Mummah Nora! -1- [a littlepog series]

A soft, whimsical chime sings its way through the nearly empty cabin as 5:30am appears on it’s internal clock.

“Good morning, Pete! Beginning morning routine!”

The AI that Pete, the previous owner of this cabin, had created lightly calls as appliances around the cabin slowly begin to hum to life.

Condensation from the vents above that acts as Nora’s water source begins to gather and form into a tiny droplet, quickly building in size before breaking from it’s spawn point and falling directly onto the head of the sleeping fluffy below.

More drops form in more rapid succession, falling at an accelerated rate and landing on the tiny fleshy foals curled into Nora’s fluff.

Another large drop forms and falls directly on Nora’s snout this time just as the AI voice chimes again, rousing her from her slumber.

”Starting floor heaters and coffee maker… Done! Time to wake up, Pete!”

”W…Wut am-”


Nora’s attention is quickly turned away from the disembodied voice as a tiny pile of shrieking pink flesh buried in her golden belly-fluff now cries out for demand of it.

The chirpie-babbeh’s shrieking causes Nora’s ears and head to ring in pain, but her maternal instinct seems to kick in even before she’s totally conscious.
Her eyes aren’t even half open as she groggily picks up one of her new-born foals and places it on her left milkie-place.

”Nu…Nu’ cwy babb…ehs…” -YAAAAWN-

Nora, driven by instinct and muscle memory alone, lets out a mighty yawn of exhaustion before picking up another peeping mass from her fluff and placing it on her right milkie-place.

”Mummah Nowa gif bestes’ miwkies fow… chiwpie…”

Nora’s eyes are suddenly wide as dinner plates. Excruciatingly horrible pain is now streaking through her entire lower-half, causing every nerve below her chest to light up with an incomprehensible burning sensation.

Nora, in her tired state, had completely forgotten about the injuries she had sustained from the previous night.

Her left milkie-place was now an alarming dark shade of crimson/purple, her nipple and teat swollen to nearly double their normal size. The cut she had received, while thankfully no longer bleeding, was scabbed over and covered in a yellowish sediment.

The first foal she placed down to feed had clamped down tightly and was now forcefully beating its tiny hooves into the swollen skin around the nipple as hard as it could in a pathetic attempt to knead more milk out.

This wasn’t the biggest issue though. Nora’s engorged right milkie-place was the true cause of the suffering now rendering her silent from simply pain alone.

The second foal she had placed down was desperately latching onto any amount of remaining skin it could find, shuffling around the flesh-rendered crater that was once the nipple of her milkie-place.

Tiny bits of scab and booboo-juice stick to the foal’s sensitive skin, causing it to panic, shuffle, and nip with much more force as the scabs scrape and pinch against it’s quickly reddening body.

Nora simply stares down at her crying foals for another brief moment, every ounce of willpower in her fluffy body being used to stop herself from swatting her foals away before succumbing to the pain and passing out once more.

A few hours pass before the golden fluffy slowly awakens and regains her composure. She opens her eyes as the sound of the cabin’s AI voice chimes the afternoon time.

”It’s 12 o’clock! Good afternoon, Pete!”

Nora is suddenly brought to attention at the sound of the voice. She whips her head around and panics for only a brief moment before looking down and sighing in relief.

”Babbehs… Am’ safies… Mummah’s babbehs am stiw’ wif mummah…”

Her foals had found each other and created a tiny pile between her, now completely deflated, milkie-places.

Her left milkie-place was completely numb now, still visibly swollen, but still noticeably sagging and empty.

Her right milkie place however…

”Wai’ Mummah-Nowa’s hewtie miwkie-pwace nu’ haf miwkies nu mow…?”

Nora asked out loud to herself in visible confusion.
She quickly sucks her lips into her teeth, fearing the sudden noise would wake her sleeping young.

The lack of milk had also meant a massive relief of pressure.

Pressure that was causing a large amount of pain by stretching the ripped and raw flesh of her milkie-place thinner and thinner, keeping her wounds open and making it harder to heal.

Her right crotch-tit was now visibly empty, sagging loosely down over her new-borns. It seemed to be acting as a warm flesh blanket.

Nora gently cranes her neck to examine her foals, being extra careful to not wake them as she carefully lifts her right milkie-place up to examine them one-by-one.

Stormy, her oldest chirpie-filly and Blankie, her second oldest chirpie-filly, were hugging each other tightly while Talie, her youngest chirpie-colt, did his best to wrap his body and tiny skin-nub of a tail around the both of them protectively.

They were covered in dried booboo-juice and the worst smelling bad-poopies Nora ever had the displeasure of coming in contact with.

They seemed to have made poopies and peepees all over one another, and the smell had mixed with the sour smelling sweat Nora was accumulating between her flabby crotch-tits while they slept between them.

She holds back a reflexive gag before noticing another crucial detail. All of her foals had large, protruding bellies. In fact, they almost looked too full to be able to crawl around!

”Mummah’s babbehs dwink awe’ Mummah’s miwkies? Eben’ hewtie booboo-miwkies…? Bu’ how babbehs dwink…?”

Nora suddenly trails off as her gaze slowly lands on her deformed right crotch-tit she was still holding up.

Further quiet inspection reveals that her foals, in their desperate conquest for more milkies, had chosen a particular area of skin near what remained of Nora’s areola duct to selectively knaw and suck on until enough skin broke to re-open the duct.

It had now scabbed and healed just barely enough to hold the shape of a tiny nipple-like mound around the opening where the foals had been sucking without closing it completely.

”Mummah-Nowa’s babbehs… Hewp Mummah’s hewty miwkie pwace…? Chiwpie babbehs… Sabe’ mummah… Huuhuuu!! WUB’ BESTES HEWPIE CHIWPIE-BABBEHS!! HUHUUUUHUUU”

Nora sobs with joy and relief as she quickly gathers all of her foals in her stubby hooves to give them the biggest and bestest huggies she has ever given anything in her tiny life.

The foals simply coo and chirp with joy at the sudden attention, feeling the pure bliss their mother was now overflowing with.

Nora spent the next hour carefully grooming herself and her foals, only stopping to gag a few times at the horrible taste of every bodily fluid a foal was capable of producing.

She then took the time to carefully clean the soft floor of the tiny closet that made up her nest area to the best of her abilities. Only a few tiny wet-spots remained when she was finished, which soon dried into nothing.

”Nowa…Finwy’ cweanies’ nestie… Nowa moufie haf’ wostes nu-pwetties…su… sweepies…”

She panted as she plopped down on her haunches next to where her chirping foals squirmed around in their special spot made up of patches of her own fluff right below the heating vent.


Stormy calls toward her little sister, blankie with joy.

Chirp! Peep!

Blankie replies back gleefully before squirming toward the sound of her sisters peeping to embrace her once again.

Tali squirms just a few inches in front of them, trying with all of his tiny might to climb to his hooves and stand.

He almost manages it once or twice, standing for a total of 1.2 seconds (Even managing to nearly push his chest out once) before collapsing under his own weight.

Each attempt though, only seems to spur the tiny colts determination as he lets out a satisfied


with each failed attempt before trying again with even more gusto.

”Mummah-Nowa wishie speshew-fwen cud’ seesies wittew chiwpie-babbehs nao…”

Nora’s voice quivers as a tiny breeze whisps over her wingies from some place she can’t quite figure out. Small tears slowly begin to well in her eyes.

She closes her eyes, imagining her Special-Friend was sitting right next to her. With the vision firmly realized in her head, she begins to softly speak to it.

”Miss Speshew-fwen’… Nowa’s mummah teww Nowa, Dat fowebah-sweepies am pawt of wife… Nowa wishies dat’ it nu was…”

Her tiny tears build into tiny sobs.

”Wittew chiwpie-babbehs am’ doin jus’ finsies… Deys’ gwowin big en’ stwong ebwy bwight time…”

She feels her stomach begin to rumble, and she glances down at her half-filled milkie-places. The last milkies she would be able to make unless she could find nummies to make more.

”Mummah-Nowa gif’ babbehs miwkies dah dawkie-times and dis bwite-time…”

”Makies suwe dey’ haf bestes cweanies…”

She tries to put on a brave face as she continues talking to her passed mate.

”Mummah gon’ teachies dem’ to pway baww…”

She lets out a little smile at the idea through the now flowing tears.

”An’ mummah singies bestes-songies en’ dey chiwpies back to mummah…Den’ Chiwpie-babbies sabe mummah!! Dey’s su’ smawt Speshew-fwen!!”

She openly sobs now and quickly rushes out of the nest closet, making sure to move the door back just enough to block passage but still able to swing open from the outside.

”Nu… Mummah mus fin’ nummies tu make nuff miwkies fow’ wastes chiwpie-babbehs…”

A new look of determination spreads across Nora’s gelden face as she quickly makes her way to one of the only sources of edible material she knows of…

She gulps as she waddles solemnly back toward the sliding back-door.

She remembers all the green grassie-nummies and pretty flower-nummies she saw outside a few days prior. If she could get back to the backyard, she would have all the nummies she could need!

”Gwassie nummies nu-taste pwetty… Mummah-Nowa wishies dummeh’ gwassie’ nummies was aw’ bestes sketti’s fow make’ bestes miwkies… huuhuuu…”

Nora’s determination slowly melts away into anxious dread.

”Gwassie’ nummies gif’ poopie-pwace hewties… Huuhuu Mummuh-Nowa nu wan’ wostes hewtie-poopies…”

Nora shudders at the thought of how solid her turds became when she could only eat plants and greens she and her special-friend found during a 4 bright-time walkie through a big field of sage-brush.

The thought suddenly fills Nora with a sense of longing for the fruity-nummies and flower-nummies out back.

The frutie-nummies had been some of her favorite when they first arrived, and the flower-nummies had silly smells and tastes sometimes.

Nora marches forward in silence, listening to the soft pappappappap

Sounds her squishy heart-shaped hoofies made against the super soft housie not-gwassie. The feeling suddenly brings back subtle memories from days earlier…

She remembers how the soft, cooling grass felt against her swollen belly and milkie-places while all of her babbehs were still in her tummy… All of her babbehs…

Nora slowly approaches the pile of, now dried, bad-poopies she had made while giving birth the day prior. Behind the mound sat the corpses of her other 3 foals.

The ones that had starved to death because they could not find Nora’s milkie places. Nora blames herself, for she could not guide them to their life-sparing food source to save them while she was passed out.

She does her best to swing as wide an ark as she can around the disaster area, eyes firmly locking on the spotless sliding glass door now firmly latched shut and locked by magnetic security measures.

”Dose’ am gwassies!! Mummah fin’ nummies fow’ miwkies!!”

Nora dashes for the backyard that is tucked away behind a stainless glass-patio door. The grass teasing her from just a few extra feet away.

She doesn’t realize the door is shut though, and the glass is far too clean for her to see it acting as a barrier from the outside world.

”Mummah… Gonna get… Nummies fow bestes’ babbehs!!!”

She shrieks with all her might as she gets up to a full-fluffy gallop (A rather quick waddle)

Her mouth waters as the berry-bushes come into view from the edge of the door as she nears the sealed exit.

Part 2


Since I just kinda figured-out colored text, I’m gonna abuse it to make sure every fluff that makes a noise is recognizable. Especially when multiple fluffs are talking or chirping at the same time. First time using colors though, hopefully it adds a little razzle-dazzle to this next part of Nora’s story! <3


An excellent Idea, how do you do it and do you mind if i steal it?


This is going to end in a soar nose


Let’s make something together! <3