Reborn as a fluffy Page.1

“Late afternoon it 9:30 pm, So Siri recommend you go to bed as you have an appointment set up at 6:30 am tomorrow on 4/15/20XX”


Matthias took off his clothing, then proceeded to walk to the bathroom to do his business, use mouthwash and walk back to his bed tired.

Matthias got in bed and covered himself with blankets and pillows of different types of colors and shapes.


“Whaaaa bestes’ babbeh wan’ miwkies nao dummeh mummah”.

The fat-kicking lard of shit was screaming that it was still hungry even though its mouth was still dripping fluffy milk.

“Shhh babbeh ‘ou gon’ wake munsta sweepin’ out dewe”.

“Bestes’ babbeh nu cawe about 'ou hatchu hatchu hatchu waaaaa miwkes map”.

The fat lard of shit falls back and a toxic gas pipe cracks making the little shit and the stupid family of the fluffy die as the poison goes undetected it surges into Matthias’ brain killing him.

" shut dah bwinds it too bite…"

A rush of the cold early autumn wind made his new body wake.

Matthias opened his eyes to see he was in a forest with overground grass and berry bushes.


As Matthias was freaking out in the midst of chaos a voice rang into his as a screen popped up.

[ The SSS-Rank ShitRat system ]

User: Matthias

Subspecies: Earth fluffy

Gender: Mare

Rank: Shit

Strength: 1.5 Speed: 0.8 Magic: 0.0

BitchMare energy: 5.7


Baby Maker: can make lots of litter of babies (So a Slut LOL)

Rank: F

Mastery: 0.0

Sonic scream: A scream that makes enemy ears hurt and runs away from the noise

Rank: D- (Deez Nuts)

Mastery: 0.0

Milky Fountain: when having a litter can insanely large quantities of fluffy milk till it streaming from the crotch tits

Rank: C+

Mastery: 0.0

            [    -System Store-  ]

               End of the system 

“what dah fwuff am goin’ on here.”

Matthias cried out as his stubby body could take.

[ New Mission ]

Find shelter and survive the upcoming harsh storm.

Rank: D


[ Remaining Time: 8:59:50 ]

As Matthias tries to figure out the fuck is going on here!



Lighting clashes as dark were seen coming closer.

“fwuffy fwuffin’ hate wightin’ fo’ dah wub of fwuff.”

Lighting Clashed as Matthias galloped through the woods.

As he galloped through bushes and he saw a tree in the distance, he slid into the opening in the tree leading to a biggish space that was old and smelled like wet wood.

   New Mission (completed)      ]

Find shelter and survive the upcoming harsh storm.

Rank: D

Reward: wooden woven basket

[ Remaining Time: 6:23:34 ]

Matthias heard a ding outside of his new refuge.

Matthias crawled out of the refuge to see a wooden woven basket; he snatched it with his teeth and tugged it into his den.

He laid down as the storm noise made him fall asleep.

Matthias woke up to hearing voices talking away.

“Wook daddeh babbeh found sweepies pwace fo’ ‘ou an’ head”

“Gud job toughie babbeh 'ou su gud”

The Stocky green and blue stallion said to the little red ween colt.

The stallion crawled through the hole and saw a sleeping mare.

The stallion thought she was the prettiest mare in the whole world as she had a light purple coat and a white silky mane/tail.

[ system alert ]

Entity detected

Danger level: 1.2

[ end of message]

Matthias springs up as he sees a stallion in his face.

God damn can’t I get a break Matthias thought to himself.

“Can fwuffy an’ babbeh stay hewe wiff pwetty mare”

It’s too early too to deal with shit Matthias thought.

“Suwe just nu bothah fwuffy”

The stallion galloped happily out of his new den with his new special friend.

“Babbeh daddeh got ‘ou home wiff wawm bedwoom an’ new mummah”

The 5 foals ran into the den to see their safe place and ‘new mother’.

The foals climbed on Matthias’ sleeping body and made a sleep plie on his belly fluff.

The stallion ran down to the den under the tree to see all the foals cuddle up to his pretty mare fluff.

“Come hewe, babbeh come back fwom new mummah”

The foals climb off complaining about not sleeping with their new mother.

“Why babbeh hab to get off soft mummah”

“'cos daddeh said su”

As the foals made a sleeping pile with their daddy.

This is the end of the page.1

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Oh man, it’s full-on videogame style. Good luck with that, Matthias! At least you know what your next objective is!

If I were to have any tips, maybe put all the videogame text in the same ‘box’? Just for ease of reading. Something like this:

[ New Mission (completed) ]
Find shelter and survive the upcoming harsh storm.
Rank: D
Reward: wooden woven basket
[ Remaining Time: 6:23:34 ]


Mother fudger this is so weird but ai like it, can’t wait for the next update oHo​:ok_hand::sparkles:

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I wanna read more qwq
Will there be more? Or was this just a one shot? Because if it is I’m sad qwq