Nurturing November 2021

Recently, a prompt list was made by @Foxhoarder based on No Nut November. Since her prompt list focused on testicle abuse, the staff have decided to create a prompt list for hugbox-ish related content to balance everything out.

The FC Staff present you with…

𝓝𝓾𝓻𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓝𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓻!!!

This activity is open to:

Traditional Artists, Digital Artists, Writers, Artisan Crafters, etc.

There is one prompt for every day of November, and all posts are recommended to be hugbox.


Thanks to @Booperino for allowing us to use their image for this prompt list.

This is not a contest, there will be no judging of any entries.
Take part if you want to, ignore it if you want to, pick out any prompts you want to, and just create something from those. We will not judge.
Do Not Beat Yourself Up If You Are Unable To Finish

For those of you who like an extra challenge, Here is a random number generator that will give you two numbers between 1-30.

Use the combined prompts to create your work!


Now i’m tempted to make a neutral november list for some reason.


Let’s try to keep it to two prompt lists if we can. :sweat_smile:


Dastardly December it is then, a list of mischief.

…and I got as month to think all that up then too. Bonus.


Aww, I appreciate that you guys try to keep the lists neutral, or give two lists when they arn’t.


Dumb ass hugcunts never learn you don’t demand hugshit that is how you ensure you get abuse just put out your list and let people post what they want


Like it or not, those people make up a large portion of our community.
We’re not going to leave them behind, nor forget them.

Nobody demanded this. This was my call.


You seem to have missed the point the post specifically states all post are required to be hugshit dose foxhorder list say it must be abuse no she lets the posters decide what the want to do but here you have hugcunts making it divisive excluding every other part of the community hugcunts never learn just allow everyone to join but no they demand special treatment


thanks for using my art for it :slight_smile: it’s an honor
although i would suggest using another color for the text, its a bit hard to read ^^’


Ah, I’d missed that. I’m not even supposed to be here today. But of course that’s when all the best drama flares up.
Some wording will need to be changed.

To be fair Virgil, Fox’s challenge is based on the concept of No Nut November. So a person could do a non-genital abuse pic based off a prompt from that list, but it wouldnt be the intentoon of the list in question.

To be fair she doesn’t mandate you post abuse I doubt she would care what you posted

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I see no problem, bad fluffies can be nurtured into worse fluffies.

That’s allowed. Go for it.

I am all in favor of nurturing fluffies through the month of November.

Nurturing them for what?

So they can grow healthy and strong, through proper nutrition, play, and sometimes some light chores so they feel a sense of purpose.

No, I mean, what are you raising them for?

For Christmas!

You mean a Christmas roast.


Dude, your timeline eats tens of billions of fluffies a year, what else could it be?

New Year’s roast!


You decide

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Now here’s something I can get behind.

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Her prompt specifically says “a month of genital trauma” dont try to make it seem like it’s for everyone when it’s definitely not. And maybe don’t get so pissed off whenever hug box people also want to be a part of something and not have to draw fluffy junk every day. Seriously your anger towards hugboxers is kind of concerning


Well, that’s another one ignored.

Love the contrast between the two different challenges(?). I will try to post a few this month, though I’m using a mouse and 3D Paint we’ll see what happens.