Mute (by Weston_Hafsen)



Enough sadbox for one year already Weston! The (wonderful) problem is that your sadbox comes way too close to reality, and that’s why it hurts me so bad. Curses upon you Weston Hafsen. Curse you.


but i wub ou


This hurts in a special way. Great job.


I don’t get it. How was she wounded to become mute and how is she aggressive…? Did I miss something…?


she became mute cause of the deep wounds on the throat (panel 2) and she’s aggressive cause she only wants to go back to her babbehs but no one can understand her


Very nice. Wish I had a tablet to draw stuff :\

Ok, in the box it looks like he’s talking rather than thinking. I see.


Tablets are overrated. Unless you’re already good with a pen, drawing with mouse can even be easier. Trust me, I speak from experience. :wink:

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I’ve never been good with a mouse unfortunately. I’ve tried, but the most I can do is some rough photoshopping. Precise linework is probably out of my skill level- a tablet would probably make it easier for me to do totally digital, but they’re all 500+

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3 daye later? … mummah probably doesn’t need to worry about babbehs anymore … so useless agression

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If you know of Best Buy, the technology store, they will occasionally have their Wacom tablets on sale. Here is a direct link to Best Buys website to the tablet I got.
Its great for starting out, and if you want an easy to learn drawing software I highly recommend FireAlpaca. Though Paint Tool Sai is also a good software but a bit more complicated. It also costs 50.81$ from what I found.
Heres the links for Paint Tool Sai and FireAlpaca if youre interested.

There are other options out there for digital art software and tablets. Amazon is another option for tablets and carries a wide and generally affordable tablets.
Hope this helps!!

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I can vouch for wacom and firealpaca
I started my art out on them both
If you already spend money on art supplies, it’s worth it to get them, since it lasts years. I’ve had my wacom since 2011, and it’s what I still use (though I’m looking to upgrade soon)

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Being sadbox she would’ve returned to mashed foals anyways

Thanks, I’ll definitely check this out!

Oh, that hits right in the heart!

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fluffies arent just used for pets they are used for abuse fighting other fluffies milk bags this is a soon mummah witch is all the better if only these people knew the uses of a fluffy couldve saved them big time le sigh.