Rosie : prologue part 2: by : Princessbitch4

The next day Jem went to check on snowball and the foals. He peeked in and saw snowball up making sure her babies were ok. “How you doing snowball? How are your babies?” He asked her. The fluffy smiled but gave no response except moved to were he could see the foals. They were all snuggled into their mothers fluff. Jem thought it was time to name them. " So snowball would you like me to name your babies?" He asked her in a soothing voice and petting her fluff.

Snowball perked up, excited that her babies are gonna have names. " Yes daddeh snowbaww wan’ babbehs to hab names!" She said smiling away .

Meanwhile the lavender smarty was sleeping, he heard noise. He woke up saw the human giving snowball love and attention. He got jealous and started making a fuss, ‘Dummeh hooman nu gibes smawty wub an’ nummies’ he thought angrily, he used what limbs he had left to bang on the glass to remind them that he was still there. " Oh yeah i almost forgot about you bad fluffy. I should probably feed you. Well all right here, have some expired oats."he spoke to the fluffy with a flat tone. Jem gave the unicorn stallion the food and brought his attention back to snowball’s foals.

Jem picked up the purple pegasus," Your name is Grape." He put grape back and picked up his sister," your name little lady is Rosie." He handed rosie to snowball. The last two he named Bean and Gremlin. Jem put them down with their siblings. He filled snowball’s food and water bowls, then clean the litterboxes and left.

Snowball was happy her babies had names now. It made her heart warm and fuzzy. She watched them crawl around chirping and peeping. She looked over to the smarty and glared at him, she then turned to Rosie and picked the red unicorn foal up in her hooves and held her. She started singing " Mummah wuv babbehs, Babbehs wuv mummah, Babbehs wuv miwkies, mummah hab miwkies." She kept singing until they were done feeding, snowball then licked them clean and let them sleep.

-In another room-

Heidi was in the kitchen making breakfast for her and jem. She started the conversation, " So what are we gonna do with the foals dear? Are we gonna keep them or sell them? Im with whatever you decide."
Jem took a deep breath and told her that they would let snowball keep them. Heidi smiled at her husband and told him to get ready to go to work.
After the dishes were done Heidi went to the safe room to check on them.

Snowball was playing with her toys and blocks when she heard the door of the safe room open and her mummah walked in. “Mummah! Snowbaww Wan’ huggies pwease!” Snowball said running up to Heidi.

Heidi picks the fluffy up and hugs her. “Snowball how are your babies deary? Can i hold one. Snowball?” Heidi asked the white fluffy. Snowball lit up and nodded eagerly, led heidi to the nest. Heidi picked up Rosie and stroked her belly gently as possible. “Awe what cute babies you have snowball! Would like to keep your babies here with you darling? " Heidi told her fluffy. Snowball thought real hard for a moment before giving an answer. " Snowbaww wuv babbehs. Wan’ keep babbehs fowebah mummah.” Heidi just smiled at her.

timeskip a few weeks later

" mummah mummah! wook gwape took gud poopies." Grape said excitedly to his mother. Snowball looks over at the pegasus and smiles. "Mummah Mummah, pway wiff wosie an’ bwuddahs pwease!"the Rosie asked her mummah. Snowball said “Awwite babbehs mummah wiww pway wiff 'ou, wemembah to pway faiw.”

Thus ending the prologue and soon begins Rosie’s story.


Liked and followed. interested to see where this story is going to go!