Rosie's story part 2 by Princessbitch4

Rosie had been in the saferoom with her mother and brothers, when her daddeh entered the room. As soon as Jem stepped into the room he was assaulted with love and hugs. He smiled as he knelt down to hug them back.

“Now my precious little fluffballs, I have good news. Me and Heidi decided to move us to a new home.” Jem told them waiting for a response. They looked shocked, especially the little ones. Grape started crying, Bean was having a panic attack and snowball had to hold him. Gremlin buried himself into his mother’s fluff. Rosie on the other hand took this rather well. “It’s ok my dears, moving doesn’t mean bad. It just means we are going to a better home.” Jem said reassuring them. They’ve stopped crying and started squealing and making excited noises.

Rosie took notice of the lavender unicorn behind the glass box.“Daddeh am dah bad fwuffie comin’ wiff famiwy?” She asked Jem curious about the unicorn’s fate. Jem’s eyes widened a little. He never thought about that before.“Well Rosie I almost forgot about him. He doesn’t have a name and I barely feed him. But I suppose I can bring him along to. Do you want to name him Rosie?” Jem told Rosie. "Fwuffy’s name am waisin nao."the young fluffy stated happily. The lavender colored stallion looked happy at his name.

timeskip a few days later

Rosie was so excited about the new home that they were heading too."Wosie am su happy fo’ new home!"She said literally shaking with glee. The drive was long and bumpy, Heidi kept making stops for potty and food breaks.“Mummah heidi how much fawthah am daddeh an’ housie?” Gremlin asked his human mummah yawning in a fluffpile. Heidi smiled at them and said to them soon.

The barn was finally in view. Rosie was the only one awake and was surprisingly calm. “Rosie it looks like we are here and I see Jem. Come on lets get everybody up and ready.” Heidi told Rosie while gently waking everyone up. Snowball was the first fluffy out of the car then Grape, Bean and finally Gremlin. Rosie was being held by Heidi. Raisin on the other hand was in a portable sorrybox. Being pulled by Snowball. Jem took notice of them and welcomed them into their new home. Rosie took notice of the fence.“Daddeh why am dewe waww up?” Rosie asked curiously… Jem thought for a moment deciding to tell them the news. “Well sweetie, me and Heidi wanted more fluffies here so we built this floor for them and the upper floor is for us. You little ones can have friends here. How’s that sound.” Rosie couldn’t believe her ears “New fwuffie fwiends, Yay. Fank ‘ou mummah heidi an’ daddeh!” They all stated excitedly. Jem and Heidi got them settled in and took them to the play area outside.

“Hey Rosie, how would you like to help me get more fluffies here?” Jem asked the young filly. Rosie was happy that her daddeh chose her to help him, so she agreed. Jem let heidi know where they were heading and left.

Rosie saw lots of pretty trees and other nature stuff. Then suddenly a noise was heard, it was a fluffy. It was a orange unicorn with cyan mane. Jem accidentally stepped on a branch sending the fluffy into defense mode.“Who’s dewe fwuffie not scawedy of 'ou.” The fluffy said painfully obvious that he was scared with the shit pouring out of the creature. “Hewwo new fwend. Fwuffy’s name am wosie an’ dis fwuffy’s daddeh. Wouwd 'ou wike to wibe wiff us?” Rosie said leaning out of closer to the other fluffy enthusiastically… The fluffy thought for a moment before saying" housie fo’ fwuffy an’ hewd?" Jem nodded his head and told the unicorn to bring his herd to him. The Orange fluffy whose name was ironically Orange, turned to the bushes behind him and called for his herd.

To be continued…

(Sorry this took so long.)


Lmao I thought she meant “vibe with us”. Yes, I would like to vibe with you