Only 44 days. By AcemcGrimace

Day 1

You are a fluffle, a unicorn named garny. You’re a young colt at a fluffyshop. You await in a pen to be sold. You been away from you brothers and mother for a long time since. Since when? Forever ago. Two months? A few days? Who knows. As a fluffle you have no idea of the sense of time or understanding of it however you know night and day is two different things which give you a idea of time. But, here you await. Here you remind. You was taken from your brothers and mothers and you remember a pinch and everything going black and hazy then you found yourself in a box for awhile then dumped out of it here. What… what is this? Where are we?

Day 2

It’s been awhile since night time or at least sleep time. You explore and study the edges of your pin. It’s a box but small. It’s keeping you in place. Why? The others aren’t concerned of this. But, somewhat you are aware that you’re in a cage. Slowly your mind is gearing up with more and more complex thinking. But, why? Why am I here?
The kibble and water seems slightly better then playing with others. You sat in a corner watching others “playing” but you study the larger creatures. What’s is This? What is all of This?

Day 3

You been paying more closer attention to the humans as they called. They talk too, and they say bits of information that is useful in terms of knowledge. Learning and studying on your pick of subjects seems to ease your headaches. Last night your head begins to throb and intakes of information seems to ease it down. Why? You started to notice other fluffles are looking you differently as if you were something else but not like them however you are a fluffle.

Day 4

Other fluffles seem to bother you more then human however you dislike the humans, too. The shop’s owner noticed you yesterday and offered you a few books as this pleases your throbbing unicorn mind. The books are a Variety of topics which magazines from the shop’s lobby area. It’s enough for now. And, somehow you can read? How? Since when? But, you understand the words as you looked through the human’s books. Oddly, you finally see yourself in a mirror across from your holding pen. Your forehead and horn is slightly bigger and thicker then the other unicorns. How weird. Are you special?

Day 5

You noticed humans are raiding the shop and looting it and they set the shop to a blaze.


Ok, i’m hooked. Lets see where this is going.