Prince, from Oculus's Sam Adam's Guide (Artist:Carpdime)



In my story, Prince is a Carpdime fluffy, and thus I was immensely grateful that Carpdime himself did an illustration of the character.

Prince is a fluffy of the Carpdime breed, and one of the fluffies owned by Samuel Adams, the founder of the Advocacy for Biotoy Adoption as Pets (ABAP). Introduced in Chapter 1, Prince played a key role in Chapters 8 and 9, when he started developing his latent powers.

Prince is capable of spirit manipulation, and by extension, spirit detection. Basically put, he can not only see ghosts and spirits, but also manipulate them to some degree. He can “push” a soul out of its body, as a means of either knocking out a person or having the person experience astral projection. He also is capable of “swapping” souls. The two fluffies depicted here could be the ghost of any random fluffy, but I had in mind that Prince would be talking to two specific ghosts.

This image was used to illustrate the Carpdime fluffies in the Index to volume 1, though I also plan to write a story based around this illustration in the future.


Is this what happens when fluffies use more than 2% of their brain?


Angews in Dah Outfiewd


One more braincell than usual lmao


@Sans_undertale @bloodwoodsrisen It doesn’t apply to all the fluffies though. The basic idea is that “some” fluffy breeds in the Sam Adams world can manifest certain abilities (based on whether the artist they are based off has done animation)

Carpdime did two animations, as well as a game, hence the reason why at least one carpdime fluffy, that being Prince here, have a special ability.