Nursing by:Foxhoarder

fluffy nursing
Comet and her babies, requested by someone from the old booru.


Love how even the poopeh babbeh is being nursed

I do classic fluffies only. Hellgremlins seriously need their own category on the site so people won’t think baby hierarchies are part of the original fluffy hivecanon.


Sorry I’m newer to the fandom, what are Hellgremlins? Help a dude who’s out of the loop lol

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Foxhoarder made a little infographic about it, actually


Thanks! In my headcanon Fluffies aren’t as “programmed” persay. Whether they’re an “original fluffy” or a Hellgremlin is all dependent on individual personality and the moral compass of the fluffy.

As I’ve pointed out before, the coexistence of classic and hellgremlin fandoms is impossible without moving hellgremlins into a category of their own. Either in the Controversial category, or a new category like Hellgremlin or Ragebox, but as long as they’re clumped in with the classic content they will inevitably poison the fandom until only hellgremlins remain. And then the fandom dies from becoming too unpleasant even for them.

I’m starting to feel like a fluffy trying to tell its family to keep their shit in the litterbox before we’re all thrown to the streets. And even fluffies shouldn’t be retarded enough to lose their home a third time for the same reason!


I hate you for making me give a damn about hugbox.

Your fluffies are so pure and innocent that I can’t help be happy when I see them being sweet and loving :hugs:

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tl;dr: Hellgremlins are fluffies that don’t act like fluffies.

They look cute, fluffy, clumsy, dumb, and adorable, but they are also vengeful, spiteful, jealous, hateful, and in some cases, murderous and pedophilic rapists. They are fluffies in looks only and kinda ruin the whole “innocence crushed” vibe that the fluffy fandom has going for it.


Oh! A ragebox! I like the sound of that!