Lost fluffy, red coat, white mane, answers to cinnamon. (author_jberg360)

It’s winter
Walking home from work I see a lost fluffy poster.
Lost fluffy, red coat, white mane, answers to cinnamon.
$50 reward for intact recovery.
Who the fuck would pay $50 for a fluffy?
Walk on
Next to frozen pond, I hear crying.
Shit, did a kid fall trough the ice?
Hero mode
Run to see.
Just a fluffy a few yards out on the pond.
Red fluffy with white mane
Test the ice and walk out.
Fluffy tries to run, but falls and starts crying
Its tongue is stuck to the ice
‘Hey, what’s your name?’
‘Hang tight cinnamon, I’ll bring you back to you owner.’
Book it the last few blocks back home for some hot water.
Fill a thermos and head back
Slip on steps
Seeing birds
Shit, that’s an eagle.
Get up and run back to pond
Just in time to see eagle carrying off the fluffy
Its tongue is still frozen to the ice
Eagle just got a $50 dinner.


Oh what could have been…

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Haha short but good the end got a laugh outa me!

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That fits too well. Also its been ages since I thought about Drawn Together


I’m calling this one a happy ending for the eagle.

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One creature’s doom is another’s dinner.

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What a waste… especially since they had warm “water” right there inside of them ready to be used. :troll:

And it still tasted like shit

Even if one’s headcanon is that fluffies taste bad (and in mine they taste great!), eagles can and do eat worse.