Reasons (fluffybooru id: 22284, 22286, and ?????) (by: Wolfram_Sparks)

Part 1

22284 - artist-wolfram_sparks cold comic foal mummah neutral no_abuse_yet reasons sadbox-ish safe series snow winter

Part 2

22286 - abuse_ish artist-wolfram_sparks choice crying dilemma foal i_can't_draw_humans mummah questionable reasons sad sadbox sadbox-ish tears

Part 3



Trying to figure out if he lied and it’s a mill or if the shelter has no luck adopting out adults so they do that instead…


oh these stories, such great traces of art from wolfram
it’s like a cup full of chocolate for me :3


Cages in the plural for a small number of mundane Foals suggests shelter.

Mills would keep them together in groups for efficiency unless they ran the risk of hurting each other.


Whoah. Forgot about this one.

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Poor mare. They took everything from her. She had even accepted the conditions, despite how harsh they were and yet it was not enough for them…

I never even considered a legit shelter.

I always assumed this was another case of industrial sadbox. Milkbagging seems needlessly cruel for a shelter, but it’s just the sort of thing I would expect from a place where people see fluffies as objects to be moved and sold.

The driver seemed like he was only playing the part of the concerned passerby. He phrases it as the mother’s choice, but he makes sure to twist the knife by reminding her it’s only going to get colder. He knows how to play on a fluffy’s fears and priorities to get the commodity he wants out of her. It’s the illusion of choice.

But that’s just my reading of it.


Which is quite understandable.

Depending on budget and need a shelter might have to make compromised that the public would find abhorrent. Incorporating some mill-like practices would make sense if they’re hard up or especially pragmatic. Shelter doesn’t necessarily mean “hugbox refuge,” after all.

Healthy babies get adopted. Sick ones won’t. Adults probably won’t. Prioritize the babies, and use the mares instead of more expensive autofeeders or hand-feeding.

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I love this story, every time I see the foal clinging to the milk bag it fills my heart with warmth. It is pure instinct seeing for affection, obviously artificial but understandable :heart:


What’s interesting is that little black one doesn’t recognize it’s own mother by scent. But she seemed to recognize it, moaning at the end…

She’s not the one moaning.

Yellow fluff, brown mane. She’s in the truck already on page 2. The fluff the baby is calling mama isn’t actually it’s mama.

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Agreed, truly the epitome of cozy. despite the weird subject matter.

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You’re right, my mistake.