Micro fluffs [ Art by Kathi ]

tiny fluffs in a nice big tank
@Mr_Owl and @Eded_ted take it
Tiny fluffs that are 15 mm big
I didn’t do the actual tank due to ~I didn’t wanna~ we get the inside view of the mountain micro fluffs


So cute

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tiny, tiny babs, so small, only know two things
be little and try to take over thE HOUSE


-Gee, shmol smawty fwiend, what wan do in nu bwite time?

-Da same thingie hewd do evewy nu bwite time, shmol toughie fwend—twy to take ova da housie!


The best addition to this whole thing


So small, so good!

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LED strings is a great touch.

[Smarty Micro banishes the Munstah and Poopie to the lower level where the feces will run down, unaware that the small house is better furnished than the slightly chilly and darker mountaintop. As planned.]

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The smarty was not aware the owner was planning the houses to be a safe spot for them, sending the two off to the house had sealed his and the small herd’s doom when the ants are released into the tank with them.

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Huh. You know how some species of ants farm aphids and fungus? How aphids “milk” is literally just feces? Also how Fluffies digest little of what they eat, so what comes out is most of what went in?

I can see the less aggressive ants feeding Micros and protecting them in order to feed on their feces. Fluffies can eat almost anything they can chew and swallow, hell through joke comics there are even some unaffected by hot sauce, so ants would have incentive to feed them things they can’t/don’t want to eat and consume what they output. Especially citrus, its an almost universal animal repellant but I’ve never seen a comic imply Fluffies hate oranges.

“Hewwo bwack stick fwiend, got nummies fow Fwuffy? Poopie stick fwiend been nummin Fwuffy’s poopies aw bwight time aweady.”


I didn’t see the small reply getting this kind of response but you know what, I actually love that. That is honestly a great idea, not gonna lie, some ants and micros being able to live in peace, two pets in one tank, perfect for the whole family!


Oh, the places they’ll go!

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