Pinkie Part 4: Nyu Nummies (by Nundevwizer)

“Bestest Pwincess wan skettis!”

“I’m sawry darlin’. We don’t have any more pasta.”

Pinkie then proceeded to knock over her bowl of kibble.

“Nu cawe! Wan skettis! WAN SKETTIS NAO!”

Nancy put her hand over her face. Taking care of Pinkie had become quite the chore. Nancy had been taking care of Pinkie for nearly three weeks and Pinkie had since gotten bigger and more temperamental. Initially, Pinkie was cheerful and shared her toys with the others in the house. Then as she got older and bigger, she became more selfish and demanding. For instance, when Nancy finally managed to get Pinkie weaned, she started demanding sketti. Nancy made the mistake of giving it to her as her first solid meal, and ever since Pinkie has outright refused to eat kibble. Nancy had mainly been feeding her canned fluffy-sketti, which only contain a single serving each. It satisfied her at first, but then Pinkie got a taste of homemade spaghetti and after that, the canned Fluffy-sketti wasn’t enough.

“Yawl just have to wait until I get paid again, sweetie.” Nancy pleaded, but to no avail.

“Mummah gib Pwincess bestest skettis nao! Ow geh sowwy poopies!”

After two weeks of feeding Pinkie with canned spaghetti, the cost became too much as it was 15 dollars a can. So, she bought a 40-pound bag of high-nutrient flavored kibble worth only 25 bucks. Pinkie’s reaction to getting kibble instead of skettis as she was used to was not too kind, to say the least.

“Sweetheawt, please! I can’t affowrd your pasta every day!”

Pinkie had heard enough. She puffed her cheeks and turned around.

“Dummah mummah nu gib bestest nummies! Am gib sowwy poopies!”

Pinkie then proceeded to shit on the kitchen floor. Nancy watched in horror as Pinkie took a dump on the recently cleaned kitchen tile. Unbeknownst to both of them, Doug and Tyler stood watching from the doorway with his arms crossed. He and Tyler were on better terms after only three days after Nancy took over Pinkie’s care when they both noticed Pinkie’s behavior was beginning to worsen. They made a bet about how long it would take before Pinkie became spoiled rotten and started giving Nancy trouble.

“How much are you willing to bet?” Doug had asked.

Tyler smiled. “25 if she starts throwing tantrums by the end of the month.”

Doug raised an eyebrow. “25 if it takes two months.”

Tyler nodded. “Alright, it’s a bet.”

The two of them shook hands and kept an eye on Pinkie and Nancy over the next few weeks. With Pinkie’s tantrum, Doug had lost the bet.

“Is everything ok, Nancy?”

Tears were starting to drip from her eyes when Nancy heard Doug’s voice.

“No! I’ve tried everything! I can’t get her to eat the kibble!” She covered her face in her hands.

“I can’t afford to keep buyin’ that expensive specialty spaghetti every week!”

Nancy then covered her face and cried.

“Thangs were so easy when we first found her, but now it’s gettin’ unbearable!”

Doug stepped into the kitchen as Pinkie let loose another turd onto the floor.

“That’s enough, Pinkie!”

Pinkie turned around and faced Doug with her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk.

“Dummeh Daddeh! Gib bestest pwincess skettis nao!”

Doug then wasted no time grabbing her.

“EEEEE!! Nu bad upsies! Wet Pwincess Pinkie down nao!”

She wriggled in his hands and tried to shit on him as he held her.

“You are going to behave yourself or I’m gonna give you a good spanking! You hear me?!”

Pinkie stopped struggling for a moment, giving Doug the impression that she was calming down… until she let loose a torrent of shit on his pants. He drops her, and since she wasn’t that far off the ground, she landed harmlessly and ran out of the kitchen into the hallway.

“Nu can catch bestest pwincess! Bestest pwincess bestes-OOOF!”

She bumps into someone’s leg. It was Tyler. He had just stepped out of the bathroom, and he immediately notices Pinkie crashing into his leg.

“Well well. What have we here?”

Doug and Nancy had chased after her. They were all standing in the hallway as Pinkie rubbed her head.

“…Huhuuu! Bestest pwincess hab tinkie pwace hewties! Huhuu! Mummah! Wan huggies!”

“It’s okay darlin’! Momma’s here!” Nancy couldn’t help herself and she picked up Pinkie into a cuddle, gently rocking her as she shushed her.

Tyler could only shake his head in embarrassment. Doug crossed his arms and looked on with discontent. He had just witnessed this pink fuzzball make a mess of the kitchen, yet Nancy has not done anything to rectify the situation.

“You coddling that thing isn’t going to make her eat her kibble, Nancy.” Tyler said. Nancy shot him a nasty glare.

“She is nawt an ‘it’ Tyler! She is a living critter that needs love!”

Tyler breathed through his nose about to make a retort when Doug spoke.

“You’re spoiling her, Nancy!” He stepped over beside Tyler. “You can’t just coddle it all the time thinking that will keep her on her best behavior!”

Nancy stood shocking seeing Doug take Tyler’s side after what had happened three weeks ago. “Awre you out of yawr mind, Doug?! We can’t torture this cute critter!”

Doug put his hand up defensively. “I never said anything about torturing it like Tyler did! I’m only saying that it needs to be taught discipline. Goliath and Brutus know better not to shit or piss in the house. You think they got that way from treats and head scratches?! No! I had to scold them! I had to stuff their noses in the messes they made! I had to train them to know better and that takes time and discipline!”

Doug let his hand drop before taking a breath and resuming.

“I love those two like nothing else, but they are still animals. They need training and discipline if you want them to do what you want them to do. Same goes for Pinkie.”

Pinkie cooed in Nancy’s embrace. Nancy looked down at Pinkie as she scratched her back.

“Awre you awl right, darlin’?”

Pinkie looked up. “Bestest Pwincess am otay.”

Then suddenly, they all hear a loud growling. It was Pinkie’s stomach. She hadn’t eaten during this whole ordeal.

“Mummah? Bestest Pwincess hungwy! Wan Skettis!”

Tyler twitched and Nancy felt her stomach sink.

“I’m sawry darlin’, but we don’t have any pasta.”

Pinkie’s reaction was as it had been, loud and obnoxious.

“BESTEST PWINCESS WAN BESTEST NUMMIES!!” She starts pounding her hoofs against Nancy’s chest.

“OW! Stahp that, Pinkie!”


Tyler, not being able to deal with Pinkie’s tantrum, snapped.

“THAT’S IT!!” He yanks Pinkie out of Nancy’s arms and then briskfully walks toward the basement door.


Tyler ignored Pinkie’s protests and opened the door. As he went down the stairs, Nancy and Doug followed behind him. When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he placed Pinkie on a table and pulled out an old belt from one of the drawers by the tool bench.

“Bestest Pwincess nu wike dawk pwace!! Wan gu back tu bwight pwace and sket-EEEEE!!”

He wrapped the belt around the narrow table and tightened it real good, almost squeezing Pinkie as it held her in place.


Nancy held her hands over her mouth, scared over Pinkie’s life, but too shocked from Pinkie’s treatment of her to stop Tyler herself. Doug maneuvered himself between Tyler and Nancy.


Tyler took out a fly swatter from the drawer. Nancy, still recovering from the mental shock that Pinkie would resort to hurting her to get what she wanted, stood paralyzed as Pinkie called out to her.


Tyler drew his hand back far, hoping to inflict a good bit of damage. But as Tyler was mid-swing, Doug grabbed Tyler’s arm, stopping him before the swatter could even touch Pinkie.

“Hold on!” Tyler looked at Doug for a moment, wondering where this was going to go; would it be a repeat of three weeks ago, or would Doug let Tyler have his way. He was about to find out.

“Let me grab a couple things first.” Doug went back upstairs. Leaving Tyler and Nancy alone with Pinkie. Pinkie continued to thrash in the belt holding her to the narrow wooden side table, occasionally spurting shit out of her ass. Doug soon returned with a red handkerchief in his right hand, with something clenched in his left. Stepping up to Tyler, he pointed to Pinkie’s tail.

“Hold that up for me, if you would please.”

Tyler was a bit confused but did as asked. He held up Pinkie’s tail and Doug tied it into a knot with the red handkerchief.

“Wet gu ob pwetty taiw! Huhu!”

He then unfurled the fingers in his left hand, revealing a cork, like that from a champagne bottle.

“What are you going to do with that?” Tyler asked.

“Watch.” Doug replied. He then put his free hand near Pinkie’s rectum, it clenched at his touch.

“NUUUU!!! Nu touch poopie pwace!! Pwease mummah! Sabe bestest babbeh!”

Nancy just stood there with tears dripping down her face. She wanted to save Pinkie, but her behavior had become intolerable, and Doug and Tyler were adamant that she face some kind of punishment to deter this behavior in the future. Doug then positioned the cork in his hand, using the other one to hold Pinkie in place. He pulls his hand back.

“Daddeh!! Wet bestest babbeh gu! Bestest babbeh du nuting wong! Huhuu! Wet bestest babbeh-”

Doug then shoved the cork deep into Pinkie’s anus, plugging it and preventing her from giving sorry poopies. Her reaction what one would expect when something is unexpectedly and forcefully inserted into one’s anal cavity.


Doug then gestured his hand toward Pinkie while smiling at Tyler.

“She’s all yours.”

Tyler’s face quickly came to resemble that of a predator ready to go in for the kill. He pulls his hand back and then swacks Pinkie’s ass with the swatter.



Nancy flinched as she heard the swatter collide with Pinkie’s back side. She immediately turned away not to look at the torture.

Tyler noticed he hit both Pinkie’s ass and her vaginal opening. He swung again, this time with greater force.


“SCREEEEEEE!!!” *Huff huff huff huff huff…”

Doug nodded, content with the amount of pain Tyler was inflicting on the spoiled fluffy princess.

“One more hard swack should do the trick, but I’ll leave it up to you.” Tyler nods and draws his arm back far for an extra hard swing. Meanwhile, Doug turns around to see Nancy sitting on the steps with her head buried in her arms, quietly sobbing. It only took a moment for him to work up the will to step over to her. As he approached her, he heard an extra loud swack from the swatter.



As Nancy cried quietly and clenched her fists, Doug knelt down beside her.

“I’m sorry Nancy, but she’ll only get worse if you don’t do anything to discipline her. I just hope you won’t let her get this bad again.”

She lifts her head to look at him for a second, then covers her eyes with her arm.

“Come on. Let’s go.”

Doug gently grabs her wrist, and he slowly pulls her up. As Doug is escorting Nancy up the stairs, Tyler drew his arm back again for one final swing.

“MUMMAHHHHHH!! Pwease sabe Pwincess!!”

Tyler tightened his grip on the fly swatter.

“You spoiled brat!”



“Quit calling yourself princess!”



Tyler drew his arm back for another swing, but he looked up and saw Doug staring back at him with his hand on Nancy’s shoulder. The look Doug gave him wasn’t of vengeful intent, but just watching to make sure he didn’t go too far. He lowered his arm… and then gave another quick but lighter smack for good measure.



He then dropped the swatter. As it hit the floor, Tyler took a deep breath. Letting out three weeks of pent-up anger was therapeutic for him, but also tiring. Looking up again, Doug had let out a small smile. He then took Nancy out of view. Tyler kept looking on at the door at the top of the stairs after Doug had left for about a minute, thinking about how much had changed in just a few minutes between him and the house’s resident jarhead. Pinkie’s moaning snapped him back to the here and now.

“Pwease wet Pinkie out! Huhuu!! Hab tummie hewties!! Nee mae gud poopies!! Huhuu!! Wan Mummah!”

Tyler rolled his eyes before undoing the belt that was holding Pinkie to the table.

“Tank ou oda daddeh! Pinkie wub yu!”

Tyler paid her no mind as he took her upstairs, cradled in the crook of his left arm. He takes her over to her litterbox in the kitchen and puts her down. She then immediately tries to poop but can’t.

“Owwie! Why nu mae poopies?! Why poopie pwace gib hewties?”

Tyler scratched his face wondering why she couldn’t go. There was no way a swatter could cause constipation like this, but as he thought about it, he remembered the cork.

“Oh yeah.” He bent down beside her and placed his hand on her butt, looking for the cork.

“Pwease nu touch speciaw pwace!”

When he got down on his knee, he was treated to a rather worrying sight. “Aww shit.” Pinkie’s rectum was swollen from the beating it took, causing the skin to swell over the cork almost enveloping it. He pushed his finger against it.


“Relax! I’m not hurting you!”

The skin around her asshole was soft and tender to the touch. It was also red like raw meat from the swatter striking that spot so many times. There was no way he was going to get the cork out with his fingers, plus Pinkie’s intestines were most likely under pressure since fluffies shit a lot when they’re in pain.

As he digs through his head for an idea of how to get the cork out, he stands up and walks around the kitchen. Pinkie, softly crying from intestinal discomfort, turned around to watch him. Walking around for a few seconds in thought, he stops in front of the silverware drawer. He opens it up and starts looking around for something to help remove the cork so Pinkie could relieve her bowels.

“There’s ought to be something in here.”

He shuffles some stuff around in the drawer for a second until he came across a little metal screw with a black handlebar on top. Pulling it out to inspect it, the handle was chipped in a couple places, but the screw itself was made of stainless steel, so it was clean. It was a corkscrew used for opening wine bottles. Tyler turned back to look at Pinkie who was still ‘huhuuing’ quietly in her litter box trying to poop.

“Pwease poopie pwace! Wet Pwincess Pinkie mae gud poopies! Huhuu!”

At that point, Tyler got an idea.

“Hey Doug?! Can you come over here for a sec?”

A couple moments later, Tyler and Doug were standing outside on the backyard lawn with Nancy standing nearby. Doug held Pinkie upright with his feet spread wide.

“Are you sure about this?” Doug asked.

Tyler shrugged. “The swelling hasn’t gone down, and she needs to poop. So, this is the quickest, albeit probably most painful, option to get that cork out.”

Tyler stepped closer to Doug and Pinkie. Nancy approached to give some words of encouragement to Pinkie.

“Now Darlin’. This is prawbably gonna hurt, but the sooner he gets that cork outta ya, the soona you can make good poopies, ok?” She said with a smile at the end.

Pinkie, with tears dripping down her face, nodded.

“Pinkie Pwincess wan mae gud poopies.”

Nancy gave Pinkie a kiss on the forehead and stepped back. Tyler looked at her. Once she noticed his gaze, she nodded. Tyler nodded back and started screwing in the corkscrew into the cork. Once the screw was all the way in, Tyler gripped the handle with both hands and looked up at Doug.

“Ready?” Doug nodded. “Ready.”

Tyler nodded again. “One… two… three!” He gives the cork a hard yank.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Pinkie screamed in pain as he tried to pull the cork out of her anus. Tyler pulled down as hard as he could, but the swollen folds of skin had overlapped the cork too much for it to come out.

“What the hell?!” He yanked again.


He tries again. All he gets is more screaming.


Tyler stopped. “Shit!” He breaths deeply. “It won’t budge!” As he was forcing as much air in and out of his lungs as he could, Doug said something.

“How bout we pull it out horizontally? Nancy could hold her up, you could hold in her butt, and I’ll pull the cork.”

Tyler nodded after a couple more breaths. “Alright. huff let’s try it.”

A moment later, they had rearranged, and Nancy joined in as she held Pinkie laterally, Tyler held tightly on her butt cheeks, while Doug gripped the bottle opener with his one hand, bracing it with the other.

“Alright. ready?”

Nancy and Tyler nodded.


Doug pulled, albeit with some restraint as he didn’t want to leave a gaping hole behind.


The plan was working partially, the folds of skin being held back allowed the cork to start sliding out, but slowly as Pinkie was clenching her anus tight. Doug pulls for another second before stopping.

“I’m gonna try something different.”

He turns around and grabs the handle with his right hand, almost like he was about to toss a javelin at the Olympics.

“One… two… three!”


Doug gave a sharp pull with as much force he could safely muster without hurting himself, the cork budged for an instant and then stopped… before Pinkie’s ass muscles finally gave in and released the cork, unleashing a torrent of feces like a high-pressure water hose.

“EEEEEE-!!!” The sudden pressure caused Nancy to lose her grip on Pinkie and Pinkie shot back toward the house like a rocket. And then the sound of something breaking followed Pinkie’s entry.


“Darlin’!” Nancy ran back in after her.

Tyler and Doug looked on in surprise.

“That is the second time now she’s turned into a shit-propelled rocket.”

Doug looked at Tyler with a look of bewilderment.

Tyler looked back. “I’ll explain it later.”

Doug shook his head, and they ran back inside the house.


LMAO indeed the second time.
Glad Nancy have discovered how fluffie’s reality works and hope she doesn’t spoil that rat anymore.


Nancy is a dumbass she can fucking only cry cause that shitrat demands sketties she is like pinkie dumb mother still protecting a worthless shit.

This is how good her action description in the story, you can really get angry while reading it. :+1:

The cork is hilarious i was expecting her fall would have broke her legs but still alive and frikkin kicking.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.


I think she still gonna pamper that shit, she hasnt learn anything like some spoiled mother sadly.


Oh man Nancy’s eventually gonna snap if Pinky continues this shit


You don’t housebreak a dog by rubbing their nose in their messes. You trying to teach them WHERE to go, not to NOT go. Don’t abuse your pets, and call it training.


Agreed. Though I am not sure if after such a stunt (albeit Nancy spoiled her, so that’s kind of a 50/50 fault there) I wouldn’t do that myself.


I hope Nancy turns into an abuser because of Pinkie, you can’t fix smarties without a reset.


ngl I want Pinkie to bo rehabilitated and become a good fluffy. I don’t even think any fluffy deserves the same amount of pain as a cork getting stuck in your ass

EDIT: but that was funny af and hopefully she’ll stay bestest babbeh a little long until she’s rehabilitated (If she ever gets rehabilitated) because this shit (no pun intended) is comedy gold




Nice to see Doug and Tyler’s relationship mend. Hopefully Nancy at least gets a taste for scolding and discipline on Pinky as her poor behavior will probably continue after Pinky realizes she’s still hungry. I wonder how the other house residents interact with Pinky given how she is.


violate its cunt with a keyhole saw dipped in rubbing alcohol, lemon juice and concentrated carolina reaper capsaicin extract. then reach to offer it a hug and when it reciprocates slap it in the face and tell it what a piece of shit it is and how much you hate it. wonderfully psychologically damaging for fluffies