PSA (Artist: OtherOtherCoraline)

Hugboxers do more fluffy harm and damage than they realize. Remember, play it safe. Just kill on sight :sunglasses:

This is one of my personal favorites :slight_smile:








Oh god. That kind of person. Poor fluffy, he was dropped right into hell


Ah. Poor blue guy.


Personally, and as a hugboxer, I’d disagree. I think a more conscientious hugboxer would actually check to see if the fluffy had a family before just outright adopting a feral. And of course, programming is another thing that falls into the realm of headcanon.

Besides, I wouldn’t adopt a random feral, nor kill on sight - I’ll just call a shelter that specializes in rescuing biotoys.


Well things like this do happen in real life. Sometimes people will adopt a mother cat off the street without realizing that she has weaned kittens who still depend on her to hunt for them.


Anyone that cannot understand that fluffies actually damage the environment are actually fucking idiots


Depends on headcanon. Gingerfig pushed that idea, but also had his fluffies be rock stupid and somewhat weak. Fluffies can’t be invasive and environment-damaging just because they reproduce rapidly - too often I see abusers compare them to rats and rabbits, but don’t show they have some of the advantages of rats and rabbits.

Also, I stress that people should respect each others opinions (and headcanons) and not namecall - that was one of the reasons why the old booru died, and we are trying not to repeat that mistake.


Disclaimer, not all hugboxers


But hugboxers keep demand up. Without hugboxers there wouldn’t be the horrific breeding mills and pet shops and the dumb idiots would be left to go extinct :wink:


In my headcanon fluffies are an “invasive waste” or a sort of “apex prey”.

The reason they’ve caused so much ecological (and economic) damage is because they were designed to be immune to most of earth’s common pathogens. The problem was Hasbio cut corners and rather than have insane immune systems that shut everything down, the pathogens simply couldn’t infect fluffies.

This lead to fluffies being excellent carriers for a putulent miasma that spread across North America. They would ravage crops and breed like crazy, outpacing the local wildlife. Then predators (wolves, foxes, coyotes, etc) would kill in mass. Disease spreads and there are fluffy corpses in mass. These corpses invite carrion eaters and other disease-riddled vermin into the area. Diseased predators begin to die off contributing to the corpse/carrion problem. Continue cycle until many agricultural areas in America are decimated and much of the local wildlife and most of domestic animals (pets and breeding stock) have all but gone extinct.

Fluffies, through no fault of their own, have rightfully pissed off a LOT of people. There’s very few hugboxers, and the hugboxers who do exist tend to be more for the sake of virtue signaling. Not very many people actually like fluffies in my headcanon.

Hope that adds some context to my posts! :smiley:


This comic is completely fucking twisted and evil. You have that warm feeling of cuteness overload all mixed up with heart breaking loss and helplessness. I LOVE IT


I like this perspective, I share it as well

Well I don’t. I kind of like Fox’s own thoughts that she mentioned to you here. I think fluffies are malleable enough that, just as there are some headcanons where they are outright unlikeable, there also some headcanons where they are incredibly likeable. I tend to lean towards the latter, as I think people get too caught up with the former.


I do agree with you, but for every event on this fandom, there is also an equal and opposite event also taking place (abuse v hugbox) everyone has their taste and I wont judge

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One would hope, right? Also, not the biggest fan of: “Fluffies go into hug mode when reached out to.” Like, what?


Eh, needed a reason for a fluffy to not run in the rare instance it actually DIDN’T want a nyu mummah. I think even the most oblivious of hugboxers would take a fluffy running away as proof that they don’t want to be adopoted.

Oh no. My fluffies are meant to be likable. But horrible things happen to them anyways. My headcanon is all about the injustice of it all. Reverse karma and all that.


wait is that the same fluffy who got her legs torn off?

Yeah. Henreitta and Angelica was a comic I had that spanned a few posts. I posted the finale when this site went up because I got hit during the ban wave from the booru, and a lot of people were waiting for the conclusion. Now that we have a new site I’m back at the beginning, posting in chronological order. Sorry for the confusion.

Because all the one use abuse foal things have absolutely no impact at ALL on the market. Nope, it’s ALL hugboxers. :roll_eyes: