Mutagen's Munchkins: a FluffyCommunity Contest - (Artist:Mutagen)


What is Mutagen’s Munchkins?
Mutagen’s Munchkins is a spiritual successor to Funk’s Foals, an adoptable contest run by Funkshire on Fluffybooru before its demise. In this competition, a foal is presented to the community for them to do with what they will, submitting art or stories to compete for its adoption (and a cash prize).

What are the rules?
Only a few rules:

  • Submissions are limited to one person (you can do several pieces, but they will be judged as a whole, not individually).
  • This is not a hugbox-only contest. You can use the foal of the competition in any way you see fit. Any kind of medium is allowed: art, stories, music, videos, etc.
  • Entries that fall under the controversial tag will not be considered. Sorry, no enfie-babies here.
  • Entries must be submitted before midnight, July 24th, PDT. Not sure when that is? See the handy countdown timer here! That’s two weeks, baby!

How do I enter?
The contest is open to anyone. Simply upload your work here on, and be sure to leave a link in your submission to this post (like Theme Week). Your submission should feature the featured foal front-and-center in any way you desire.

How will I be judged?
Judging will be performed based on creativity, cuteness, abuse value, use of the foal’s story and personality, etc. While artistic quality is considered, it is not the deciding factor. Don’t be discouraged by other submissions!

Wait, why even bother competing?
For monetary incentive, of course. The winner of the competition, aside from receiving obscure internet subcommunity clout, will be the proud owner of a $15CAD Steam gift card! If you will not or cannot accept this prize, it will instead be donated in your name to the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, one of the largest cat sanctuaries in North America. Plus, the foal of the contest will be adopted by you! Yes, you! Please take care of it. Or don’t, I’m not a cop.

So, who is this foal?
Glad you asked! Meet Ragequit!

This little lady gave me a whole heap of trouble. When I found her, she was about to get kicked out of her shelter for getting into fights with other foals.

Thing about Ragequit is, she’s really good at games. Blocks, hide and seek, even more complicated memory games. She loves teaching fluffies how to play.

Problem is, she’s very competitive, and she hates to lose. She’ll scream, swear, and pout before quitting the “dummy game” she was just enjoying.

She’s a sweet thing, but needs a patient (or severe) owner to teach her to control her temper. Also, don’t let her get into any energy drinks. She’s got a hankering for the stuff, and when she got in my stash she… well, just don’t let her drink any.

Going forward, Mutagen’s Munchkins will feature foals designed and drawn by various artists across the site, so look forward to seeing tiny horses by some of your favorite artists in the future!

Good luck to all!

How much time is left to submit my entry?


I will ponder this challenge. I don’t want the foal or Steam card, but the donation sounds good.


I’ll work on something as soon as I get these foals connected to these electrodes.


As a Hoarder of fluffies, this challenge is temping to me lol.

Perhaps I’ll hop in. :3


Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Mutagen?


Hell yea time for an excuse to draw abuse


Not that I straight up plan on that kind of story, but I assume that Ragequit needs to be alive at the end of whatever creation we come up with @mutagen ?

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entirely up to you.


Yeah I saw that as well but the last part where it talks about adoption is why I asked.
If they die in whatever medium the creator uses, then how would that work? lol

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This is more in the vein of the classic contests from the Booru, wherein the individual fluffy is nothing more than a vehicle to tell a story. Explicitly, they’re a cartoon character and whatever happens to them one week may or may not matter at all for the next work you include them in. Yeah you killed them in this work, and yeah they’re alive in the next work and killed again, but it doesn’t matter.

Basically, don’t take the character too seriously.


Sorry sir! Got caught up in overthinking again. Thank you for the explanation. :heart:


Damn, donating to cats is tempting, it is very sweet of you to grant that donation alternative, I will try to participate and give my best!
Ragequit looks very cute, I will try to make my participation do justice to that cute face.


Very tempting but i’ll have to pass, I myself cannot control my gamer-rage. If anything I would be a bad influence.

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Oh hell yeah, I have a pretty funny idea in mind for this contest…

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ragequit theme week shitpost

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huh, so that’s why I’ve seen quite a few art pieces with the same fluffy. Not it all makes sense!
I also want to join! :slight_smile: not quite sure what to do yet tho…


Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be great :heart:


around 4 days remain to submit your entry for Mutagen’s Munchkins! once submissions close, a panel of judges will select their top three entries to select a winner. get 'em in while you can!