barely have time to form any maternal bonds. Probably a good thing, fluffies are scared of the things.

You’ve very likely eaten a fluffy product before today………

And there’s a lot of them.

Foal tendies, foal au vin, foal gras, mare breast, fluffyburger, foalshakes, and mare’s milk to name but a few.

There’s also brain soup but, honestly, I don’t want to make you sick……

But did you know that fluffies are often used to feed fluffies themselves?

You do know what’s in that kibble of theirs right?

And those special cans of fluffy Sketties? That are just for fluffies?

Did you know that fluffies are cursed with a problematic digestive system? And why their bowel movements are uniquely disgusting?

No kidding that’s why their shit is so foul!!

Their intestines and entire digestive tract is pozzed and they suffer similar issues akin to Crohn’s disease.

In other words, absorption of nutrients from food that they eat is poor and they barely absorb what they need to sustain themselves.

This is why you often find fluffies that just seem like they’re always hungry despite not long eating previously and the ones that descend on crops as if they were locusts.

Fluffy meat is unusual in how well it can be digested and processed by digestive systems.

It breaks down so easily into nutrients to be absorbed.

Fluffies when fed food with a high fluffy protein content are able to digest the food more efficiently than feeding them without it.

Certain types of vegetables can be used to give them more variety in nutrients and fibre (please don’t give them chocolate or spinach! That’s pretty poisonous to them)

Though they do hate the taste of vegetables though! (This is why vegetable mush is a pretty good way of punishing your fluffy as well as keeping them healthy……good on you justified abusers)

But you could feed a fluffy nothing but fluffy kibble and it would still lead a fairly normal lifestyle.

(Except adding variety improves the quality of their life and health considerably.)

Let’s just say that the artificial nature of fluffies means that their meat could be pumped full of chemicals and hormones and other treatments and is very easy to process into some delicious cuts.

And people with the appropriate machinery could that produce into dollar very quickly

They breed so quickly and without caring about their discomfort, and each and every fluffy is used in production.

Foal meats are considered the best due to the milkies they feed on and their supple and soft flesh which is so buttery in the mouth, even old fluffies and former pets are used in production.

Especially Sausages and Hot Colt ™ Franks……

A lot of people call it a miracle meat, it’s cheap enough to feed a family and put a full plate of food on the table.

It helped to tackle the growing problem of food poverty despite the amount of people who perceived it as low quality.

But when it comes down to it, it is a literal small number of people compared to the billions out there who actually care about how fluffies are made into a food product.

If I showed you footage of what they did to those things to make them edible for humans, would you still eat them?

Savoy was a pretty special fluffy.

You’d never guess how special, he was truly unique amongst his own kind.

Seriously it’s true, you’d never guess just looking at him though.

Or from his humble background.

Savoy was from the foal-in-a-can range, his Daddeh had bought him for his Mummeh for all of $2.

One night his new Daddeh wanted to treat his new mummeh to a present

He was a pretty nice green colour and he had a small bump on his head indicating that he was a unicorn type.

Now you’re going to tell me there’s thousands of fluffies that are just like him, which is true.

In fact you could say he was plain for a fluffy. Good colours but even the average fluffy has that.

So what made him so special?

Savoy had a gift. Though he wasn’t exactly aware of it nor did he understand it.

He could hear things and see things as if they were there when he ate.

As a foal, he had been reared on artificial fluffy milk.

It made his tummy hurties and hungies go away but it made no real impression on him.

Except for one thing.

When his Mummeh or his Daddeh gave him his milkies from the tube, he could hear funny sounds.

He could hear the sound of the milkies.

He could hear the squirts of milkies in his head.

Mysterious squirts into milky bottles and then they went out to the babbehs.

The milkies came from a milky machine. It was a big mummeh. It made lots of milkies and then milkies were put in a dark and cold place.

And then milkies came to Babbeh!

But he could never see this mysterious sound or where it came from.

He was so confused. It was like he could hear it, see it, but it wasn’t there at all.

But at least he was getting nice milkies from his mummeh and Daddeh.

He was mostly unbothered by the sound.

In fact, he never felt like he was alone, unusual for a young foal. The sounds kept him company as he suckled his milkies.

And then one day, his Daddeh had brought back a small carton.

The carton contained natural fluffy milk

His Daddeh really wanted to try Savoy out with the more “natural” (for a fluffy) stuff. He was certain that it would be far better for Savoy than the artificial stuff.

It was milkies time and Daddeh got the cool milkies into Savoy’s special dispenser.

Savoy was getting to be a big foal and Daddeh didn’t want to give him the bottle (an eventual weaning tactic for responsible owners). Savoy wagged his tail with delight and let out a coo sound. His mouth watered in anticipation of the sweet milkies.

And then he suckled and suckled.

And then he saw a Mummeh!

It wasn’t like the big mummeh who made many milkies; it was a Mummeh who gave Huggies to Babbehs and love and play with Babbehs!!

The Mummeh sang the Mummeh song! He could see Babbehs go play!!

And then it stopped. The Mummeh and Babbehs were gone. And the milkies were gone too.

Savoy looked around the room. Where was Mummeh? Where was bruddas and sissies? Why could he no play with bruddas and sissies and get huggies and milkies from Mummeh?

And for the first time in his short life, he felt so alone.

He went back to his special blankets and pillow and cuddled his tail in the corner.

Was these heart hurties? He really missed the Mummeh and the babbehs….

Now I know you have questions. How a foal from a foal-in-a-can can vividly dream about a Mummeh or a maternal presence or hear the sounds of a factory making the foal milk during production.

Well, Savoy is special. Not that he knew nor did his Mummeh or his Daddeh know.

Savoy is a Cibapath.

Whenever he suckled milkies, the food would leave a psychic impression on him.

He could hear sounds that weren’t there, and he could see mummehs and Babbehs that weren’t there.

His gift is a unique gift. Imagine being able to see a vision of where your food came from and experience it, see it, hear it.

All in your head from the bite of a morsel.

Now think about how much of a curse it would be too.

Savoy was eventually weaned off the milkies. To his displeasure. He never got to see the big metal Mummeh who made lots of milkies; or any of the the fluffy Huggie mummehs again.

He was eventually weaned onto kibble which was mixed in with artificial milk to soften it for his soft teeth to bite into.

With each bite he could hear sounds……

Fluffy sounds……voices…….

Where these………… friends?!

With each bite, Savoy could hear the sounds of many, many fluffies.

They were making playsies and Huggies and having enfies and making singies and dancies!!

In fact it was just like being at the Day Centre with Real Friends!

But he could also hear bad sounds; boo-boo sounds, crying, screaming, fluffies being hurt, bad poopies.

Savoy didn’t like this sound. It scared him and it made him sad and gave him heart hurties too.

With each bite he could feel the emotions and memories of all fluffies.

He didn’t know what he would experience with any bite that he took.

But why couldn’t he see his friends like he could see his friends when he went to play at nursery or when he went to park with Daddeh?!

With each bite he wanted to know more! He could hear his friends with his hear-places.

But he couldn’t see his friends with his see-places!!

Was see-places being dummehs??

Why couldn’t he see his friends?!

And then one evening, his Daddeh decided that Savoy was being a good boy that he deserved to be treated.

In fact his Daddeh was curious as to why his fluffy hadn’t asked for these before.

“Hey little guy I’ve got you a nice treat tonight!”

“Yaaaay tanku Daddeh!! Sawoy wub tweeties!!”

“Well I think you’ll really love these treats.”

Savoy was wagging his tail in anticipation. He had been such a good boy for Daddeh.

He had been able to come off the milkies which was for Babbehs and he was able to eat his big boy kibble like a big boy.

What was the treat Daddeh was going to give him?

“Well, your mom and me are having Chinese tonight but you’re having Italian”

Savoy looked confused, “taw-wee-yin Daddeh? Wut taweeyun?”

His Daddeh smiled and pulled out a tin of special Fluffy Sketties.

“Sketties little guy, you deserve them for being a good boy and a big boy too!”


The word triggered something in his head. It was like a spark lit, a dark place lit with sudden and bright light.

It was something he had never seen before, something that he had never seen like he had seen before. And he was very, very excited!!

He began to make a squee sound, fidget on the spot and dance up with glee.

“Sketties!!! Sketties Daddeh!!! Wub wub wub wub wub!!!”

His Daddeh began to laugh with delight. Savoy was being a cute little critter. He regretted not filming it on his phone.

If he was like this just from mentioning Sketties, what would Savoy be like eating them?

He had to get a few pictures and a video of Savoy tucking in for the gram. He was a cute little foal and it looked like he would be a cute little fluffy.

The Fluffy Sketties was just like any other tin on the market.

Gluten free and dairy free so that they couldn’t do harm to a fluffies gut. Their guts are so, so sensitive….it’s pretty hard to keep a fluffy on a well balanced diet.

And so that the smell of his crap wasn’t as god awful either.

It was pretty cheap too like most fluffy things. But not healthy……how could anyone just ruin their health by letting them eat this stuff every day?

The Sketties was heated in a Pyrex jug in the microwave and left to cool down. Fluffies have notoriously sensitive tongues, no way was he burning Savoy’s tongue.

Burning a fluffies tongue with hot Sketties is the most common injury and easy mistake you could make with fluffies

He had done everything right in raising Savoy. And he was happy with the work that he had put into raising him.

He got the phone ready on video mode and placed the bowl down for Savoy to tuck into.

Savoy took a smell of his Sketties, his first ever, and he was delighted. His mouth watered in anticipation.

It was so noodly!! And there was a nice smell…and plenty of meat too. Little balls of meat, easy for a fluffy to take bites of and break apart. A thin layer of tomato juice covered the noodles and meatballs.

And then he took many, many bites!!

He wanted to get it all!!

And then he stopped.

And shuddered.

And began to tremble as if he was cold. He lost control of his bowels and also emptied his bladder.

He was so scared of what he saw…….

So many fluffies……

So many poopies………

So much boo-boo juice…….

That sound!!!

That horrible grinding sound!!!

So scary…….

He could see the fluffies crying and wailing…….

He could see two foals giving Huggies…both were crying for their Mummeh to save them……

There were fluffies with no leggies crying too……there were so many….,

One of them begged his wingies to fly him away……all of them made bad poopies…….one of them made poopies!!!

One of them made poopies in another fluffy’s face!!!

He didn’t like the taste of poopies!!!

They were so scared.

No one could move…

Some fluffies wan die wan die wan die!!

Some already had forever sleepies……

The smarties were crying too and trying to get away from the sound!!

They were moving closer!!!

That sound…

So scary……

So loud……

And then he saw the machine……

The grinder……

He was closer now

It was so scary, so loud

So angry……

Savoy screamed out loud!!!

He was very close. The fluffies who went inside were made into boo-boos!!

Lots of boo-boos!!!

He could see the teeth of the grinder…

So much boo-boo juice!!!

And then he was back in his room screaming!!!

He had made so many poopies!! Bad poopies!!!

He was still trembling. He had been so, so scared.

All of those fluffies……….

All of that boo-boo juice…….

His Daddeh turned the phone off…he regretted live-streaming all of that……

He was getting a few angry comments. Was this a joke?! What did he put in the Sketties?! Did he get off abusing his cute little fluffy?!

He wanted to comment……he wanted to tell a few of them to go fuck themselves……

But he just turned his phone off. He had to clean the place up. What the fuck was wrong with Savoy?!

“D-d-Daddeh…….s-s-Sketties su-su-su-scawy!! Huuuuuuuuuuuu su many hewties huhuhuhuhuhuuuuu aww fwaffies gu boo-boo!!! Su hewties su scawy huuuuuuuu”

His Daddeh put his head in his hand in disbelief. Aren’t fluffies meant to like Sketties?

Jesus there was so much shit……

On the floor and in the Sketties too……


He couldn’t have the little guy crapping everywhere. He used to use the sorry stick to teach him not to crap on the floor.

Cane his ass lightly.

He took the litter training quite well and he barely made any mess. Horny fluffies are good like that……

He stopped using that not long ago. Threw it in a box somewhere. He had the training cracked….

Or so he thought…

He was a horned fluffy……god I hope he’s not going to be a smarty!!

The little guy is in tears….he’s made so much mess.

But you have to punish these guys when they’re bad. Every time they’re bad.

Today he’s crying and shivering. Tomorrow he could be crapping everywhere…

Fluffies need to be reminded at all times to use the litterbox. Every day you have to train them……


He huffed. He had to punish him.

“I’m really disappointed…….I’m not a happy daddy Savoy….”

“Bu-bu Daddeh?!! Sawoy see su many boo-boos!!! Su scawy!! Nu wike nu wike!!!”

(Did he think the tomato sauce was blood? Was that what scared him?! Figures….I guess even these horned guys are pretty dumb after all…well, he probably won’t bother him for Sketties Di that might be a plus……)

His Daddeh looked at all the poo that was on the floor….did they even have stain remover in? It stunk bad….he had to clean this all up.

But not before he punished Savoy

“There’s so many bad poopies here. And you’ve made poopies on your Sketties too!!! You’re going to eat your Sketties AND your poopies!!! I want it all gone Savoy”

The fluffy shivered and begged his Daddeh not to do this…….he promised he would be good….

His Daddeh then moved Savoy’s mouth to a piece of shit in the Sketties and held him over the bowl……

“You’re going to eat your Sketties and your going to eat the poo. You’re a bad fluffy……I want them all gone……and then I’ll think about if you’re a good fluffy….”

Savoy began to cry some more. He really wanted to be a good boy….



I’ve finally got a new original out after Christmas and after my break.

I’m really surprised that I’ve taken this long but I’ve just not had the time to think and type.

I’ve been pretty burned out from work but I’ve got some ideas I want to work more on.

I’ve worked out more of my lore too.

I want to try and do “more weird” stories and try out more weirdbox, which I don’t think I do that well.

Also, for those who love comics…look up “Chew”. “Savoy” is a character in it and the inspiration for the story.

Also, it’s pronounced “cee-bah-path”

I’ll probably do another old story re-done and work on my next instalment which I might make a multi parter


I want to give Neku-chan a shout out, I love the idea of Veggie Mush being used as a means of punishing fluffies whilst also keeping them healthy.

I love the comic series


Savoy’s so bloody annoying! This is great!


I think there’s a dark element of truth here. Even the most well behaved of fluffies that does whatever you say and is always good would irritate a guy to no end.

Poor little guy had to relive the nightmare when he ate his poop too.

I’m going to try and do more stories with him. I don’t often do recurring fluffy characters and this guy is going to suffer most of the time he eats

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Chew is great.

I hope there’s room for some iteration of ¡POYO! at some point!


All I can say is keep an eye out. My version of POYO is coming fairly soon (he’ll be called Puyol so that he’s not exactly the same)

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