Pegasus Fantasy - LostDauphin

sin alitas

Looks like someone isn’t too happy with their new litter of foals…

I have open commissions! ;)

Jeez, I knew Fluffy Egos were bad when it came to colours but types as well? Poor little things.

Judging by her living foals still being hungry, she’s probably just a shitty mother all round.


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do so your kids can keep having their milk (even when they should be weaned by now probably).

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Someone needs to save those babbehs and abuse her by breeding her non-wingy babbeh with her wingy babbeh!


Well, this is impressively disturbing. Killing the new babies to favor the old ones. That’s like an anti trope.


Pegasi Feral Mummah who kills ferals and adopts all pegasi babbehs, colts, mares, stallions, foals, and abandoned fluffies.


I want to post a gif of the “so you have chosen death” meme, but I can’t figure out how.

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Love the cold expression on the mother


How bout rippin out your frikkin wings you poor excuse of a mother!:angry:

And shows the poor foals werent been feed too :tired_face:

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Six million and counting

Always nice to see a fluffy I could happily abuse.


Yeah, I may generally be a hugboxer, but whenever I see a little shit like this one, it’s open season!


that’s another reason why hitler would prefer to have fluffies.

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Interesting concept, and one that I don’t recall seeing on the 'booru - I’m sure someone did, but it wasn’t a common trope, the way alicorn hatred was.

Since fluffies were originally modeled on MLP, both in universe and in reality, there was a natural disposition to have the three common fluffy subtypes coexisting as a single species. But could it work differently? Is fluffy eugenics possible? (Human manipulation of fluffy breeding is different, I’m taking about fluffies doing it themselves.)

I don’t know what the proportion of the three subtypes is, or the genetics of it. Is a wingie fluffy more likely to have wingie babbehs? Could a herd of wingie fluffies that killed any non winged babbehs survive?

Mummah wiww hab pwetty babbehs wiff wingies fowebah

Death of Fluffies:

I’d cut her wings off and then have her torn apart by eagles while her foals are forced to watch.

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thats what i want nesquy crunh :+1: