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With apologies and admiration to @BFM101 - this page of lab notes from Joseph was found in a box at the local Goodwill and I just had to share it…



“Wai daddeh gu buk-fukin-wild on dese Fwuffies?”

“Because Crimson, sometimes we need to vent our frustration on the unexpecting masses as a way of furthering the advancement of science and fury as a collaborative subject.”

“…Yu watch Wise Of Skywalka gain wast dawk-time, did-ent yu.”

“It’s so fucking bad Crimson.”


Seriously though, you’ve captured the Fuck You mentality of Josef very well, I could see him pulling this off on some real Hellgremlin pieces of shit.


oh Josef would definitely do this with any fluffy as long as he’s angry, don’t tell me he has morals lol /jk


Josef would do this to bad Fluffies as punishment.

Then he would do it with good Fluffies to see how they reacted.


Here we have a perfect example of where head stompies are the humane thing to do.


Can’t wait for the the part where the heads are teleported off

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Some one got inspired by the human centipede.
II obviously

Dennis should be in the middle.


This… This is pure magic and it breaks my heart. The memorie of this God gifen Present to the Abuse community and his passing away still hearts why… Why you crazy lovebel Sone of a Nazi descended, why did you have to go… Silent crying for five minits while in the background plays Halleluja from Lenard Cohen

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Sky looks be enjoying things… in her own way…


For extra suffering: feed the fluffy at the front Indian food. Or Mexican. Or something that results in volcanic diarrhea.

You could have weeks of fun experimenting by feeding the front fluffy different foods and seeing which ones cause the most suffering for the others.


He should start with the bad ones to work out all the kinks, so when works on the good ones they actually survive long enough


Ah the fluffies of humanity

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Josef is actually descended from Nazis, his grandfather was a member of the Third Reich and his father was a white supremacist.

Thankfully Josef is not a Nazi, although considering how he abuses Fluffies he might have a SLIGHT God complex when it comes to the little bastards.


Yah but like fluffies nazis, and white supremacists (hell all racial supremacists but the white ones are the most dangerous IMO) deserve wonderful fates people like Joseph bring to fluffies. But we have things like “laws” and “rights” but at least fluffies don’t have those

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Now I can’t help but wonder how the segments would respond after being reset. Would it be possible to convince it that they’d always been like that? Heh, would make for a hell of a scare to expose normal fluffies to the abomination

Lenard Cohen

I think he’d have loved having only music by Jewish people at his funeral as one final swipe at his old man, who would go because it’s expected of him.

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What a terrific find this woulda been! Fucking frame this shit

Now that’s what I call science!

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