Project Golding 04 (by Booperino)






Sequel to Project Golding 03 (by Booperino)

Fun fact about the booperverse: When PETA raided Hasbio in Cleaveland it did start a boom in feral population, but that was a gradual process. In 5 years the fluffy population had expanded across the american midwest and in 10 years they could be found across the whole country and canada… thanks to humans who started breeding them as a hobby. Turns out a buncha clueless pig horses in the middle of nowhere die very easy without human interference!
This however did not help the rumors that “megaherds” were destroying the economy and in fact made people feel justified in hunting feral fluffys for sport. There has never been official reports that megaherds were a thing…

EDIT: just noticed i misspeled cleveland the whole last page lmao



Buwnie huwties there.

In all seriousness, I love the concept of megaherds, but I can’t really find a way to put it into a story. How do I even justify it?

Even with slightly more competent ferals, there’s no way a megaherd could even form. In the wilderness, it would be a feast for predators not to mention scarcity of food and cold times. In urban areas, it would never fly, what with traffic and obvious lack of space, safe food sources and easily spread illnesses. In a rural area… close but no cigar. There would be more open fields while still being relatively close to human garbage and nonsuch, but fields mean canals, canals mean water and that could easily cull the numbers, not to mention small predators like owls.

All of this ignoring the obvious logistical problems of moving such a large herd and foraging for food to even start it.

There has to be a way to have a megaherd in a feasible (not total extermination ending) scenario… halp.


The possibility of a megaherd is always based on luck. If several big herds will be lucky enough to be at the same place at the same time, you will get a megaherd big and loud enough to scare away most predators



This…this made me spit-take.

So, I want to call One the dumbest of the group but I’m not sure that is fair. I think a good part of that is just him being in complete denial. Maybe we’ll see him work through all the stages of grief, with help of course, but might give the researcher “hope” for his experiment.


You know this guy is just pure egoshit, Jenny been explaining and he doesnt give a shit, “shitrat is shitrat” even here is a proof of choices. He just do this as said for abuse shit.

Love how Four get to be a good leader or elder sibling. One is more of a spoiled kid. Zero poor thing manage to eat kibble and is happy.


And there lies the conundrum. To have multiple large herds in a single area, it would have to meet a fookhueg amount of positive traits, while lacking any real danger. If you take all factors into account, it would be easier to win the lottery.


that’s why megaherds are so rare. it’s possible, but the stars need to align perfectly


Hence why I am bummered I can’t come up with a plausible and realistic megaherd story. The concept is cool, but I can’t think of a way yet.

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If they’re driven out of neighbouring areas at roughly the same time, they could converge in one place. Maybe the one place that didn’t hire anti-fluffy services? If it’s a shady business, they could even intentionally relocate more ferals there as revenge for not hiring them.

The one kind of land that a megaherd might be safe on might be timber land? They’d do the work of clearing undergrowth and fertilize the trees at the same time. I like the idea of farmers using them to prep fallow fields, but that’s a short term thing and wouldn’t need a megaherd.


This actually could make sense.

Not sure what to do about predators there, but if there aren’t many, they could outbreed the predation.



At least we’re not,


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I like how this is a better situation than Zero is used to. Very bittersweet.