Luke's Story 6: Bad tming (By: Kersploosh)

Tundra’s timing could not have been worse. Luke had an emotionally distraught Dolly to deal with at the moment. He just sighed and cursed some more under his breath. Tundra was the priority now.

“Trent, you come with me. Fern you stay here with Dolly.” Luke grabbed some gloves and headed to the living room with Trent. Tundra was not having fun. Breeding before the sixth month mark led to birth being much more painful for fluffies. “It’s okay girl, Trent and I are here.”

Another contraction hit, “dummeh speshaw fwen, dis am aww ‘ou fauwt. Ou’ did dis to meEEEEEEEE!” The first to come out was a white pegasus filly, Trent picked up the baby and took her to Tundra for cleaning. “Gud babbeh, git wicky cweaniEEEEESSSSS!” She dropped the foal she was cleaning onto the padded pen floor. It was unharmed but scared. Luke simply took the foal and set it to the side. “Nu babbeh nee’ mummah.”

“Tundra, you can’t clean them while giving birth that drop could have hurt her. Don’t worry, you’ll get them when you’re done”

“B-b-bu’ mummah ne-EEEEEEEEEEE!” The second one that plopped out was a magenta unicorn colt. Trent kept the baby back with him so there were no more accidents. “Pwease wet mummah hab babbEEEEEEEEEEEE!” A pair of identical pastel green pegasus fillies came out one after another. Then Tundra said something that made Luke’s heart drop. “Babbeh pwease come out. Owies. Babbeh stuck. Hewp daddeh! Hewp speshaw frew!”

Luke, with no hesitation, grabbed Tundra and prepared to extract the foal manually. After about a minute of trying to get the foal out, Luke pulls out a weakly chirping white alicorn filly. Before anything else can happen, the last two foals popped out. A brown earthie colt and a pastel blue alicorn colt came out just as tired as the sibling he had to fish out. With that, Luke put her into the pen and let Tundra clean and feed her children.

She rotated all of them until all seven were fat with milk. Luke had made sure that Trent and her knew that there were no bestest or poopie babbehs. It wasn’t a hard thing for them to agree to with the one being somewhat neglected and abused by a mother with a bestest babbeh and the other was a brown fluffy. Still, fluffies are stupid and forget things, so Luke would keep an eye on them. Plus, if any of the foals were being given special treatment, there was a cell in the soon to open mill/store they could be shoved into.

Luke also made sure to get a better look at the foals. With a litter this big from a mother under 6 months, he had to make sure they were all healthy. Tundra tried to tell him they were “tuu widdwe fow upsies”, but relented when Trent told her everything would fine. All of them appeared to be healthy, even the three last ones. Then Luke noticed a small glint coming from the alicorns and the white pegasus. There laid three sparkly foals.

This was a bit of a problem for Luke. If they made it to breeding age, he could use them as breeding fodder for the store. However these were Trent and Tundra’s children, not some mill escapee or garbage munching feral. If he sold them or gave them away, they would probably make it into a mill anyways. However, that was a problem for future Luke, so he gave the foals back to their mother and went to comfort Dolly.

After a quick back for both Dolly and Fern, the later was covered in Monet’s blood, he took them up to the safe room so they could try to relax. Dolly was in better spirits, but was still shook from everything. Luke moved the new family up there as well. There was an entire corner set up with a small barrier to keep sploring-babbehs in and errant balls out, but it was short enough for the adults to get in and out as needed.

Fern comforted her sister as best as she could. Truth was she blamed herself for not staying closer to Dolly. She knew the stallion was to blame, but if she had been a little bit faster than the two pump chump of a fluffy, then Dolly would have been spared having to give birth to his children. There was one thing that really bothered Fern more than her failure, the fact that she enjoyed the way his blood tasted.

After taking a quick shower and properly assessing the damage to his fence, Luke decided to take check in on the fluffies. Dolly was talking to Trent and Tundra about their foals. Basic stuff like, “babbehs su pwetty. Dowwy su happy fow Tundwa an’ bwuddah.” Luke was never so happy that fluffies were easily distracted from trauma. He then noticed Fern waddling up to him.

“Daddeh, am Fewn a munstah?”

“What?! No, why would you think that?”

“Fewn hab been thinkin’ abou’ eawier, and can’t get da taste of boo-boo juice out of Fewn’s thinkie place. Fewn think Fewn wiked it.”

Luke sighs, “Fern you’re not a monster. You’re just different.”

“How am Fewn diffewent?”

“You see girl, you have what’s known as the cannibal gene. Really it just makes you more carnivorous than most fluffies, gives you sharper teeth, and somehow makes you stronger and smarter than normal fluffies.”

“Dat why Fewn wike to wead instead of wunning awound wike othews?”

“Yes and no. While it does help you with things like learning to read, you are still you. What you enjoy is entirely your choice.”

“A-am Fewn dangewous? Nu wan huwt sissie ow bwuddah ow bwuddah’s famiwy.”

“No Fern, you’re not going to hurt anyone you don’t want to.”

“Otay daddeh, Fewn undahstan. Was jus’ wowwied.” She appeared to be a lot less anxious.

“Why don’t you go play, I’ve got some things to go take care of.”

“Otay daddeh, wub ou’.” Fern gave Luke’s leg a big hug.

“Love you too, Fern.” With that she waddled over to Dolly and gave her a big hug. Luke left the fluffies to their own devices. He had to order something special for Dolly’s future brood.


Not ominous in the least.


Phew! At least Ferns is just because of her gene and apperance and she isnt aggressive more worried bout her family she might hurt them.

Guess being a bit smarter helps around her.

Glittering alicorn, lucky !

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Cannibals are like normal fluffies in that how they’re raised, especially in their early stages, effects how they develope mentally. If given a positive upbringing, you basically get a loyal loving creature. If raised negatively (especially in feral herds where they sometimes face discrimination), you get incredibly sadistic killing machines. There is some other stuff related to the gene in my head cannon, but that’s going to be its own post.