Memories of Fluff (By Maple)

Based on the Saving Your Fluffies stories by @Captain_Emo

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I’m sure you have all heard the drama, but I want to spill all the details for those who haven’t been following as closely as me. Three weeks ago, Hoofsies industries- what a name, am I right?- came out with Fluffwire, a site where entire fluffy consciousnesses could be uploaded for anyone to use! Free of charge, anyone with the right tech could remove their fluffies personality and replace it with their choice of curated fluffy psyches! They promised that there would be a vetting process, along with the process for recording a fluffy mind being a difficult and expensive process being done only in designated labs. Not something an abuser could do in their own basement.

All’s well, right?


There was a MLP accurate Princess Twilight Sparkle uploaded, the fluffies believed they were the real princess, complete with full show accurate memories down to the tiniest detail! The reviewers who tested it gave it a glowing review. They were able to coexist with other fluffies with the same downloaded personality and would even try to do spells and attempt to fly! It was as if she was plucked directly from the old show.

Now her I need to do an aside on how this review process works. Reviewers will load a fluffy into the machine, it will wipe the old memories and personality and upload the new one. From there the reviewer observes the fluffy, you all know this part. The important part is, they rarely test the fluffy for more than a day or two. Usually just overnight. In the morning the fluffy is going to have it’s mind replaced again to test another upload.

Some of you I’m sure have seen where I’m going with this.

Now, going back to my limewire video- link is in the description- you all know that these sites are rife with trolling. Abuser content is allowed when properly tagged, and so far the reviewers have been pretty good about weeding out the obvious troll files. But the fluffies tested with the files in question were happy, polite, not traumatized or catatonic. They ate and slept and drank water, showed higher than average intelegence for a fluffy- all based covered. So the reviews went in, and the files went up.

Owners of expensive, line bred alicorns quickly got their hands on the file and began to use it on their fluffies, all happily reporting how accurate it was to the show. It got two thousand downloads on the first day.

Two days later the first reports of something wrong started coming in.

A user with a name I cannot repeat due to it containing a slur for a race I am not apart of posted an image of his Twilight Sparkle fluffy vomiting. He said she had been stumbling around all afternoon and was slurring her words- almost as if she was drunk. Over the next 12 hours the forums became overloaded with people posting about the same thing, so the mods created a containment thread and banned the topic everywhere else, along with temporarily locking the download page. At that time there were over twelve thousand downloads recorded.

No one had any answers for what was happening, multiple users took their fluffies to specialty vets, they couldn’t figure out how a personality change could have caused their fluffies to deteriorate so quickly.

Admin attempted to track down the original uploader of the files, but the account was new, attached to a burner email, and the poster had used a VPN to disguise their IP address.

Speaking of disguising IP addresses, it’s time for the ad read!

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Right, with that trash over with…

After the first few fluffies were reported dead, most of the users of this particular file had frantically downloaded another personality to their fluffies but the problems seemed to persist. Some recovered, but most that had deteriorated noticably would just pass out and eventually stop breathing.

Now one user had gotten a diagnosis, Auto Brewery Syndrome. This condition causes carbohydrates to ferment in the gut, producing alcohol. When left untreated, sufferers get drunker and drunker off their own stomach juices until they eventually overdose and die. This is not a condition that has been seen in fluffies before, but get this. Somehow, hidden in all the information that makes the fluffies smile the right way and remember an old childrens show, some twisted fucker managed to put in a short code that caused the fluffies to stop producing stomach acid.

In the now neutral stomachs of the many expensive purple alicorns, the yeast used to flavor most fluffy kibble flourished. The grains and other carbs that fluffies love to eat fermented, filling their tiny bodies with alcohol. That’s why it took so long to show up. Once a fluffy was showing severe symptoms, it was far too late for a memory reset to save them. They were drunk and wouldn’t be sobering up.

The admin immediately halted all downloads off the site and put up a warning, but the damage was done. The trust was gone. As far as we know at least 47 fluffies are dead due to this, and the file has reportedly been posted to a few abuser forums for future use. No one knows who posted it, the account has not been accessed since. Fluffwire is fully locked down, there has been no further word from the admin since the initial warning.

Was the file intentionally designed, or was this a weird bug?

Will we ever know who uploaded this file, and how they managed to make it?

Are any other personalities hiding fatal time bombs?

Will the Fluffwire site ever reopen?

I certainly don’t know, but if you do you can shoot me a message and tell me what you know. If I get any more juicy info I will post a part two to this video, and it will be linked in the description!

Thanks for watching!


Thought this was a setup for ‘Swordhorn art online’

scribbles that down in notes

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I really like this story and to think that such scary brainwashing technology that can erase a fluffy’s mind is a chilling thought (to them)
I’m really glad that my bunch of stories inspired you to write this, you got to do SWO for fluffies now though

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