Later Fluffy Prototypes (Artist: Carpdime) (Fluffybooru id: 27402)

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This picture by Carp was done an illustration for a greentext on the booru centered around one user’s unique fluffy lore and headcanon. At the moment, I cannot remember what exactly the greentext was, but I remember that this picture was directly linked to the text in question


What is a green text?


The earliest MLP stories were in greentext, and later on, the earliest fluffy stories (including the simple “fluffy pony drowns” ones) were all greentext. Some greentext ones got a bit longer, and eventually, people transitioned into longer stories on the booru.

That said, greentext was and still is popular in the fluffy pony fandom, as its a bit “easier” to get into. To put into context - three of my earliest stories (Mummay Lucy, Twig & Leaf and, of course, Milk) were all written as greentext.

I haven’t done a greentext for a while, but I should do so - part of the fun of greentext is that its easier to read


She doesn’t seem happy to have had babies. Perhaps she is worried about her figure.


More like she’s stuck in a limited space with little room for herself. Noting the nature of early mill stories its also possible her foals may be taken from her later on.


no i am sure it’s hormones


This is a great look back at fluffy pony history, and this could also be part of what motivated PETA to free them, which turned out to be a horrible mistake.

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Not everybody follows the PETA headcanon though. And I think just lettign fluffies go free in the wild or alleyways, or abandoning them would be mroe damaging then any break-in. The break-in idea was more written because the fluffy fandom at the time was still aprt of the MLP fandom, and it was an attempt to explain why fluffies were still “unfinished”.

That said, I am quite certain that Carpdime does not follow the PETA break-in, as hasn’t mentioned it in his canon or stories.

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I’ve never cared for the PETA version, at least as an explanation for feral fluffies. Doesn’t mean they couldn’t, or didn’t, raid Hasbio, but the ferals don’t require that as an explanation. Just look at how many feral cats and dogs out there–humans are terrible about spaying and neutering their pets, and all it takes is a few lost or abandoned pets and boom! Ferals.

Feral fluffies were inevitable, and blaming PETA for them, while good for a chuckle, distracts from the real problem, which is people not caring for their pets.

Yet another example of fluffies being excellent science fiction.


Actually, yeah. My headcanon does have PETA raiding Hasbio, but I don’t use that as an explanation for the feral population. Like, how many fluffies could 1) safely escape in the chaos and 2) actually survive after spending their whole lives in labs? I like to think that PETA has managed to capture some fluffies, which forced Hasbio to start releasing them officially. And as for a few fluffies that managed to escape and survive, maybe they could start a small wild fluffy population. Or maybe they either got found by Hasbio cleaning up the aftermath OR captured by the first fluffy breeders.


The blood…is that, uh, normal?

I cannot remember if there was a story that this picture is based on, I thought it was a headcanon dump at the time. I will have to trust your source on this @Oculusfluffy !

I think many creators at some time consider their own version of fluffy origins. The jump from “created” to “born” is a pivotal moment of that natural progression.

Regarding the PETA break in event, I generally don’t subscribe to it which is why I haven’t mentioned it or used it in my works. I understand that it’s a fairly accepted part of fluffy lore for a large part of the community and I will always respect that, but it didn’t feel necessary in my fluffy world and I feel it has not hampered the stories I want to tell one single bit.

Fluffies being “imperfect” as a result of being released too early seems like a convenience to make fluffies flawed intentionally. It’s quite a bit more complicated than I can explain clearly in words, but removing the agency from fluffies and blaming their flaws on being released too early works for stories and drawings that paints fluffies as pathetic beings incapable of growing beyond their limited capabilities. This is definitely a concept I am butchering in explanation :laughing:, but if fluffies can develop, learn, evolve and grow having been released unintentionally as a flawed product, why does it matter that they were released as flawed products anyway? Maybe it is a willful act to remind fluffies they are flawed beings and to keep them in their place.


Very interesting take. I’m gonna have to think about this.

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so, this is where all begins.

you know, thinking about this a little longer it give me a weird feeling. not sure what it is but it sure is something, like witness the beginning of a new.

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Never seen a live birth, huh?

Well, not everyone gets to witness that.

I dont blame 'em for not wanting to.

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I remember this one
Yesterday I dug up a comic by shadysmarty and deathrpoof pony that followed the short harsh lives of a fluffy family in the big city
it also had a very short feral fluffy history and how they could multiply so rapidly.

i think fluffies are “flawed” because they were inherently meant as bio toys
so they are hardwired to be pretty stupid and follow simple imperatives that override anything else, including common sense.
Such as it is in a fluffy.

The thing is the definition of biotoy is very loose, because some people have depicted fluffies as very unnatural in their manners, while others have depicted fluffies have very natural and animalistic in nature. I know enough people who consider fluffies to be “animals marketed as toys” jus as there are people who depict fluffies as “not animal at all”. It becomes a matter of headcanon, because different people have different ideas on them. I did an entire writeup about this difficulty of classifying fluffies and the problems with the biotoy definition.

The thing is, this stupidity is varied per depiction. Some people depict them as merely naive and.or oblivious, coming from a comfortable background, while others have them to be rock stupid, incapable of anything. However, for a supposed invasive species, this idea that they’re rock stupid wouldn’t work as well, especially in more gritty/realistic stories, because it begs too much belief that a species thats rock stupid can thrive so much based purely on “fast reproduction”. Invasive species get the way they are due to a lack of competition, and also have advantages that beat out their competitors.

Suffice to say is that I’m a bit critical of overly-portraying fluffies as stupid or dumb. Granted, I will admit that their mental capabilities may be stunted, but that doesn’t mean I’d see the overall race as inherently “rock-stupid”.

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