Migration #1 (by:Flug)

This section is not for roleplay; please stop pretending to be a smarty-friend.

On a more technical note, your fluffspeak is atrocious. Fluffies speak in a very childish manner, using a distinctive lisp and employing “twee” forms of babytalk. When trying to string together words they don’t understand, they will generally reduce them to strings of simpler concepts instead of just piling on more big words to bury the first. You did also did not mention spaghetti, nyu mummah/daddeh, owwies, poopies, babies, or any other fluffy idiosyncrasy in your posts at all.

Perhaps your worst sin was your failure to utilize third-person speech. Almost all fluffies, including smarty-friends, do this to some extent when talking.

For your benefit, I have amended one of your posts (see below) to reflect how a proper smarty-friend would have spoken.

Smawty-Fwend Spwintuw see dat dummeh scweecheh-biwdie-munstuh am fink am smawtew den Smawty Spwintuw. Buh, Smawty Spwintuw knu betta cause nu am bad poopies-nummin munstuh dummeh. Dat am YU. Wook wike poopies, smeww wike poopies, tawk wike poopies, say "dummeh nu said cuz nu wike, said cuz big dummeh maked up wowdies dat am onwy fow bad fwuffies. Dummeh poopeh biwdie-munstuh nu wike wat Smawty-Spwintew wike? Take sowwie-poopies an’ bigges’ stompies! Dummeh du wha Smawty say dummeh du cause Smawty am Smawty! Get aww skettis an’ aww mawes an’ aww enfies an’ aww gud feews. An’, an’ dummeh hootie wingeh-munstuh take wongest sweepies in poopies an’ nu bwock gatey-fwiend an’ den fwuffies get da gud gwassies. Dummeh!

I hope this helps you with your future attempts to come off like an entitled smarty-friend. However, as a reminder, please keep your roleplay to private DMs or other appropriate pages, as this is an art page. Thank you!


Good work. I like it.

Sorry it was brought down by a bunch of hormonal, 11-year old girls arguing.


the shading and backgrounds of this are amazing


literally this


I really like the art. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll just throw this in here way, way down in the comments. :neutral_face:

Hope to see more!


Just like a worthless fluffy whore to have one litter of babies after another.


This could probably use a fluffy-on-fluffy-abuse tag right? As others have mentioned, the smarty call the baby a “meanie” doesn’t fit well, I think “stupie” (stupid) would work better in the future.

I love your facial expressions, very expressive. And the crushed yellow foal mooing takes the cake.




having shitty english doesnt matter when they speak shitty english.


GOD!! your art and detail its cool!! keep going that way!!

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What other source of protein does a stray fluffy have? even mice can beat them

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Well say goodbay to your foals stupid mare.

Likely a power trip/play for the smarty.