Last Day Of SeaFluffs (by O.B)


First attempt of drawing seafluff…
Will you adopt it?


No. Sea fluffies seem like a bad pet. You can’t pet and play with them like a regular fluffy.

Also, I’d be suspicious about why they marked it down then raised the price back up.


hmmm…posible speciality genes??

or just a dumb employee who dont understand how percentage work?

(or just my dumbass brain that realizing there is a mistakes)


Hmm, put them in a blender, boil them in a pot, or put them in a bowl and stir it really fast?
No matter what they’re getting their limbs cut off one by one. Unless it’d be more fun to see them struggle.

boil them in those glasses pot then…
now that is the show…

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I adopt him :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah, I have a large empty aquarium from back when I had fishes. I’ll take him.

Hmmm, no.
Dancing babies irritate me.
And keeping a seafluff would probably be as hard or even harder then keeping a salt water aquarium

( A salt water tank is having fish on ultra hardmode )

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I was also confused at first, but it’s not “-50/-25%” or “50/25% off”, but apparently “50/25% from the original price”

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No, I just don’t like sea fluffies.

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Yeah meta things…my dumbass brain is having a brainfog and write stuff wrong and just realized when i already posting it…


Sure, why not. I’ll make a surf n’ turf platter for my hunting pack

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I would…good job for first try

No, he’s dabbing on me.

So meat from earthies fluffy and sea fluffy?


Bu…bu…widdle mummah wance said dab will make nyu mummah happy…shock face

I imagine it said that lol

I would adopt but I have a cat. Poor little fellow wound end up a snack because my little girl can bend space to get to wherever she wants even if it shouldn’t be possible. :sweat_smile:

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Ive got plenty of regular fluffy meat in my freezer, its what my pack usually eats

heh, if it’s your last day, you better dance harder

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Dance baby dance

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