Not That Nice [By BFM101]

A little thing based on @CuddlyBloodily’s Nice Mistah picture. Let’s try and see who that nice man could be.

Josef scratched the area around his infected left eye, the gash on his cheek and the infection he was dealing with was making him lose his mind and the few days he’d spent with Rufous had proven to yield very little in the way of results.

He was mad as hell, and he was looking for an outlet.

Taking his usual tactic of checking alleyways for ferals, Josef’s ears perked up at the familiar sounds of the mummah song.

“Mummah wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummah.”

Slowly sneaking his way towards the sounds, Josef was able to make out a pink mare with three multicoloured foals with her, a blue colt dancing beside his mother, a yellow filly feeding from her teats, and a purple filly in being rocked in her arms. No sign of a stallion but that didn’t mean he wasn’t close.

As Josef got in closer, he realised there was four foals, as he nearly stepped in the ruins of a brown colt, his tiny body stomped so hard his guts were spewing out of his mouth.

The pink mare caught sight of Josef and smiled at him. “Nice mistah? Be nyu daddeh fow mummah an babbehs?”

Josef knelt down in front of the mare, her pink Fluffy looked good despite the dirty, her white mane as well, she looked like a designed Fluffy but she had no collar. Josef was surprised she hadn’t been picked up by one of the breeding mills yet. Her foals looked decent but not great, the blue dancing colt had a spaced out look in his eyes and a puddle of piss beneath him, Josef guessed he’d probably gotten hit on the head or something on the way out. The purple filly had a similar glassy-eyed look as she was rocked gently in her mother’s arms, while the yellow filly had her eyes closed, content to suckle her mother’s milk despite her rounded belly showing she was already full.

Interestingly, none of them had made a comment on his frightening appearance yet.

Josef smiled at the mare. “Hi, no I’m not looking for Fluffies at the moment, I just came to see if there’s any good mummahs about.”

The mare giggled. “Fwuffy am gud mummah, gib babbehs bestesh miwkies an huggies.”

“Really? And is that your babbeh also?” Josef asked, pointed to the dead brown colt.

The mare giggled again. “Dat nu am Fwuffy’s babbehs, dat an ugwy poopie babbeh, su speciaw-fwiend gib him foweba sweepies.”

“Poopie babbeh gu pfflt.” The dancing blue colt spoke up, still dancing, still unaware of his own piss soaking his hoofs.

“I see, and where is your special-friend now?”

“Speciaw-fwiend finding nummies so mummah can make gud miwkies fow gud babbehs.”

“And which one of these is your best babbeh?”

The mare happily showed Josef her purple filly. “Dis babbeh wook wike mummah, su dis am bestesh.”

“Can I hold her, just for a moment? I promise to be careful.”

The mare looked confused for a moment, as though something in her mind was conflicting between her desire to be a good Fluffy, and her protective instincts to keep her children safe.

When she smiled and handed Josef her the purple filly, he knew for certain she was a runaway, she was far too trusting of humans to be a feral, at least not having been one for very long.

“Hewe yu am nice mistah, pwease be gud tu babbeh.”

Josef held the purple filly in his hand, sure enough the weight on her proved that she was a bestesh babbehs alright, although her eyes remained glassy and far-off, as though she was looking right through him. Josef tried a few tricks with his fingers to see if she responded to stimuli, her pupils reacted to light change so she wasn’t blind – at least not totally – but her eyes never followed him at all.

Then he felt the dip in her skull, a little divot that shouldn’t be there, this filly had been hit hard by something.

Quickly looking over the other two foals, Josef could see they both had divots as well, although in different areas. Keeping the purple filly in his hand, Josef looked down at the mare.

“Your babbeh has a hurtie on her thinkie place, do you know what happened to her?”

The mare, strangely, giggled once more. “Yeh, speciaw-fwiend gib babbehs sowwy-hoofies fow bein dummehs, speciaw-fwiend am so smawt. Nyo babbehs am bestesh babbehs eba.”

There was no lie to the mare’s words, no hidden subtext – do Fluffies even know how to say and mean different things? – and no two ways about it, she genuinely believed that her mate abusing her kids was the right thing to do.

Josef began to smile, he’d found the perfect outlet for his anger.

“Well I must say, that does sound very smart, but I think your special-friend has hit a little too hard, look, your bestesh babbeh has see-place hurties, just like I do.”

“Weawwy? Can mummah hab babbeh bak, gib huggies an wub su huwties gu way.”

“I’m afraid not, there’s only one thing we can do help her now.”

“Wha dat?”

With a twisted smirk on his face, Josef casually threw the purple filly at the brick wall, her face smashed so hard into the solid surface that her whole body crumpled in on itself like an accordion, and she landed in a crumpled heap of blood and bones.

“We have to put her down.”

The mare gasped. “NU HUU HUU! Bestesh babbehs gu foweba sweepies, yu nu am nice mistah.”

Josef grabbed one of the mare’s forelegs and twisted it hard. “I never said I was.”

While the mare was crying about her ‘weggie’, Josef grabbed the yellow filly, still oblivious to everything around her – come to think of it, her dancing brother was still shaking his groove thing like nothing had happened – and pulled her from her mother’s teat.

“And you, you fat little fuck, taking all that milk from your mummah. Why don’t we give it back.”

Josef grabbed the mare’s jaw with his free hand and yanked it open, nearly breaking it in the process, and jammed the yellow foal in face first. Still holding onto the filly in his fist, Josef slowly but painfully squeezed her, as expecting the filly shat herself quite viciously, covering Josef’s hand but he wasn’t paying attention to that. No he was more focussed on the other end.

Eventually, with a little more squeezing, the filly’s upturned stomach gave a final churn and she started vomiting right into her mother’s throat, nothing but digested milk and stomach acid came pouring out of the filly, the mother could only choke and splutter as she tried to swallow the noxious mixture without choking or throwing up herself.

Josef could see the tears in her eyes and the warbled cried in her throat as she tried desperately to get him to stop, but he didn’t, he kept squeezing the yellow foal until the white milk coming out of her turned red from her ruptured organs bleeding out.

Once the filly’s bones cracked and Josef could squeeze no more, he dropped the crushed body into the mare’s mouth and shut her damaged jaw, forcing her to swallow her own child. The mare almost didn’t realise what she’d done until Josef took his hands off her mouth.

“Ba… babbeh.”

“She’s a tummy-babbehs again, though she’ll be a literal poopie-babbeh once your done with her.”

“Huu, Fwuffy nu wan babbeh be poopie babbeh, wan pwetty babbeh be pwetty gain.”

“Trust me, she’ll never be pretty again.”

As the mare cried over her dead foals, Josef’s attention turned to the blue colt, he ready to grab him when…

“Dummeh hoomin weave famiwy awone.”

Josef turned and saw a white stallion approaching him, his cheeks puffed and his eyes narrowed. Josef just smiled at the sight.

“You must be the father, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

“Hmmph, nu gib babbehs nu mowe huwties ow Fits gib yu foweba sweepies.”

Josef’s good eye-twitch at the stallions name. “What did you say your name was?”

“Namsie am Fits, owd daddeh sat Fits git namsie fwom ‘gweat man’ who show us wha weawwy impowtant, keepin da mawes an babbehs in wine an taking nu poopies fwom da ‘nigg…”

Josef’s hand shot out and grabbed Fitz by the throat, his barely contained rage already overflowing with every word out of this fucker’s mouth.

“Is that why you killed your son?”

Despite the limited airway, Fitz blew a raspberry. “Babbeh am wong cowouw, Fitz du gud fing gibben him foweba sweepies, keep da bwoodwine puwe. WHAIT POWA!”

The malicious grin on Josef’s face grew as his brain swam in murderous thoughts. “You know Fitz, my father was also called Fitz. He might have been who you were named after.”

“Weawwy? Du nice mistah wan be nyu daddeh den?”

Josef kept his smile up, not believing this racist moron still wanting him to be his new daddy, as his fingers gripped themselves around Fitz nutsack.

“Weave Fits speciaw-wumps awo…NANNNAAAAAAHHHHH!”

Josef’s gripped tightened, holding Fitz’s genitals between his fingers and tugging.

“I fucking HATED my father Fitz, and I’d be more than happy to show you how much. Bu instead, I’m gonna give you a choice. You have any more foals Fitz?”

“Ek, Fits twy tu gib poopie mawe enfies wen wiv owd daddeh, by she scweam tuu mush, daddeh find out. Teww Fits nu tu enf bwown mawes, nu wan wuin a gud bwoodwine.”

“I see, so these are the only foals you have?”

Fits nodded, the pain in his balls where Josef had them stuck getting more and more painful with each passing second.

“Then here’s your choice. I’ll let you and your family go, if you let me take your balls. If you want to keep your balls, I’ll kill your last kid and your special-friend, and I promise you this Fits, I will not be gentle about it.”

At the mentioned of his lumps in danger, Fitz made his choice. “Nu take wumps, nu cawe bout dummeh famiwy, wet Fits gu.”

Josef spat at the ignorant piece of shit. “Wrong fuckin answer.”

And with a violent pull, Josef tore off Fitz’s cock and balls, slowly severing them from their owner. Casting the useless appendages to the side, Josef gripped Fitz by the scruff of his neck and lifted him up and above his last foal, his only surviving son.

As Josef threw Fitz down with tremendous force, the dancing colt had just enough time to look up and speak his first word.


Fitz landed with a sickening crunch as his body crushed the blue colt, blood and shit shot out of all directions before Josef lifted Fitz up, seeing the gory remains staining the stallions white fluff.

So he threw him down again, and again, and again, and again. Over and over Josef slammed Fitz into the ground, hearing bones and teeth break with every impact, seeing the blood stains growing deeper and deeper with every violent smash.

By the time Josef was finished, Fitz’s face was little more than a bloodied pulp, his snout almost completely flattened and his white face utterly reddened and destroyed.

Josef spat on him once more time. “Fuck you dad.”

And he tossed the body away, he was about to leave when he heard the crying, the mare that he’d forgotten about.

“Huu, babbehs am gun, speciaw-fwiend am gun. Am mummah nu mowe, wan die, WAN DIE!”

Josef reached out and softly stroked her mane. “Hey there, it’s ok. I’ll find a way to help you.”

The mare was spooked at first, but she soon started purring at Josef’s soft touch. “Nice mistah hewp Fwuffy?”

“Yeah, I’ll take you to a place where you can have babbehs again, so many pretty babbehs you won’t know what to do with them all.”

The mare’s eyes widened with glee. “WEAWWY? Nice mistah du dat fow Fwuffy?”

“Sure, it’s the least I can do after what happened to your family.”

“Fwuffy nu cawe bout dummeh famiwy, wan pwetty babbehs gain.”

The mare missed the venom in Josef’s good eye as he picked her up and cradled her. “Well then, let’s get going.”

The mare sung happily to herself as Josef called up his breeder friend Vincent about his incoming arrival. The mare would have babbehs again, she’d constantly have babbehs as she was impregnated over and over, never seeing her foals, never feeding them, never even knowing who or what they were. She’d be a breeding mare until she couldn’t handle it anymore and then she’d become an enfie toy for the rest of her miserable life.

Of course Josef didn’t tell her that part. He was the nice mistah after all.


Neat! The whole Fitz thing was really interesting. Always nice to have old traumas resurface.


I actually originally had more planned, but then I realised that focussing on Fitz was taking away from the original picture so I cut him short.

But still, Fluffy Fitz is just as much a racist prick as Human Fitz, so Josef feels no shame in killing the bastard.


Two signs were held up, “01” and 10."

“Bewy suc-sink,” Napoleon started, wincing at the feedback from the microphone. “Twuwy, bweb-ee-tee is da souw ob wit.”

“An’ daddeh Josef’s time pwayin’ bas-ket-baww show twwu,” Hipolyta added. “Daddeh is an’ aww awound champ.”

Flies buzzed around Crimson’s corpse.

“Dat twue, Cwimson. Daddeh’s weject-shun ob hiz yoof an’ mebbeh jewoushy ob unca Jona-tan kiwwin’ dewe pawents waz awuded tu.”

“Cwimson iz deadies… No can tawk.”

“Wha’ about hawucina-shun Cwimson?”

“No iz in stowy yet.”

“Den wai Napowean dig up no smeww pwetteh dummeh?!”

“Hipowita no knu!”

“Anyhoo … Ee-Esh-Pee-Enn high-wight ob da week iz bwought tu yu bai BoopCo® Munchkin Waunchew. Put fwuffies intu hawd to weach pwaces. BoopCo®, an attempt wuz made.”

(Apologies to @Booperino )


That last last of mine is possibly one of the STUPIDEST things I’ve written here. And I keep laughing at it.

Thank you, @BFM101, for inspiring silly things.


Jonathan look at the device in his hands. “So what was this suppose to be?”

“Munchkin spring.” His cellmate Bryan explained. “Supposed to be used for munchkin Fluffies to reach higher up, if say they needed to climb stairs or something. But all it took was some easy tinkering and you’ve got yourself a mini-catapult. They discontinued the line but you can still find some in the online markets.”

“Hmm, shame.” Jonathan loaded the shivering mirco-Fluffy into the launcher and fired him at the wall, leaving a dark red stain just outside the centre target. “These would’ve sold quite well to the people I know.”


I was actually picturing a bazooka with one of Boop’s raspberry blowing munchkins in it. As seen in Rambo XXVII: Stallone’s Mortgage Won’t Pay Itself.


Demon: “Okay, Mr. Mongola, it looks like your request to be reincarnated has been approved.”
Fitz: “Really?”
Demon: “Yup. But remember: if you sin when you’re on Earth you’ll get double the punishment once you arrive back in Hell. Now it’s time to reincarnate you into a new body.”
Fitz: “I won’t make the same mistakes as last time. And my new body better be white!”
Demon: “Don’t worry, it will be.”
(Irony ensues)


Man Josef really gone nuts over flitz whoever his owner is fuck up as he is.

Basically most of the foals are derp?

The mare should have stayed quiet but she is as dumb as any fluffy.


Let’s hope for a story showcasing the bitch-mares fate as a breeding mare


Wow!! I just love you BFM101, you are awesome sauce. Ow I need to draw a pic of the aftermath!!!


Basically yeah, Fluffy Fitz was an abusive father and foals being so weak the damage was more severe


Welp, his pulp face ended his ego right with a splat.