Micro invasion: bed time shenanigans (carniviousduck)



Oh, this is funny.

In fact, the more I look at it the more I find myself snorting.

i mean a good use, but how would gathering it and how would you keep the mirco or fluffies sad enough to cry and not end up in the “wan die” or is that what they wanted to do. . . mmh

Hahaha, excellent. Ducky fwend has dem legs.


Those pinups are killing me.

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Depends how you write Fluffies. Could be easy to make them sad without that suicide mindbreak. Play a sad song on loop, disembowel a stuffed toy and leave it outside the pen, play a looped clip of a sad crying baby Fluffy on a tear-collecting headset.

Or just a machine that pulls out one hair at a time if they lack empathy and understanding of abstractions.

Or maybe they die when anything makes them sad, so you just drain their blood, butcher them, then squeeze liquid through tear ducts that are no longer attached to the Fluffy. Or for excessive torment, remove the ducts and force them to watch with lidless eyes moisturized via drop bottle while telling them that unending liquid flow is how sad they really are. Or just keep menthol, peppermint, and ammonia in the air.

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Nice. Looks like purple might just find a new purpose in life if he doesn’t dodge that hand lol


Sees the legs, booty & booba

Sees the beak