Night of the Fluffy, Part 2: Weggies (written by Resnoth)


Dusk was now settling in, as the clerk of the local fluffymart walked over to the glass doors of the front, grabbing his keys from his belt, locking up the place as the store was closing.

Everyone else had just left, so now his responsibilities were now to lock the doors and “dispose” of some product that weren’t sold that day.

To others, this might’ve been a nuisance, but to him it was the best part of the workday.
While not necessarily everyone who worked at this local fluffymart particularly liked fluffies, he really hated them.

In his mind, they were needy little vermin that eat, shit, demand, breed, and repeat.

But, his job at the end of the day had given him a bit of comfort since getting rid of these unwanted, leftover shitrats helped him cope with his hatred for fluffies and the stress of the workday.

And he definitely needed this since early that day, something truly disturbing happened.

Around 5 hours earlier, a customer had entered the store and angrily confronted him just when it was his shift at the cash register.
This customer was upset because he had gotten his fluffy from there and had gotten strangely sick for a few days.

But just when he thought it recovered, the little fucker decided kill off some of his other fluffies and bit him.

Before, it was thought that fluffies couldn’t possess the strength to even break the skin of people, yet somehow this one managed to actually bite him.

He brought the fluffy with him in it’s kennel while also threatening to sue the store for selling him a rabid fluffy.

The manager had gotten wind of this, so he personally got out, apologized to the customer and said that he could pick out another fluffy that was the same type and age for no price.

Even though the customer picked out another, more healthy looking fluffy, he still left the store upset, but not as upset as the manager.

He gave the clerk the works, lecturing him about how he should’ve checked out the health of the fluffy and that not only would he have lost his job, but that everyone in the store would’ve also lost their jobs and the fluffymart would’ve closed down for good.

He allowed just this one incident to pass, but said if it were to happen again that he would lose his job and never work at another fluffymart again.

He had stepped out of the manager’s office and eyed at the kennel.
He approached the kennel, and took it to the back.

The fluffy in it was banging its hooves at the door of the cage.

But it wasn’t a frantic hitting like it would be doing if it was actually worried or angry.

This one was a slow hitting, as it struck the cage door every 5 or 6 seconds.

And oddly enough, it didn’t make any plea or talked at all.

Instead it made this weird noise that was similar to that of a cat yowling.

This disturbed the clerk since he didn’t even know they made those noises.

He knew they talked, pleaded, crued, chirp, and from personal experiences even screeched.

But never had he heard one made a low yowling noise.

He took it to the back room of the shop to prepare for early disposal.

Since he heard that this fluffy bite, he was careful when opening the door.

He opened it quickly and shook it out of the kennel and into the table.

As it fell onto the table, he quickly held down its head and put the restraints on its legs.

After it was done, he walked over to another part of the back room, putting on an apron, a clear plastic face protector, and gloves.

He moves over to the table and grabbed a bone saw, a standard saw that required to drag and pull since the manager didn’t want to spend too much on an electric one.

This did not annoy him too much since he actually preferred a saw like this one over an electric, since he liked to feel the saw cut through the flesh and bone of a fluffy.

He looked back at the fluffy to see if it was going to try to beg for its life, or cry for its “mummah”.

He enjoyed to hear these cries from a fluffy.
But he didn’t get that.

It hardly made a noise, except for that low yowling/moaning noise.

He looked closer at the fluffy, and saw that it had this blank, lifeless expression.

Its hair was different too, it was not as bright and colorful as the day he had sold it.

The hair on this fluffy seemed to be more faded and dull.

He didn’t care, since he knew this thing would be screeching for its mother the moment he would start to drag the metal teeth of the saw through its flesh and hair.

He started with the left hind leg, first placing the saw on top of the leg, then began to saw through it.

He ran the metal teeth through hair, flesh, bone, then twisted and pulled it off.
He then waited to hear its screaming and crying.

He didn’t hear anything.

All it did was move its head slowly left and right, almost unfazed by it losing its leg.

This really started to disturb him.

And then the smell got to him.

It was the smell of death, the smell of something that had died.

He put the saw down and looked around the room for a dead rat or even fluffy lying around, but he found nothing.

He looked to the leg and found the smell.

He moved the leg closer to his face, and smelled the exposed flesh of it.

It smelled like an animal that had died for a few days, but this did not make any sense because he had just removed the leg.

He walked back over to the fluffy, sawing off the right hind leg, left front leg, and right front leg.

All smelled like they were already dead, and just as before, the fluffy did not respond to the amputation.

He pulled out a lighter from his pocket and took it to one of the exposed areas of its flesh.

He saw it burn and blacken its flesh, yet it still did not cry, or screech.

He took the saw again, and decided to saw the fluffy in half.

He placed it on its torso and started sawing through its flesh, organs, and bones.

Again, no reaction from the fluffy.

He waited for the fluffy to die from its wounds.

He waited for 5, then 10 minutes, but it still had it’s eyes opened, and tried to move one of it’s trunks where the legs used to be.

He was seriously disturbed by this, wondering what this thing was in front of him.

He decided he had enough of it and took the saw to its neck, and sawed its head off.

Finally, it stopped moving.

The trunks and eyes were now motionless.
He put the remains of this thing he no longer considered a fluffy into the trashcan, took the trash out, and threw it in the dumpster behind the store.

He would’ve been more comfortable with burning it, but the manager didn’t want to buy a furnace.

5 hours later, all he had to look forward to was amputating and disposing the rest of the leftover fluffies, that were supposed to sell that day, to the dumpster.

He approached one of the fluffies on display, an ugly colored fluffy, with dark brown hair and a brownish yellow mane.

This fluffy was crying, knowing what was to come since no one bought it.

This brought comfort to the clerk, since this told him that it would be making that screaming and begging that he liked.

He was relieved that it wasn’t behaving anything like that whatever that yowling thing was.

He hoped this would make up for the day.

He cleaned his tools over the sink, smiling I’m satisfied and another successful disposal.

All 5 of the fluffies he dismembered screamed and howled the way he liked it before he threw them in the dumpster at the back of the store.

He even sawed off only the back legs of one of them, wanting to give it a false hope that it could live in the dumpster after it.

He placed the tools back into the drawer, changed the sheets of the table, shut off all the lights, and walked out through the back door of the store, locking it behind him.

As he walked over to his car, he saw in the dark of the night the black outlines of what looked like a herd of fluffies just outside of the store, facing towards his direction.

He thought, “just fantastic, a heard of shitrats, probably being run by a smarty.”

He approached them, but still kept a distance too far for any “sorry poopies”, yelling at them.
“Hey, get your shit-crusted asses and GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”

At first, he didn’t hear anything from them, but then he heard it.

A few of them started making a low, yowling noise as they started to slowly move towards him.

His eyes widen at this realization and he rushes over to his car, opening the door and closing it behind him.

He frantically puts the keys in the keyhole, and start the car.

Just as he started the car, he heard the pounding of their hooves on the tires and bottom of his car.

He speeds off from the small parking lot and moves to the road, turning on the radio to calm his nerves.

"-these reports, as incredible as they seem, are not the results of mass hysteria.

In all parts of the country, a wave of mass fluffy violence, which is sweeping the eastern third of the nation is being committed by fluffies who feast upon the flesh of their victims."

The clerk hears this and raises the volume of the radio.

"First eyewitness accounts of this grizzly development came from people who were understandably frightened, and almost incoherent.

Officials from Hasbio and newspeople had first discounted those eyewitness descriptions as being ‘beyond belief.’

However, the reports persisted.
Veterinary examinations of some of the victims bore out the fact that they had been partially devoured."

He quietly sat in his car, driving, as he continued to listen to the radio.

Back at the dumpster behind the local fluffymart, a noise could be heard.

“…hewp! Heeeewwp! Fwuffies hab nu weggies hewe! Anyone out dewe? Heeewp!”

The herd, that had just seen the car drive off, turns around, hearing the cries for help and focusing their wide-eyed lifeless gaze at the dumpster, and slowly move towards it.

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