poor flutters [by: fluffymeat]

hey fellas. hey lads. and lassies. and gender neutral individuals. and genderless individuals. and creatures.

im here again. just went through a traumatic experience, so what else to do other than torture fictional creatures. and get high.


Well, no one here knows who you are IRL (I assume), so feel free to talk about it. For a community largely dedicated to the horrific mutilation of cute fluffy critters, as a whole we seem to be surprisingly sympathetic and nonjudgmental.


Henlo fren, welcome to the community. Don’t expect judgement, we’re not going to make you suffer as you recover; after all, many people have taken stressful events and translated them in to stories.

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Fluffymeat likes fluffyskeet.

Jk lmao

A tormented fluffyshy, haven’t seen that in a long time

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I’m in a constant state of anxiety since my mom has almost 24/7 chronic migraines; one call of my name from her causes my anxiety to spike until I know everything is okay—or at least, normal.

Take time for your mental health and find a safe way to cope with this event. Writing and drawing is often a good way to vent, and its encouraged! I hope to see more from you ^-^

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