PSAs (fluffsplosion)



Of course someone was putting infants in there.


No clue if it was a mistake or not. But, you misplaced your name in the title.

PSAs ()fluffsplosion

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I like the baggie concept above. (Of course the fluffy will suffocate to death but that’s just expected.)

For the bin concept below, I’m concerned that fluffies would stop feeling sorry for themselves after a while and try to escape. Ridiculous as it might seem, some might escape and run to join the feral herds that are shitting in Genericsburg’s water supply.


This is hilarious

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Solent green is made of fluffies


Is there only one type of cookie as a reward or can we get different kinds if we recycle many fluffies?

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Be fair.
Its a better investment in the community to provide that service.

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Sounds like Fluffies are useful for locating substandard infrastructure.

Let them loose and track them as the canaries in the dystopian nightmare.

The “bins” are meant for collection of ferals. Really, the idea I had was that they’re more like a vending machine that use fluffy ponies as currency. The PSA doesn’t really get that detailed. The machine would need to have a temporary holding area so it could assess whatever was put in before either accepting and transferring the it to the main containment chamber, or rejecting the item and tossing it back out.


Idk why, but your artstyle makes me reminisce on old brony community and mlp in general.

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Fluffy Pony Recycling Kit aka Body Parts Disposal Kit.

Genericburg is my spirit city