Petunia, my genetically modified fluffy oc.



Ok, so I am still working on her backstory. I know for sure her owner is a sweet old lady, and I will add any other updates or art of Petunia here.

Update: Backstory decided, it will be put under this text.

Backstory: Petunia is a decendant of a fluffy named Elliot who was an test subject at Iota Labs. They gave him epigenetic changes (as in they are genes that need to be ‘unlocked’ so to speak), these changes were so that they would change color and gain special markings when they ate food made for fluffies. The colors would be bright so as to make predators think they were poisonous, and the markings to differentiate the pet fluffy from a stray fluffy. Elliott was adopted out from Iota labs by a mother of two. He was loved in his home, but one day the house was broken into and Elliott ran out into the nearby forest out of fear. He had 5 children during his time in the wild (he was returned home by a kind civilian after they spotted him near the road), 2 of which died, and his remaining children went on to have children, having 12 total grandkids. Petunia is one of them. Petunia lived in the wild for the first week of her life, before her mother rejected her because Petunia’s floppy ears made it hard for Petunia to walk, the floppy ears were a genetic mutation. She stumbled upon an sweet old lady, Maybelline, who took her in and kept her as a pet.

Petunia’s Bow [Short comic thingy]