One of us (carniviousduck)



Weird, but sort of cute.


An apt description of Carnivious Duck’s work in general.


True, that.


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Yeah, that’s clearly on the same level, can’t find any difference there.

Dignity and hygiene? What are those?

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Come on pinky, eat up!

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That Fluffy has no right to complain. Not only do cows regularly eat their own shit, but its edible for humans too and is used both in folk remedies and as a cooking fuel or even in times of scarcity as a dietary supplement. Its just slightly fermented cellulose material.

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Those fluffies are about to get the shit stomped out of them if they aren’t careful.

(And I never am disappointed to see fluffies depicted as livestock – especially by the esteemed CD.)


Thanks for the info, I guess. If the apocalypse ever happens, I’ll make you a memorial.

Live your best medieval peasant struggling in the aftermath of raids and famine life.

Live eating shit so the lord can have his beef and dairy, and one day your descendants will call themselves poor but live in luxury far exceeding what your sire could even dream of.

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I like how almost every piece that somebody does where cows and fluffy ponies interact acknowledges that the cow is unlikely to notice them and even less likely to care, no matter what annoying stuff they do.

Milk? Take it, I’ve got too much. Pooping everywhere? Yeah, join the club…


They’re in a pasture, but still one must eat the poops?

Cow don’t care. Cow is not invested in most things.

Well, dark age peasant, anyway.