Nu’ a mawe...? By ArisenLeaf

You open your eyes for the first time, you’re met with screaming, gunshots, and cries all around. Your mumma is running with you on her back, you try call out to her, but the fear causes you to hyperventilate. All you hear is a loud voice, yelling out those words.




It’s been a while since you and your mumma escaped. A mother and daughter had stumbled across you at the local Walmart parking lot, they were scared of you and your mumma at first, but your mumma managed to convince the nice humans to take you both home. You’re a yellow fluffy with red hair, while your mumma is a pink fluffy with brown hair.

Your little human mumma named you Carmen and it was clear that you were singled out, she only played with your fluffy mumma and would only tell you to go away, proclaiming…

“You’re a boy, you don’t like doing what I like to do!”

It hurt being singled out for your no-no stick. You wished it didn’t exist, but also knew it wasn’t right to be discriminated just for having it.

Your human mumma’s perpetual mocking and bullying hurt, but you still wanted her to love you, your fluffy mumma tried to console you, but you only felt jealously. Then her older brother found you outside her room.

“Oh… why aren’t you in your mumma’s room little guy?”

“Huuu… mumma hate fwuffies no-no stick… Cawmen nu undewstand why… fwuffy just wan to feew wub again…”

“Hmm… you’re no different than me little guy, confused and frustrated, maybe try act a little like a girl fluffy? Who knows, maybe you’re only frustrated at yourself?”

That’s it! Maybe it wasn’t your no-no stick, maybe it was how you were acting! You tried getting interested in playing dolly’s with your mumma’s, although you didn’t know how to play initially, you eventually you got the hang of the game.

“Cawmen wub pwaying dowwies with mumma! Wub to hab biggest famiwy wike dowwies!”

“Me too! Let’s play dress up! I’ll put you in a cute dress like the dolly!”

“Wha? Wike dowwy?”

She pulls out a large no fluff that looks beautifully coloured, like the fluffies you see on the tv. She puts it on you and you see yourself in the mirror, you were beautiful…



Your mumma just started school and had just left the house, she left the bow in your hair and her older mumma had let you and your fluffy mumma roam the backyard. It was a beautiful day with the birds chirping, wind blowing, and the sounds of leaves rustling… and crunching.

A small light blue fluffy had squeezed itself through the little opening in the fence surrounding the yard, he quickly approached you and spoke.

“Hewwo! Fwuffy weawwy hungwy… can nice mawe wet fwuffy hab nummies? Just wan a wittwe…”

It was a little weird that he called you a mare, but this stallion seemed exhausted and you knew it must’ve been a mistake. So you led him to your bowl and he ate until he was full, you had an automatic fluff bowl so it didn’t really matter how much he ate. When he finished you both rested under the tree that sat in your backyard.

“Wha am fwuffy’s name? Am cawmen!”

“Am Skybwight… fwuffy so tiwed, wan to sweep undew twee with fwuffy…?”

“Ok! Cawmen wub nyu fwend!”

You slept under that tree with the fluffy, your mumma stayed in her fluffy house, while you held this other stallion. You awoke to something poking your leg, it was the stallions no-no stick, you stared at him in shock that he was aroused by you, but you felt flattered that you turned him on. He began trying to give you a kiss, you pushed his face away, but he persisted. You knew this was wrong, you weren’t a mare, but his no-no stick was enticing… like as if you were a mare…

You then accept his advances, letting him give you a deep kiss, your no-no stick is hard, but he doesn’t notice it. You then stand up and present yourself, like a mare would do with a stallion, he grabs your hips and you feel his no-no stick rub against you once more, he tries to put it where a mare’s special place is and ends up rubbing his no-no stick against yours.


You don’t respond, instead you pin him to the tree. You don’t know what came over you, but the thought of special huggies with another stallion caused you to force his no-no stick into your poopie place.

“Owies… poopie pwace huwt… so gud… fwuffy give cawmen- GUD FEEWS!!!”

You climaxed… your legs felt weak and you fell onto your stomach, onto the mess you left. The stallion tries to pull out of your poopie place, but you beg him not to.

“Nu…! Give Cawmen no-no juice… fwuffy wan mowe…”

“N-nu! This nu am wight! ‘Ou am stawwion too!”

“But skybwight wub cawmen… no-no stick say so…”

“…but nu’ a mawe…”

He reluctantly starts thrusting, with each enf comes a wave of euphoria that makes your head spin. Were you a mare or were you a stallion? You felt like a stallion but you wanted things that a mare wanted… the no-no stick.

“GUD FEEWS!!! guh …Skybwight wike poopie pwace… Skybwight wub Cawmen…

“Cawmen wub Skybwight! Now it am Cawmen’s tuwn!”


Without hesitation you return the favour, he tries to wriggle but you put your weight onto his back. You feel his poopie place envelope your no-no stick and pulse with each thrust, he tries to beg to you.

“NUUU!!! Huhuhuu… Skybwight nu wike! Nu’ poopie pwace! NU MOWE!!!”

“Awmost finished… GUD FEEWS!!!”

After that the stallion left, you thought that was the end to your friend ship, but he returned every night wanting more.

“So, mister Goldner, were gay fluffies a product of nature or nurture?”

“We honestly don’t know, son. I’d like to say that some fluffies are just born like that, others think they enjoy the way sex feels, honestly these things can do whatever they want in their sexuality.”

The end.

This was an idea I had, what if a fluffy was gay? Is it a product of nature or nurture?


Definitely nurture, maybe the thought of having to be like a mare to be accepted sank too deep in him and probably the genetic modification gave fluffies pleasure spots on da poopie place


I mean, it could totally be Nature too, fluffies are part horse after all


That nearly had soda come out my nose. xD


I love this so much! I thought it’d be abuse or sadbox, but this is so happy. the best part is of course “now it am Cawmen’s tuwn!”


Err, I mean… uhh… Good story! I did get a big confused at first because he referred to both is mom and his human mom as mumma, and there was no line where he was actually adopted by a human. Other than that tho, very well written


“Cawmen wub Skybwight! Now it am Cawmen’s tuwn!”

how the turntables


Oops. I had a line that had a quick explanation and names for each mother, guess it didn’t make it to the final cut. Will edit those in real quick


I’m thinking both. Since there is an actual pair of lesbian swans in New York City, it does happen in nature, not just with humans, Happens with other primates too.
But teaching a fluffy that loving the same sex and/or gender is perfectly ok (AKA nurture) could cause that fluffy to realize on it’s own that it’s not straight. It wouldn’t need a human or someone else to help them figure it out.


more gay fluffies?