No Nut November 2021 - FANTASY ( Made by Foxhoarder ) by:Marakasaya1



Sorry, didn’t have enough imagination for this one (which is ironic cuz is about fantasy)


~The dragon roars in pain and vomits blood instead of its breath weapon~


I half expected them to be at work or something and imagining abusing fluffies in their magical realm.

Or maybe writing a fantasy novel and dipping their quill in fluffy blood.


“Oh, dah dwagon’s bawws wewe bwazin’ as fwuffy stepped into his cabe, den fwuffy swiced his enfin’ cockwes wiff wong an’ shiny bwade, ‘twas fwuffy who fwuffed dah dwagon, enfawizin’ enfawoo, an’ if 'ou twy to fwuff wiff fwuffy, den fwuffy shaww fwuff 'ou too!”


Little babbeh seems displeased to be a mighty sack slasher.


That day was the darkest of days, for it birthed Baron Sackslash! The Baron craved slaying the beast known as Sackslash, and there was many times he was tasked with slaying such beasts!!

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Seems creative to me. And what wonderful, life-long memories this family moment must give the fluffies! :laughing:

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Reminds me of another great (but incomplete) comic from the booru where a fat nerd used foals for a D&D adventure, even simulating the battle they got from damage. It abruptly ended with the smallest one being told it was going to lose a leg by the guards when it didn’t pay for sketties at the tavern and then failing a sneak/steal roll.

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have link?

Don’t think they’re uploaded here, but on the booru they were 36316, 36317, and 36372

Edit : Here they are, hope showing them like this is allowed, if not I’ll remove them.

36316 - abuse artist mranon2u begging comic dnd dungeons_and_dragons extreme_make_believe featured_image fluffy foal foals game larp safe tears
36317 - abuse artist mranon2u blood comic dnd dungeons_and_dragons extreme_make_believe fluffy foal foals game larp needle safe tears
36372 - abuse comic dnd dungeons_and_dragons extreme_make_believe fluffy fluffy_sized_town foal foals game impending_amputation larp safe


Thank you dude

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