Requiem For A Doctor Ch. 6 [By BFM101]

The first week of searching went by poorly.

Despite the efforts of Lewis and his team, and with the help from Samuel and Caesar, they found themselves no closer to finding Chilli and the others. Everyday Lewis and Samuel would take Spike, Flint and Caesar out into the city to try and pick up the scent, Flint and Caesar using Spike as a baseline smell to find his siblings. But the city was too hectic, the scents too overpowering to even start looking, and everyday the team would return home disheartened and tired.

Spike returned home one of those days to Lily, by now her pregnancy was very visible, another week or two and she wouldn’t be able to walk. Spike crashed down beside her, feeling the weight of every failure crushing his little shoulders, it wasn’t until Lily lay down beside him and licked his face that he felt a little lighter.

“Nu wowwy Spike, Wiwy knyo yu find bruddas an sissy soon.”

“Spike nu feew wike dat am twue. Bu hab heawt-happies wen Wiwy say it.”

Still laying on the floor, Spike repositioned himself so that his head was in-line with Lily’s stomach, and places his ear again it, hearing his foals inside of her.

“It ok babbehs, daddeh pwotect yu aww. Nu wet meanies gib yu anee huwties. Babbehs hab bestesh mummah eba, gun be su wuckee tu hab hew. Daddeh wub babbehs.”

From the doorway, Katherine and Lewis watched the couple, Flint asleep in Lewis’ arms. Despite the heart-warming sight, Katherine felt saddened watching them, part of it was the fear that they wouldn’t be able to find the foals and the guilt being too much for Spike to handle.

But on another level, she also felt rotten about her own pregnancy watching the happy couple, she hadn’t seen or heard form Josef since she had the police check up on him, judging from how nothing happened she figured it best to avoid him for a while. After a moment she shut the door on them and turned to Lewis.

“Is it bad that I’m feeling jealous of a Fluffy couple?” She laughed as she spoke but Lewis could see the hurt in her eyes.

“Are you looking for me to give you actual advice, or do you want me to say it’ll all be better soon?”

“Cute, but I’ll be fine Lou, I mean my mum raised me alone and I turned out fine.”

Lewis couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, eliciting a small giggle from Katherine.

“Ok, ok. I turned out MOSTLY fine.”

Lewis felt Flint stir in his arms, his comfortable sleep starting to feel a little less comfortable.

“I should probably get going, get this little guy to bed. We gotta do it all again tomorrow.”

“I know, I’ll get Spike ready as soon as I can.”

“I’ll see you then.”

The two of them said their quick goodbyes before Lewis left, even he had to admit that things weren’t looking good.

It wasn’t until a couple days later that they got the break they needed. While Lewis took to the streets to find the foals, Alan stayed at The Farm, continually asking any new Fluffy about whether or not they remembered Chilli.

Most of the time he got nothing, or he’d think he’d get something only to realise the Fluffy got confused in the excitement and didn’t actually know Chilly or the others at all.

But as the days went on, Alan started to notice more and more Fluffies mentioning a Smarty herd run by a stallion matching Chilli’s description, tales of bullying, of rape and murder, of a Fluffy tyrant were slowly becoming more and more common place as the days went on. But Fluffies being absolute dogshit with memories, none of them remembered where they came across this herd.

That is until Alan struck lucky with a newcomer who claimed to have seen Chilli mere days ago. He raced through and grabbed Lewis, pulling him to the pen with the newcomer.

“Alan, what the hell…”

“Just listen to her Lou. Ok, tell my friend here what you told me.”

The mare looked exhausted, her three foals greedily scoffed down their food like they hadn’t eaten in days, and judging by their skinny bodies, they hadn’t. The mare looked up at Lewis, tears welling in her eyes.

“Fwuffy see meanie Smawty yu wook fow. Twy tu gib huwties tu Fwuffy an famiwy, speciaw-fwiend gib sowwy-hoofies su mummah an babbehs can wun way. Bu meanie tuffies gib speciaw-fwiend foweba sweepies.”

The mare started crying, sensing their mothers distress, her three foals walked over and cuddled into her.

“Huggie make ebewyfing betta mummah.” One of her daughters peeped up.

The mare smiled, but Lewis could tell by the look in her eyes that she didn’t believe that anymore. She took a deep sigh and continued onwards.

“Smawty am wed wingie wiv bwue mane Awan wan. Dewe awso pinkie pointy mawe, she soon-mummah nyo, an gween munstah, he poopie munstah nyo, nu knyo wai Smawty nu gib him foweba sweepies yet.”

“Do you remember where you saw them?” Lewis asked trying to avoid the Fluffy racism.

“Nu wememba whewe, bu neaw nummie-pwace. Heaw hoomins caww it Chai-nees bud at aww Fwuffy knyo.”

“That’s ok, you’ve been a great help, thank you.”

Lewis tossed in a couple treats for her and her foals before turning back to Alan, seeing the massive smile on his face.

“This is good right?”

“It’s a good start, better than what we had before. But how many Chinese restaurants are in this city anyway?”

“Six, Dragon’s Lair, Panda Panda, Orient Experience, House Of Noodles, Double-Up and Peking Palace.”

“It concerns me that you know that off by heart.”

“I’m a bachelor Lou, I eat out a lot. Besides that’s not the point I’m making, there’s only six restaurants in the city, split into two or three teams and you’ll have them by the end of the day.”

Lewis couldn’t hide the smile on his face, this was the best shot they had, they couldn’t afford to pass it up.

“Alright, I’ll let the others know. You want in on this?”

“Thanks but no, I’ll keep questioning the Fluffies, see if I can’t narrow it down a bit more for you. You let me know if you find them.”

“Will do, thanks Alan.”

With a curt nod signalling their goodbyes, Lewis rushed back to the office, already preparing for the next stage in the hunt.

Lewis checked the rotten bins behind the alley of Panda Panda, finding no trace of Fluffies.

“Anything?” He called over to Spike, sniffing out the wet ground by a wall.

“Nuttin. Nu fink dey hewe.”


Lewis got out his phone an sent a message to the other two teams, Daniel and Flint on one, Samuel and Caesar on the other.

‘Panda Panda is a dead end, gonna take a break before heading to Peking Palace.’

Daniel texted back first. ‘House Of Noodles had Fluffies but not ours, I’m gonna load them into the truck then head over to Double-Up.’

A moment later, Samuel replied. ‘I’ve got something at Dragon’s Lair, I’ll get back once I know more.’

Lewis put his phone away and sighed, finding the driest patch of ground he could see, he sat down with his back against one of the walls, Spike wandered over and sat down next to him.

“It’s ok Spike, we’ll find them.”

“Spike knyo, bu jus hab wowwies.”

“How so?”

“Wowwy bout wha Woo-ish du if Chiwwi hab finkie-pwace sickie wike daddeh. Wowwy bout wha happen tu Moss. Wowwy wha Joesep gun du to dem.”

“It’s natural to worry about your siblings Spike, even more so since you know what Josef is capable of.”

“Spike nu cawe for Chiwwi ow Taf-ee, dey meanies. Bu nu wan dem tu habe huwties by Joesep, weawwy nu wan Moss tu hab huwties tuu. Undastan it fow udda Fwuffies su Joesep cuwe can hewp dem. Bu Chiwwi hab finkie-pwace sickies tuu, scawed wha Joesep du tu him.”

“I can’t give you a good answer Spike, truth is I’m scared as well, but this is our best chance to help the other Fluffies, to make sure none of them have to go through what you did with your father. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and all that jazz.”

“Wha jass?”

“Never mind.”

At that moment, Lewis’ phone went off, he checked it to see a message from Samuel.

‘Guys. I found them’.

Taffy was laying in the warmest part of the alleyway, tried from a day of doing absolutely nothing, when she was interrupted by the familiar sounds of whimpering. She rolled her eyes and turned to the source of the noise, a yellow unicorn stallion with a white mane who she had mistakening let give her enfies a few weeks ago.

Now the clingy piece of shit wouldn’t take the hint.

The stallion dropped a still mostly fresh apple down in front of her. “Speciaw-fwiend, Sun-ee bwing gud nummies fow tummeh-babbehs, Sun-ee wub tummeh-babbehs.”

With great difficulty due to her advanced pregnancy, Taffy kicked Sunny in the face. “NU! Yu am nu speciaw-fwiend, Taf-ee onwy wan babbehs.”

“Huu, bu Sun-ee be gud daddeh.”

“Taf-ee am betta mummah, nyo gu way.”

Sunny left with his head drooped down, Taffy knew he’d try again, bringing her food or shiny things to win her favour. It would never work, and he’d never see her foals, the only good thing about him was his colours, Taffy was certain she’d have the prettiest babbehs, and be the bestesh mummah ever. Better than her mummah anyway.

She looked down at the hood she used to hit Sunny, it had gotten dirt and slight piece of blood on it, Taffy rolled her eyes and looked around the alleyway for her poopie maid.

“Poopie? Poopie whewe yu gu?”

Taffy peered over the edge of her makeshift bedding and saw Chilli’s two toughies, the orange one and the purple one, both enfing the brown poopie mare at the same time, Orange fucking her from behind while Purple took her from the front. This was sadly all too common for the brown mare after she had been abducted from her last family weeks ago, still, it never meant the pain hurt any less and Taffy could see tears in the mare’s eyes.

She ignored them and turned towards Chilli who was forcing Moss to lick his asshole clean.

“CHIWWI! Yuw dummeh tuffies am gibben Poopie mawe enfies gain. Taf-ee need wickie-cweans, teww dem tu stop.”

“Tuffies need wump huwties tu gu way. Happy Tuffies keep hewd safe. Hab Sun-ee gib yu wickie-cweans.”

“NU WAN SUN-EE! Wan dummeh poopie mawe nyo.”

Chilli rolled his eyes and stepped forward, making sure to buck his heels into Moss’ face as he left him, and approached his two Toughies.

“Wet hew gu, hab enfies nudda time.”

Orange shook his head. “Nu, enf, enf, Tuffie am su cwose, enf, enf.”

“Tuffie stop nyo ow tuffie nu gib enfies eba gain.”

Reluctantly, the two Toughies let go of Poopie and allowed her to run away, the traumatised mare meekly nodded in gratitude at Chilli and ran up to Taffy, her back legs wobbling slightly from the pain in her genitals.

Purple scoffed. “Taf-ee am dummeh.”

Chilli nodded. “She soon-mummah, awwowed tu be dummeh, jus hab pay-sunce. Wunce babbehs come, Taf-ee be tuu biz-ee tu cawe bout poopie mawe, den yu can hab aww enfies yu wan. May-bee eben find udda mawe fow hewd.”

Chilli left as his two Toughie starting chattering about what kind of mare they wanted to find for the herd, ignoring their ramblings, he returned to Moss, seeing the Alicorn rubbing his bloodied nose.

“Nyo, whewe wewe we?”

“Huu, Chiwwi am big meanie, wai huwt bwudda?”

“Coz Moss am dummeh munstah, yu ugwy, yu am munstah and yu am stawwion fuka. Chiwwi du yu favou takin yu wiv him. Udda Fwuffies jus gib yu foweba sweepies, aww Chiwwi wan is bwudda tu gib enfies sumtime.”

Moss shuddered. “Pwease, nu mowe poopie-pwace huwties, Moss nu wike it nu mowe.”

“Weawwy, bu yu am stawwion fuka, yu shouwd wike it. Moss am nu wyin am yu?”

Moss curled up into a ball and cried, confused out of his mind about what was real anymore. Chilli just looked down at him and sneered.

“Mos wememba, he hab nuttin bu Chiwwi nyo.”

And with that, he left the weeping Alicorn while he returned to his throne.

Across the street, Lewis and his team watched all of this unfold, just barely hearing the Fluffies over the listening device Caesar planted.

“Ah Christ.” Daniel spat. “Chilli’s even worse than we fucking thought.”

Samuel nodded. “Agreed, though I must say his strain of F.A.07 is strange, he’s more subdued that what I’ve seen, more sinister.”

“That changes nothing.” Lewis spoke quickly to keep the conversation on track. “The mission is still the same, we grab Chilli, Taffy and Moss and get out of there.”

“What about the others?” Daniel said looking over at the two Toughies. “Think they’ll be an issue?”

Samuel shook his head. “I doubt it, Caesar can easily take care of the Toughies, Sunny seems harmless but he might act up if his foals are in danger, and the brown mare likely won’t be a problem. The biggest issue we have is getting Chilli alive, he’ll put up a hell of a fight, especially if he’s infected.”

“We’ll figure something out. Are you sure you’re ok putting Caesar at risk?”

“Don’t worry, Caesar’s not exactly… he’s safe from Fluffy disease I’ll say that much.”

“Alright, we have an idea, all we need is a plan.”

“Fwint wan hewp.” The little unicorn piped up.

Daniel chuckled and stroked his mane. “I cannae let ye dae that Flint, yer no a fighter, these Fluffies are dangerous, we need you alive tae look after Moss when we get him.”

Flint reluctantly relented, he knew Moss and his siblings had to go somewhere after they were captured, but he didn’t know where. Not that it mattered, he’d go with Moss anywhere, even to Hell and back.

Lewis felt a tapping on his leg, he looked down to see Spike trying to get his attention. “Yes Spike, what is it?”

“Mistah Woo-ish, Spike hab pwan.”

“Ok, let’s here it.”

“Spike nu fink yu wike it bu… finkin Spike shouwd gu tawk tu Chiwwi fiwst.”

Chilli sat back in his cardboard throne, thinking of how next to bully Moss, when a scent caught his nose, something familiar.

He smirked as he looked down the alleyway towards Spike who was slowly approaching him, he’d been waiting for the day his brother returned to him.

“BWUDDA!” He called out to the black Alicorn, his two Toughies ran to his sides but Chilli dismissed them. “Chiwwi nu fink yu eba find him.”

“Spike an fwiends wook, Chiwwi nu eesy tu find.”

“Weawwy? Fink by nyo yu heaw bout bestesh Smawty hewd. Chiwwi nu be qu-et bout wha Chiwwi du.”

Orange and Purple chuckled at the memories of their hellish actions, Spike ignored them and focussed on Chilli.

“Wai Chiwwi fink he Smawty, dis hewd nu dat gud?”

“Chiwwi am Smawty wike weaw daddeh, gun gib aww da enfies an foweba sweepies he wan.”

“Cwimson am nu Smawty. Chiwwi neba meet weaw daddeh, bu Spike did. Cwimson am biggest meanie bu he hate aww Fwuffies, moshwy Smawties. Yu am vewy fing yuw daddeh hate.”

“YU WIE!” Chilli barked, he was fed up with Spike’s lies about his father. “CHIWWI NU WAN HEAW FWOM DUMMEH FUKIN SPIKE NU MOWE!”

“Spike had pwopo-sit-shun. Cwimson hoomin daddeh wan Chiwwi, Taf-ee an Moss, wan tu wook afta yu aww, yu aww Cwimson babbehs, he want be nyu daddeh.”

“Wai jus Chiwwi and famiwy? Wai nu aww hewd?”

“Dey nu Cwimson babbehs, Joesep nu wan dem tuu.”

Chilli looked at his herd, it was small but it was his, then he looked at Spike, with promises of seeing his father’s human daddy again. In the end, it was a simple choice.


“Spike fink yu say dat. SEE-SA NYO!”

Before Chilli could react, he felt something race past him, there was a flash of silver and when he turned back to look at his Toughie, both Orange and Purple had their throats slit, they wobbled confused for a moment before they both dropped dead. Standing between them was Caesar, his knife-like tail in full-on attack mode.

Caesar screeched at Chilli, distracting him long enough for Spike to headbutt him in the side, being careful not to stab him with his horn. The two brothers readied themselves for war, and burst into an attack, Chilli going insane to kill Spike, Spike taking defensive shots to weaken Chilli enough to take him in.

“CHIWWI GUN FUKIN KIWW SPIKE!” The Pegasus cried out, slamming his hoofs into Spike’s ribs, Spike managed to move just in time to keep Chilli from hitting the still tender spot where his wing was missing, but the slam against his side knocked him down.

Thinking quickly, Spike steadied himself on his front hoofs and kicked Chilli in the stomach, the red menace collapsed down from the wind knocked out of him, but rolled away before Spike could do anymore damage.

While this was happening, everyone else made their move, Caesar run up towards Taffy, too pregnant and too scared to run away, Poopie backed away in terror at the sight of Caesar.

Sunny unfortunately was too lovestruck to know fear.


Those were Sunny’s last words as Caesar spun round and decapitated him with his tail, the blood splashing onto Taffy. She had just enough time to realise what had happened before Caesar jumped onto her, pressing a hoof onto her neck to keep her from moving.

Caesar looked up at Poopie and motioned for her to leave, the brown mare took a quick look at Taffy before making her final decision to escape, leaving her abusive mistress to her fate.

Meanwhile, Flint ran over to Moss, seeing the damage done to him by Chilli.

“Moss! Moss it Fwint, am hewe fow yu speciaw-fwiend.”

“Fwint? Nu, Moss nu weady tu gu foweba sweepies, nu wan gut u skettiwand yet.”

“Yu nu gu skettiwand, yu am hewe, Fwint am hewe.”

As Moss calmed down and realised he was still alive, another pang of hurt stabbed his heart and he turned away from Flint, weeping openly. “No wook at Moss speciaw-fwiend, Moss am bad Fwuffy, bad enfie-bwudda.”

Flint was horrified at what he was hearing. “Moss am gud-Fwuffy, Fwint nu cawe wha Chiwwi du tu yu, Fwint wub speciaw-fwiends jus da same.”

The little unicorn hugged Moss with everything he had, Moss tried to buck him off but Flint remained adamant he wasn’t going to budge.

Lewis, Daniel and Samuel arrived just in time to see Spike biting down on Chilli’s ear, both Fluffies had blood and bruises all over them, but Spike was getting the upper hand. Using Chilli’s weight against him, Spike pulled him by the ear over his back and dropped Chilli onto the ground, before he had the chance to recover, Spike stood over him and broke one of Chilli’s legs with a stomp.


“Spike am twying tu stop Chiwwi, Chiwwi hab finkie-pwace sickies.”

“Chiwwi nu hab sickie, Chiwwi am aww gud.”

“Nu, Chiwwi hab yewwow wings on…”

Spike stopped as he stared into Chilli’s eyes, his white, uninfected eyes. He never had F.A.07 at all, he’d been clean all this time.

Lewis noticed Spike’s hesitation. “Spike, what’s wrong buddy?”

“Chiwwi nu hab sickies, he stiww Chiwwi.”

“And? Look we gotta take him out of here no matter what.”

“NU! Woo-ish nu undastan. If Chiwwi nu hab sickies, den he awways be meanie, he du bad fings coz he wan tu. Chiwwi am nu gud bwudda gu bad coz of sickies, he awways be bad bwudda. He am Spike bwudda nu matta wha, Spike hab wesponsibiwitee tu wook afta bwuddas and sissies. Spike nu du dat, Spike faiw famiw su many times.”

Chilli started to grin until he saw Spike raise a hoof over his head.

“Spike nu faiw famiwy gain.”

And before anyone could stop him, Spike stomped down on Chilli’s head, caving his face in and killing him instantly.

Everyone, human and Fluffy alike, were in such shock that they barely even noticed as Spike, with a cold, broken look on his face, strolled over to where Caesar and Taffy were. Spike and Caesar looked at each other, a wordless conversation occurring between them, until eventually Caesar took his hoof off Taffy and back away.

Immediately, Taffy took a deep breath and screamed. “PWEASE! Spike nu huwt Taf-ee, am soon-mummah, wan wook afta babbehs.”

“Taf-ee be bad mummah.”

And he kicked her in the head, breaking her neck and also killing her.

Finally he turned to Moss, only to see Flint standing in his way, tears pouring down his face but his cheeks puffed just the same.


“Fwint pwease…”


The two of them stared each other down, both of them crying, Flint ready to kill, Spike looking exhausted. In the end, he gave in.

“Fwint take Moss an git da fuk out hewe.”

“We… weawwy?”

“Yeh, nyo gu befowe Spike change mind. GU!”

Startled by the loud noise, Flint dashed back to Moss and helped his traumatised mate to his feet, the two of them racing out into the unknown, away from the horrors of that alley.

Spike turned to Lewis and the others, no longer trying to stop himself from crying. “Spike am sowwy, bu nu couwd gu wiv pwan. Seein dat Chiwwi nu hab sickie make Spike weawise dat he am stiww Spike bwudda, Spike hate Chiwwi bu he stiww bwudda. How can Spike gib bwuddas an sissy tu Joesep, Joesep am fukin wowstesh hoomin eba, nu can du dat, bu nu can wet Chiwwi gu be meanie gain. Spike gib Chiwwi an Taf-ee foweba sweepies su dey neba git huwties ow gib huwties eba gain.”

Lewis looked over the blood and destruction around him. “Jesus Spike, do you know what this means.”

Spike nodded. “Spike knyo, nu wan udda Fwuffies tu git huwt. Gib Spike to Joesep, Spike hab dun tuu many bad fings, desewve tu gu bak tu Joesep, jus wan dist u be oba. Woo-ish pwomise tu hew Wiwy wook afta babbehs.”

In his mind, Lewis knew that Spike was right, that the only way this ended was by giving Spike to Josef and letting him have his revenge. But Lewis had stopped listening to his head a long time ago.

“Fuck that, I’m not about to let Josef win this fucking war. I’m gonna get you and Lily to safety then I’ll deal with Josef myself, I promise you Spike, you will be there for your children.”

“And how the hell are ye gonna dae that?” Daniel finally snapped, his worry over the situation getting too much for him.

“I don’t know, but I need to make a few calls. Samuel if you want to leave you can, thank you for all your help but I don’t want you getting in the crossfire of what’s to come.”

Samuel picked Caesar up and put on a sad smile. “I understand, I hope that whatever comes next, you make it through. I’m sorry it’s come to this Lewis.”

With a final nod to Lewis and Daniel, Samuel made his exit, as he left he felt Caesar scurrying in his arms.

“Don’t worry Caesar, that went as it was meant to. At least I hope it did.”

Lewis made his first call to Katherine, he needed her moving as quick as possible. She answered after the first ring.

“Did you find them?”

“We did, but there have been… complications. Spike killed Chilli and Taffy, then he let Moss and Flint run away.”

“What the… how… why…?”

“I think the idea of giving his siblings over to Josef finally got to him, he couldn’t let it happen. He says he want to give himself up to Josef but I’m not gonna let that happen.”

“Fuck Lou, Josef’s not gonna let this go easily, he might actually set a warpath for this.”

“I know, which is why I need you to get Lily ready, I’m sending her and Spike away, don’t ask me where it’s best only I know. Once they’re gone we’ll stall Josef as long as we have to, he doesn’t need to know anything until the end of the month, by that time we should have something to deal with him. I know this is a lot to ask but we can’t give up now.”

Katherine sighed. “Ok, I’ll get her ready as soon as I can. I just hope this works Lou.”

“Me too Katherine, me too.”

Lewis hung up the phone, feeling Daniels’ eyes boring into him. “I take it yer no gonna tell me either.”

“I can’t risk it, I don’t know what Josef’s capable anymore and I’m not risking you.”

“And why the fuck dae ye think I’m gonna risk you.”

“Because I can take the risk. Because I’m not about to let some two-bit Nazi fuck get the better of me. Because I’m not scared of what he’ll do to me Danny, but I’m scared of what he’ll do to you.”

Daniel grabbed Lewis and kissed him, fearing it may be the last kiss they ever have. “Yer a fucking eejit. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Whit dae ye need me tae dae?”

“Go home, barricade the doors and windows just in case, I may not be back but I’ll call you when I’m outside.”

The couple shared another hug before Daniel ran off, leaving Spike and Lewis alone, Spike looked up at Lewis.

“Woo-ish weawwy fink he can save Spike an Wiwy from Joesep?”

“I don’t know Spike, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try.”

With that, Lewis called the second number on his phone, they picked up after a moment.

“Hey, I know this is a lot to ask, but can I ask for a huge favour?”

Josef stood on the bridge out of town, regretting his choice not to bring a beer. After the bullshit he’d just seen, he needed something to take the edge off.

After his brush with the law just over a week ago, Josef had been keeping an eye on Katherine’s house, looking for a weak point to break in and leave her a message. Nothing to hurt her, but something to remind her that he could still be a threat if he wanted to.

He never found one, turns out she knew him even better than he thought, and was on constant guard. Until tonight, when he spotted Lewis arrive with Spike, that in itself was nothing new, Lewis often dropped Spike off after a day’s work, but this time Spike stayed in the car, and Lewis took Lily.

Josef could only guess what it meant, and his guess was that it wasn’t good news. Katherine would never give Lily up unless it was life or death, whatever had happened had made Katherine frightened enough to let Lily go. Right now the only person she had to be scared of was Josef, so Josef figured that something had happened that would piss him off.

He didn’t care what, but the disrespect to his intelligence was clawing at him.

So he stood on the bridge, waiting for the first part in his revenge plan to come into plan, he’d hit Lewis where it hits and remind him that he was fucking with the wrong man. And as he was thinking of the best way to see his plan through, the first step arrived.

Gareth Michaels, once manager of Frederick’s Farm, now an unemployed wreck with a grudge. His previously clean face had a scraggly beard and his business sits had been traded in for cottons and a vest top. Unlike Josef, Gareth had the foresight to bring a beer with him, he held in one hand as he handed a keycard to Josef with the other.

“There you are, one all-access pass to The Farm, had to pull every last favour I was owed to get it but it’s yours.”

Josef smirked as he took the card. “Thank you.”

“Jesus, what the fuck happened to your eye.”

“Don’t worry about it, focus on the task at hand.”

“Right, right. So, you really gonna give it to Carter?”

“He won’t even know what fucking hit him.”

“Good, hate that self-righteous cunt. It’s his fault I’m out of a job, fucking blabbing to Peterson about the state of HIS farm and blaming me. Cocksucker deserves whatever you do to him.”

Josef reached into his pocket and handed an envelope to Gareth. “Here this should help you feel better.”

Gareth looked down at the envelope confused but took it anyway and slipped it into his pocket. “What’s this? I told you I didn’t want payment, I’m happy to fuck over Carter for free.”

“Oh it’s not payment.” Josef said with a casual smile on his face as he placed a hand on Michael’s shoulder.

“It’s your suicide letter.”

Gareth had just enough time to gasp as Josef gripped his top and threw him over the side of the bridge, sending him crashing into the river below. He waited until he saw Gareth’s face-down body get swept away by the rapids before making his move, he had to be quick in order for this to work.

Luckily, Josef’s insanity had made him quite efficient with his torturous actions.

Josef stuck to the backroads away from witnesses as he made his way towards the farm, along the way he put on sunglasses to hide his missing eye and a fake beard to hide his face. It was decent enough quality to fool anyone at a glance, but not enough if anyone really looked at him. Although Josef wasn’t planning on staying around long enough for anyone to notice.

Using Gareth’s keycard, he quickly made his way made his way in through a side-door and grabbed a plastic box as he passed through the stock-rooms. Part 1 of his plan was complete, now onto Part 2: Collection.

Making sure he was always looking busy enough that nobody looked towards him, Josef made his way up and down the Stallion pens, picking out ones at random. A green unicorn, a blue Pegasus, a purple Alicorn, it didn’t matter which, just so long as they were male.

He grabbed red earthie and held it up, the Fluffy gasped at him excitedly.

“Nyu daddeh?”

“No, I’m just here to bring you to your special-friend. But you need to stay quiet so as not to make the other Fluffies jealous.”

The earthie nodded and shut his mouth as Josef placed him in the box with the others, they all hugged their new friend and shared in the excitement of having special-friends, some of them having never had any before.

Eventually Josef managed to grab ten random stallions and could move onto Part 3 of his plan; Infiltration.

Remembering what Katherine had told him before their break-up, Josef headed for Bay 45, Carter’s Bay. He peered inside and saw all the mares and their foals sleeping in their homes while a woman Josef didn’t recognise was struggling to stay awake at the desk. On the plus side, this meant that she was less likely to recognise Josef, plus her tired state meant she would barely pay attention to his features.

Leaving the box of stallion to the side, Josef ran into the Bay and rushed over to the woman inside.

“Ma’am, Ma’am, there’s an incident in Bay 13, one of the infected stallions has escaped and has taken a colt hostage, they need help.”

The woman jumped up in shock. “Oh god, I’ll be right there.”

“Not even stopping to grab her things, the woman ran out the door and towards Bay 13, by the time she’d realised what happened, Josef would be long gone. Returning to the box of stallion, Josef carried them inside and placed the box on the ground, all 10 of them could smell the scent of mare permeating through the room, a few of them immediately got erections.

“Now then, are you all ready to meet your special-friends?” Josef spoke quietly so as not to wake the mares. The stallion all nodded, still not wanting to make too much noise and risk losing this chance.

“Ok then, I just have to do one more thing before I let you go.”

And Josef pulled out a small red bottle from his pocket and sprayed the entire thing over all the stallions, making sure they were all coated in it. The ten of them all coughed and wheezed as they inhaled this toxic air, Josef quickly tipped them all out of the box while they were distracted, letting the sudden gasps of fright quicken the reaction to Concentrated F.A.07.

The red earthie recovered first. “Wai gib Fwuffies wawa wen…” He trailed off, his mind snapping under the weight of so much sadistic glee, a cruel grin grew onto the earthie’s face, the same grin appearing onto the horrific faces and yellow tinged eyes of all the stallions.

As their nostrils were filled with the stink of females, and their minds filled with thoughts of enfies.

Josef turned and left quickly, making sure to lock the door and break the handle to prevent anyone from ending the fun too early. As he left, Josef felt a presence next to him he looked and saw The Crimson Vision had appeared, his eyes wide with excitement.

The two of them chuckled to each other as The Farm was suddenly filled with the sounds of screaming.

I’d like to take this moment to apologise for the next chapter.

I’d like to, but I’m not really that sorry to be honest.

Chapter 7 (Controversial)


Oh joy, I do love when innocent fluffies have their lives ruined.


Whoa, Josef has gone full murderer.
I’m in suspense to see how this all ends.


Its a twist and im bit shock what spike did :cold_sweat:

Now fucking Josef started the damage on the farm, lousy security my gad he even killed Gareth

Now the bay is going to be a blood bath :tired_face: those fluffies! Just this once hoping Josef get the shit literally on him :persevere:

Not quite silliness

“Whewp, daddeh kiww a hoomin.” Napolean noted. “Dat no on bingo cawd.”

“Daddeh du dat befowe?”

“Nu knu. But onwy wessew antagonist, not wike Quinten Tawintino.”

“Twue. Usuawwy Quinten gib disposabwe bad guy fow dat. Wike da bad huggie guys fwom Puwp Fiction.”

“Ow Kiww Biww.”

The two sat, looking at the scene unfolding before their eyes. It was about to get bad and they were reasonably sure they couldn’t stop it. Crimson looked on eagerly and did Josef.

“Funneh dat befowe daddeh Josef was stuck wif Napowean an’ Hippowita in t’inky pwace.”

“Now oddah way 'wound.”

“Su, what du? Watch? Dis no am mobie.”

“What can du? No am weal. Onwy in daddeh Josef’s sickie t’inkie pwace.”


Hippolyta grinned. “Make daddeh ego biggew?”

“Make swoppy an’ cawewess?”

“Tu gud fow faiw?”

“Awways wowk befowe…”

“What pawt ob daddeh’s bwain awe Napowean an’ Hippowita, anyhoo?”

“Dah dummeh pawt mebbeh?”

Again, this ain’t canonical. But I am sort of calling a shot here.


Josef will be part of his own defeat. Possibly his own demise.


Ironically Crimson would’ve given Chili a painful death for his life choices (if he didn’t eat him at birth).

That second part though. Amazing. Can’t wait to see Carter ruined next one.


I think it’d be more Crimson would’ve killed him for the audacity of being born :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m looking at my prediction and thinking, “it’s like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow.” Hrm.


I don’t know. Maybe given the same red Fluff and same Pegasus wings, Crimson might have given Chilli a chance to see if he could take up the mantle.

Then Chilli would’ve called himself a bestesh babbeh and Crimson would’ve ripped his fucking legs off for wasting his time.


When Spike killed the two I had to put my phone down for a minute.

When I finished the chapter I had to put it down for several more. This is about to get very ugly, messy and sad.


Live or die, Josef will become quite the boogyman for years to come.


I love Josef he is is so over the top.


Josef is at the point where human murder is normal. There’s only one way now. But also, fuck you Gareth, you delusional fuckwit.


Hopefully it’s the second one. He’s too far gone to be saved, now.

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But he’s far enough to be a martyr!


A martyr? No, a terrorist who has to be stopped. Nobody is safe from him.


Forgive, but I’ve been writing Alice before reading.

Really, that was his plan? And he used the entire bottle. For a minute I thought he would follow Lewis with some kind of tracker, but that would give him too much intelligence.

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Sadly, one group’s terrorist would be another’s martyr. He might well become a cult figure with followers. Which, frankly, should be kind of horrifying and would make for interesting stories.


Holy shit this was intense


As you said, sadly it could be. But that’s not the issue at hand. Now, with him becoming more than capable and willing to kill humans, to avoid human death becoming the normality, he himself has to fall. Whether by Lewis, the virus or his own hand, it matters little.

Because violence breeds violence. But in the end, it has to be this way.


Such edge, much wow