My Dinner With Crimson [By BFM101]

Not long after Crimson was brought forth, Josef decides to question the hellgremlin on his psyche profile.

Josef sat down at the table and pressed ‘Record’ on the tape player.

“This is Dr Josef Mongola, presiding researcher and records keeper. Today’s subject is Crimson; a Pegasus, roughly 2 years of age, main body colour is red, potentially maroon, mane and wings are bright orange. Subject has several scars across his body, typical of his feral lifestyle, but his unusual size has made it harder for them to heal properly, subject appears to have larger muscles that usual for a Fluffy.

“Don’t fowgit udda wawga fings.”

“Quiet you. Subject also appears to have a crasher sense of humour than regular Fluffies, and isn’t put off by foul-language or sexual violence, if anything he thrives on it.”

Josef sat back in his chair and looked at Crimson, trying to thing where to begin. Crimson stared back at him, an evil grin on his face.

“Yu wike wooking at Cwimson yu stawwion fuka?”

“I’m just trying to figure out where to begin with you Crimson, you’re a unique Fluffy, unlike any I’ve ever seen before.”

“Dat coz Cwimson am wun of a fukin kind. Nu can be more dan wun Cwimson, wowwd wouwd bwow up fwom dat big dik enagy awone.”

“You seem quite proud of your phallus.”

Crimson turned round and waggled his penis at Josef’s face.

“Wai nu, yu hab munstah wike dis yu shuw it off tuu.”

“Seems like a waste using it on foals then, clearly you’re above that sort of business.”

“Cwimson dik bweak enfie-babbehs, nuttin tighta dan enfie-babbeh. Bu Cwimson fuk anee-fing dat move, gud-feews am gud-feews.”

“Even another stallion?”

“Depen on da stallion.” Crimson smirked and shook his dick some more.

Josef smiled at the crude display. “Tell me a little bit about yourself Crimson, do you have any memories of before you came here.”

“Cwimson wememba fukin an bwood, dat aww Cwimson need tu wememba.”

“Really? Nothing about your mother or father? Or a special friend?”

“Daddeh wong gun befow Cwimson bown, mummah a wittew kunt an nu need fow speciaw-fwiend, nu tyin dis mummahfuka down.”

“You’re deflecting the question Crimson, do you have any memories.”

Crimson rolled his eyes. “Nu, wai hoomin pwick wan knyo.”

“Like I said, you’re a unique specimen and I want to learn as much as I can about you. You know most Fluffies are scared of swearing and violence.

“Mosh Fwuffies awe fukin dummehs.”

“This is true, but it’s still accurate to say you’re in the minority in regards to mature content, you seem to revel in blood and gore.”

“Wai dat big fukin deaw. Fwuffies gib sowwy-hoofies aww da time, Cwimson jus gib WEAWWY sowwy-hoofies.”

“Fair point, so you consider yourself to be above the regular Fluffy kind then?”

“Wook dummeh, Cwimson nu faww fow hoomin twick. Cwimson am nu bestesh ow smawty ow nuttin. Smawties am wittew dik dummehs who hab tu pwove dey nu hab wittew diks. Cwimson hab nuttin tu pwove, su Cwimson du wha Cwimson wan.”

“That include rape and murder?”

“Awmosh excwusivewy.”


“Fuk yu, Cwimson nu judge Joesep fow duin his fing. Yu wan be cwazee docktow den yu du dat bu nu caww Cwimson gwoss fow wha he du fow fun.”

“Ok, ok, I apologise for offending you. Alright, next question, what are your thoughts on skettis?”


“You answered that quickly.”

“Nu wike skettis, nu undastan why Fwuffies git such a hawd-on fow dem. Don git Cwimson wong, dey fine, bu tuu sweet, and make a fukin mess.”

“So, if I was to offer you a Sketti Day, what would you prefer to eat instead?”

Crimson thought about it for a moment, before flashing his sickening grin at Josef again.

“Udda Fwuffies.”

“A cannibal as well as a murderer and a baby-rapist. You certainly are full of surprised aren’t you?”

“Cwimson am a Twipew Thweat. Gun kiww yu, fuk yu an num yu. Jus nu awways dat owda.”

“Next question, do you believe you can fly?”

“Wai da fuk wouwd Cwimson fink dat?”

“You’re a Pegasus, a wingie Fluffy. Most of your type believe they can fly?”

“An Cwimson teww yu dat Fwuffies awe dum kunts. Cwimson knyo he nu fwy, dese fings nu wift dis beefcake off dag wound, tuu mush muscews fow dat. Pwus da dik is shit fow gitten caught in da wind.”

Josef stifled back a laugh, for all his crudeness, Crimson was actually quite funny.

“Ok Crimson, just one more thing then I’ll let you go to do whatever it is you want to do.”

“Cwimson gun fuk dat pwetty Fiwwy in da udda woom gain.”

“There is no Filly in the other room.”

“Dewe was tiww Cwimson bweak hew wittew nek.”

“Christ you really are something aren’t you?”

“Yu daw un who wan knyo.”

“Fuck it, I’m just gonna list off some names, you tell me if you’ve heard of any of them before. Ok, Allison?”

“Who dat, sound hawt.”


“Onwy juniow Cwimson knyo is Joesep juniow dik.”

“Funny. Clementine?”

“Cwimson nu eben knyo wha yu jus say.”

“Janis? Zappa?”

Crimson shrugged his shoulders.

“How about Wallace?”

“Mowe wike Baww-ache. Cwimson nu knyo dese name, wan fuk da Fiwwy gain befow nummies.”

“Just one more then you’re free to go. Do you know the name ‘Rex’?”

“Yu ask bout Wex befow, who da fuk is dis impowtant pwick an wai yu keep askin bout him?”

“Rex was the Fluffy I had just before you, he was a sweet thing, utterly devoted to his wife and kids.”

“Sounds wike a kunt.”

“Maybe to you, but I liked having him around, he’s gone missing and given your history of violence I was wondering if you remember killing him.”

“Maybee yeh, maybe nu, maybe fuk yuwsewf. Cwimson kiww wots of Fwuffies, nu wememba dem aww.”

“Fair enough, that’s all then Crimson, go… have fun I guess.”

Josef picked Crimson up off the table and let him down onto the floor, Crimson immediately ran off towards the other room where the corpse of Janis was still laying. Josef waited until Crimson was gone before turning back to the tape recorder.

“Subject appears to have no real memories of his past life as Rex, it seems as though the Crimson psyche has taken over completely and filled in the gaps of its history by assimilating Rex’s memories as its own and corrupting them. Subject remembers having parents but cannot or will not speak of them, has memories of sex and violence but seems to consider himself far more adventurous than he is. My theory is that the rape, murder and cannibalism that I put Rex through in the final weeks of his life warped his sense of reality, helping to create the Crimson psyche. Given all he has admitted to during this interview, I feel the best course of action would be to terminate the subject immediately.”

Josef stopped, he replayed the words in his head and for some reason, they felt wrong.

“However I will not pursue this course of action, Crimson is a unique specimen and to terminate him this soon would be a disservice to the advances studying him could make in the world of Fluffy psychology. In those regards I shall keep Crimson myself and study his unusual behavioural patterns to try and understand his fractured psyche. Failing that, I believe he might just be fun to have close by. Dr Josef Mongola signing off.”

Josef stopped the recording and sat back in his chair, whatever it was that created the conditions to bring Crimson forward would be impossible to recreate, as far as Josef knew he was the only one of his kind and it wouldn’t make sense to kill him just because he was cruel and sadistic. Hell, Fluffies usually bounce between sickeningly cute and horrendously mean, to have a Fluffy who actively ENJOYED harming Fluffies, that was something worth looking into.

Although as the sounds of Crimson’s ‘enf, enf, enf’ could be heard through in the other room Josef made a note to start off by teaching Crimson not to fuck dead Fluffies.

That first lesson would end as a partial success before Josef gave up.


Its tragic for Rex now Crimsom due to Josef signature love turned him into one of a kind monster and met his demise by a fluffy family.

Its like taking that persona to cope the horror he lost by Josef manipulation. Hiding his horror and trauma at the back of his own mind and lock it.


“Napowean wan kiww dat dummeh again.”

“No can. Make time pawadox. An’ doin 'dat wouwd make Napowean mowe wike Cwimson.”

“Ah, twue.”

“Iz hypocwiticaw fow hate Cwimson fow kiwwin’ odda fwuffies for funsies. Eben if Napowean an Hipowita onwy kiww dummehs.”

“Cwimson big jewk doh.”

“No mattah.”

“Yu takin’ aww da funsies outta dis, Hipowita.”

“Dat cause Hipowita mowe smawtew dan Napowean.”


“At weast daddeh Josef happeh.”

Awesome read, @BFM101 !

Edited to add fow funsies to clarify


god i love crimson sfm

he is like my top favorite fluffy


Crown Crimson the best fluffy ever right now.


I fucking love Crimson! The word hellgrimlin gets thrown around too easily but he is the genuine deal. It’s almost a shame you killed him off when you did but I can’t really imagine a better way for him to go and your prequels have been great.


Ooooh some one was reading the comments :partying_face:
Thank you oh word Smith for giving me more of the best Hellgremlin there ever was.

His dialog is so funny and I think from all fluffys you could have a real conversation with him and he would get. Only thing I’m asking
My self now is Crimson seeing Josef at this point as his daddy and still craving his attention or is he smart enough to know that Josef is the master and he is the tool?

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Crimson is still a Fluffy so he does recognise Josef as his owner and thus the one in charge. Crimson will still bust his balls because that’s what he does but you’re right, he’s still smart enough to listen to his master when he needs to

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Thanks that makes it now clearer.

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This is the one fluffy that I might not abuse.

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had me rolling on the floor and I dont know why


One day, crimson will somehow knock the doctor unconscious and rape him.

Until that day, enjoy the power dynamics as they are doctor.

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Little difficult for Crimson to do that, considering he’s canonically dead

But I like where your head’s at

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Doctor hits his head on halloween, que dream sequence, wakes up thinking it was all a dream but crimsons and actual zombie enfing him between bites.

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