OOOoooOoOo two post one day wow (by Chonko)

Here’s an collab thingy anyone can join for I don’t care
2021_07_20_129_Kleki The red unicorn fluff is an smarty that i plan to use for abuse comics


I assume the red unicorn is the abuser?
very well drawn btw


I just found an random forest background I had saved back in 2019 and just used it because I cant draw backgrounds. I was trying to make the unicorn look filthy and gross like most ferals in my head canon are :sweat_smile:


OoOOOOOoooOo mmmmmmm

Damn I kinda want to be in collab but I don’t really know how to draw fluffies well and I’m just a random dude looking at stuff here

Sorry for the very late reply but it dosent matter how good your art is it matters if you try or not^^

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