My headcanons

So these are some general headcanons for my fluffies just to get a better understanding of them.

Bone density, age, height, and body mass:
-There bone density is around that of a cat, so they don’t break there limbs easily.
-The average life of a feral is 2-3 years, an ally feral 1 month to a year, and the domestic well cared for fluffy can live a max of 12 years, in a very rare case a fluffy lived to 14.
-They are about the size of house cats,
-Alot of cat DNA went into the creation of these fluffies hence there alot like cats.
-The average weight of a fluffy depends on the gender
-Female fluffies weigh 8-10 pounds
-Male fluffies weigh 12-15 pounds.

Fluffies prefer spaghetti over all else, but for a heathly fluffy this would be there diet:
-A heathly mix of grains, honey, and milk.
-An optimal meal would be grains, soaked in honey and mixed with milk
-A suitable, but less nutrious option is instant oatmeal
-Veggies and fruit can be thrown into the mix, but Its not recommended to serve that as primary diet. A fluffy feed exclusive veggies and fruit will suffer from a lack of nutrious that there traditional diet provides. Fluffies fed like this survive a year max.

A fluffies colors are based on the season and sometimes holiday, in which there born
-In spring there every color expect those that are explicitly stated for autumn/winter, summer is the same.
-Autumn colors are, Red, Yellow, Brown, and Dull green.
-Winter colors are, Lavender, any deep blues, and white.
-These restrictions do not apply to hoilday fluffies.

These are entirely based on how there raised, but sometimes fluffies can be naturally shy or outgoing. Tuff fluffies are usually found in Ally fluffies, Smarty’s are almost none existent but if they do exist it’s 100% the owners or breeders fault.

Type percentages:
-About 73% of the fluffies population is Earthies
-20% are Pegasus
-7% are Unicorns
-Only one Alicorn has ever existed.

There you have it, these are my headcanons feel free to tell me what you think, and if any of it seems confusing.


Neat, I like the smarty idea.


Are you going to make a story based on the one alicorn?


I wasn’t intentional no, but you got me interested so, I might

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