"Nature's Call" Part 1 by NobodyAtAll

Note: read “No Wonder They Call Her A Mother”, “Going Green”, “Evolve or Die” and “Survival of the Fittest” first, along with “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s House”.

An ordinary walk took a strange turn, when the route took the walkers past Chris Oldman’s former back garden.

“Give. Me. The baby.”

Floris steps through the fence, destroying it, and everyone steps back from it.

Robert Blaze, Judy’s father, Quin’s grandfather, looks up at the angry plant elemental who is currently attempting to kidnap his grandson.


He snaps his fingers.



Judy, Seth, Quin, Marley, Piccolo, Snowball, Caelum, Dende, Ziggy and Magic all vanish.

The stroller is left behind. Judy had picked up Quin as soon as the plant elemental showed itself.

Floris glares down at Robert.

“Where did you send them, wizard?”

Robert raises one hand and points it at Floris, in the position any wizard can recognise as the one that means magical fire is about to start coming from it.

“Somewhere you can’t get them, you big stupid tree-ogre. Vosla!


A stream of fire shoots out from Robert’s hand, into Floris’ face, and completely fails to set it on fire.

“Insult me all you want, wizard. But you are still just human. I serve a higher power. A wizard is no match for a goddess. I have no reason to fear the flames you conjure. My Mistress will protect me from the harm you apes gleefully inflict upon Nature. My name is Floris, wizard, and I embody Nature. I. Am. Nature.”

With his other hand, Robert strokes his beard, the same shade of red as his and Judy’s hair, in mock contemplation.

“Hmm. There seems to be one little fact that you have failed to take into account.”

Floris looks confused.

“What’s th-- oh.

Now Floris looks scared.

"I’m only HALF-human, STUPID. Let’s take this somewhere less crowded, shall we? Don’t struggle, I don’t wanna DROP you!"

I’m currently at the School, watching Andre’s first lesson with Brian and Stretch, when the rest of my gang suddenly appears in the training room.

Judy runs up to me, holding our Quin.

Magic runs up to Andre to ask him why his arm is so long.

“Judy? What’s–”

“Cal, no time! Dad’s fighting some big plant monster at Chris Oldman’s old house! The monster tried to get Quin! Dad sent us here right away!”

I don’t need to say anything back. It’s not time for words, it’s time for action.

Nobody touches our Quin.

From one of my pouches, I withdraw a small mirror. I look into it.

“Dr. Deston Faucheuse!”

Deston’s face appears in the mirror.

“Cal, what’s–”

“We’ve got a situation. There’s a plant monster at Chris Oldman’s house. Robert is fighting it.”

“Right. Looks like the old bitch finally made her move. I’ll send my people in. Cal, you go get Miles.”

Who’s the old bitch?

That can wait.

“So we can lend assistance? Got it, Des.”

No, Cal. You two need to stay out of this one. You need to keep Quinton out of it.”


Listen to me, Calvin Korkea! That monster is after an Omega Class. There are three of those right now, they are all in the same city, and it doesn’t care which one it gets. Do as I say, Cal. If not for your sake, than for Miles and Quin’s. If that monster succeeds, we are all doomed. Again.”

“This shit just keeps happening, doesn’t it? I’ll get Miles and bring him here.”

“Are you mad, Cal? Then all three Omegas will be in the same building! Take Miles to Pierre’s cabin. Then you go to Victor’s cabin. He’ll take you there, he doesn’t like people knowing where exactly it is. Quin can stay at the School. It’s an building full of people with powers, your family will be safe. Now go, Cal.


Deston’s face in the mirror is replaced with my own once more.

I only now notice that everyone else in the room moved behind me to listen in.

“Gah! I’m gonna put bells on all of you if that happens again. But you heard the plan, right? Judy, you and Quin stay here. I’m getting Miles out of the city. I hope to see all of you later.”

Without even bothering to make sure they got it, I blip out.



I appear in the Plaza of Faucheuse Tower. Valerie and Miles are here, with a huge robot. At least as tall as Roland, and Roland is tall.

I don’t know why they’re not up in the lab, but there’s no time to ask right now. Nobody else is here right now.

I call out to Miles, and he runs over to me.

“Miles, listen! You need to blip out to Pierre’s place right now! There’s some kind of plant monster that wants an Omega!”

“What? Why?”

Just do it, Miles! If it gets one of us, we’re all fucked!

Just as Miles takes out his blipper, we hear a commotion coming from up in the skies.

Unhand me, you wretched hellbeast! How dare you lay your filthy claws on a divine being!

"It’s pretty easy, actually! Is it hot enough for you, Floris?"

We look up, and see, about halfway up the Tower, Robert, in demon form, holding onto what looks like the goddamn Man-Thing, Robert burning it with hellfire.


The monster breaks free from Robert’s grip, and falls to the Earth. Unfortunately, me and Miles are right below it.

Robert follows it down, but gets there too late.

Just before the monster lands, Miles pushes me away as hard as he can.


As I get back up, the monster lands right on top of Miles.


It reforms itself, and I can see Miles struggling to break free.

I try to grab him, but I can’t pull him out.


The monster punches me, and I crash into a wall.

As I’m getting back up again, I hear an old woman’s voice speak. It sounds like it’s coming from the monster.

“Well done, my dear. Don’t forget to make sure he can breathe in there, Floris. We don’t want him suffocating to death. We need him alive.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Miles disappears into Floris, the monster’s mass. It spits out Miles’ blipper.

“Can’t stand the taste of machines.”

Why does it always happen here?

Floris’ eyes, originally pure dark green, turn blue, the same shade of blue as Miles’ eyes, and they start glowing.

The woman’s voice speaks again.

Yeeeeeeeessssss. Do you feel it, Floris? Do you feel the absolute power, flowing from you to me?”

“I feel it, Mistress.”

I hear Valerie speak up next.

“Oh, you big ugly bastard. Unhand my pupil immediately or Prometheus and I will make you suffer.

Floris turns to her and Prometheus, Valerie’s robot.

“Fuck off, tinkerer. I’ve got infinite power now. You apes and your creations don’t scare me.”

Prometheus, gleaming bronze, stares at Floris with two glowing yellow eyes.

“Give me five minutes. Then we’ll see how scared you are. My name is Prometheus. My prime directive is protecting the innocent. And you have just pissed me off.”

Prometheus slowly but steadily stomps over to Floris.





Then, Floris feels a big metal fist, punching it in the face.

Valerie walks up, standing next to Prometheus, beaming with pride.

“Good one, my dear.”

She pulls out a laser gun and points it at Floris.

I’ve seen her fire that thing. It can leave a hole the size of a basketball. Court.

Robert, still in demon form, walks up behind Floris.

And I walk up too, wreathing myself in flames.

We’ve got the bastard surrounded.

“There’s no getting away from us, ugly. Give Miles back or we’ll tear him out of you and turn you to mulch.”

Floris turns, looking down at me.

It grabs me. My flames don’t hurt it all.

It electrocutes me, using Miles’ power, until I’m forced to extinguish myself.

“You want the boy back, Korkea? You can join him!

Up on the roof of Faucheuse Tower, two old witches land their broomsticks. There’s no time to rest after the long trip across the Atlantic.

They run over to the edge of the roof and look down at the events unfolding in the Plaza. Witches have excellent vision.

The tall, thin one speaks up.

“Ah, bugger. We’s too late.

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