Not-So-Great Minds Think Alike (by fluffysomething)


What happens to these two… not-so-great toys basically begging their daddy for babies?

If you have no idea what the thing on the right is, try reading Bestest Sickie Friends to find out.


Pillowing perhaps? Can’t run away without weggies for a fluffy and … well… whatever to call what the bestie-sickie-fwiends have. :hmm:

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If they were a unicorn I was gonna make a telekinesis joke but they’re not.

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i still very much wanna hear the joke

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Perhaps try a reset on the mare? An electric shock to the skull might fix this. Once they get it into their heads to have babies, punishments don’t really seem to work anymore. Pillowing will just give you a depressed fluffy. If the reset doesn’t work, break her neck, dispose of the body properly in a bio waste bin and get a new fluffy.

Repeat the above as necessary until you have a mare that doesn’t call you a dummy and threaten to run away.

The sicky friend is a horror and should be purged with fire. FOR THE EMPEROR!


Allow her to breed.

Do not increase food ration.

Punish color racism with shaving off patches of fluff but otherwise let whatever happens happen.

If they survive to adulthood, let them loose in the countryside.