KNOCK KNOCK Part 8 by WolfmanRaven (WolfmanShane on Reddit)


Wednesday morning. Alan woke up a little later than usual. He was on vacation, after all, but he knew he needed to feed his fluffies. After the events of Monday, Alan was beginning to rethink his adventure with his fluffy family. He finally shoved the nutrient cube into Emerald’s mouth after covering his nose so he couldn’t breathe. His body’s instinct had taken over and he opened his mouth, while Alan put the cube in. It dissolves quickly and starts working right away. Emerald had more suffering to do. Angela though, she had been dropped outside. Alan was going to leave her to rot on her own, but she was tapping on the sliding glass door of the back deck. She was crying, tears freezing on her cheeks, and she even used her name when apologizing. Against his better judgement, he took her back in.

Within 30 minutes, Alan had a cup of coffee and was just about done making breakfast for the fluffies. There was a loud bump from the safe room. Bloody fucking hell, it’s too early, Alan whined in his head. He stomped toward the safe room and opened the door.

“What the hell is …; his mouth fell open.

Angela was in the far corner of the safe room giving sorry hoofies to a bloody Ash. Alan made in there in two steps. He reared his right hand back and slapped Angela away from Ash with such force, she flew across the room. A couple teeth flew out on the floor.

Alan with tears in his eyes picked ash up from the floor. He ran to the bathroom where his first aid kit was at. He had grabbed a blanket from on his way and set Ash gently upon it. No no no no nonononononono, Alan’s mind raced. He grabbed some gauze to start taking care of the blood. He worked feverishly for 10 minutes trying to patch up Ash.

Finally, he realized he needed to take him to the emergency vet hospital. It was about a 35 minute drive from his house. He hoped Ash would hold on till then. He stooped over the fluffy in his bathtub. Tears running down his face. Snot beginning to drip from his nose.

Ash was breathing shallowly, it was ragged and seemed painful given the way Ash’s body winced and trembled with each inhale and exhale. Alan had palpated Ash’s body when he started trying to control the bleeding. It felt like there may have been a busted rib. Now Alan knew that it must be broken and possibly pierced Ash’s lung. That was probably why it was so hard and painful to breathe. Alan started to sob, gently petting Ash’s head. He knew it would be too late. He wouldn’t make it to the vet hospital in time. His shoulders started to shake hard.

Ash opened one eye. It looked up at his sobbing daddy. Ash knew he was ready for “foweba sweepies.” He pulled one hard, painful breath and uttered, “ …wub ou daddeh…”

Ash closed his eye and exhaled his last breath. Alan lost it. All his pride and love for Ash, the only real good fluffy in this little fucked up family. His innocence, his kind nature, his unconditional love for Alan poured out of Alan’s body like a river. His grief swallowed him. He drowned in memories of playing with Ash and Cobalt. Ash’s giggling and bright eyes when he was happy. When he would snuggle on Alan’s leg on the couch while they watched anime. When he would share with his sissy while playing or eating treats. His constant vigilance of always smiling and dancing when Alan would come home from work.

All of this poured itself out through the gushing of tears that washed over Alan’s face. He curled into a ball on the bathroom floor. He let his mind go numb as his emotions overwhelmed the air above him. Even Gods of Old would recognize this man’s pain. Alan held nothing back as he wailed his heart break to the ether.

Alan remained in the bathroom for about an hour. He stirred momentarily, sniffing the last of his crying away. He couldn’t look at Ash right now. It was too much. He crawled to the doorway. His arms and legs wreaked of exhaustion from his wounded heart. He staggered into the hallway. He used the wall to keep himself upright. His visage was blank, almost zombie-like. He wandered to the kitchen cupboard above the sink. He pulled out a bottle form the back. He hadn’t touched this in almost 2 years. He swore he would never imbibe it again. This last bottle was the reminder of 3 years of hell. He wouldn’t go back. He could never go back to that. He just needed some numbing. He had to do something that would break him as a man. He didn’t have the courage at the moment. He needed to collect his strength. The little guy couldn’t very well bury himself could he?

Alan poured a small glass of whiskey. He threw it back and swallowed the burning drink. It lit his throat up on the way down. A warm feeling coursed from his stomach. His heart beat jumped as the whiskey entered his bloodstream and the calming buzz kicked in. He cupped the top of the glass in his hands and tapped it on the kitchen island top with a hard clunk. He inhaled. His breath was slow, controlled, but betrayed a sense that it could shutter, stop, then break into wails of agonized despair once again. Alan focused his breathing. He took long inhales and prolonged exhales. Letting the whiskey build his courage. When he felt that he could do what needed to be done, he walked back toward the safe room.

He saw Angela in the corner crying where he slapped her to from the hallway. As he neared the safe room, he noticed a white thing on the floor. When he started to enter, a familiar sound came from the corner behind the door.

“Enf enf enf enf,” Cobalt exclaimed. He was enfing Lemonade. Quite vigorously at that.

“Gud speshaw huggies, Cobawt,” Lemoande squealed. She wasn’t acting derped anymore. Alan stepped back from the room. He wasn’t sure what to think. Was she ever derped in the first place? Was she faking this whole time? Alan’s day had already pushed him to the limits. He quietly shut the safe room door. He couldn’t, not right now, not at this moment.

Alan walked past the bathroom. He shuddered. He went to the kitchen again. He needed one more shot of liquid courage and he would do this. Alan took another shot, inhaled sharply and then walked to the bathroom. He collected Ash’s body, wrapped him up in his blanket and went to the glass sliding door to his deck. He put his coat and boots on. He solemnly walked out to the small shed at the back of the yard. He had grabbed a small bottle of lighter fluid. He had a fire pit that was at the corner of the fence line.

He lay Ash’s body in it, sprayed it with the lighter fluid and pit his body. Alan stood in silent vigil. He stayed there in the cold winter day. Watching the only part of that family that he truly loved. There were no tears this time. He was past that point. He said his silent prayer to whatever God or Gods he worshipped. When Ash’s body was well under way to being a smoldering pile of ashes, he inhaled the cold air sharply, turned to his house and trekked back in.

Alan had removed his coat, but not his boots. He had grabbed his laptop and stood at his kitchen island. He pulled up the camera in the safe room. He had the volume up loud. He was listening to the fluffies.
Angela had stopped crying. She had blood dried on her snout and two of her teeth were missing. Alan did not feel sorry for that. He zoomed the camera on Cobalt and Lemonade. They’re voices weren’t that loud, but the camera had a good microphone and he could hear their conversation.

“Coo. Cobawt gib dhe bestest speshaw huggies. Dummeh daddeh nu no Wemonade nu dewpy fwuffy. Bwudda nu wowwy now mummah gib foweba sweepies to poopeh fwuffy,” she said as she curled up on Cobalt. Alan’s eyes got wide and his mouth fell open.

“Cobawt had wowstest time pwetendin’ tu wike poopeh fwuffy. Nu weawwy bwudda, but dummeh daddeh wisten tu Cobawt wies. He dhink dhat Cobawt nu bewong tu mummah an’ sissy famwy,” Cobalt said back to Lemonade. He nuzzled into Lemonade’s fluff. Alan’s heart began to neat harder. A small fire started within him.

“Nu faiw,” whined Angela from the corner, “Nu git speshaw huggies ow babbehs nu mowe. Cobawt nu gib Angewa tummeh babbehs. Bu’ gib tu Wemonade? Nu faiw!”

Alan’s head rolled from this revelation. Angela continued, “Dummeh poopeh fwuffy git sowwy hoofies fwom Angewa. Git boo boo juwce aww obah fwuff. Dummeh daddeh huwt Angewa. Gib him wowstest huwties.”

Angela puffed her cheeks at her last statement. She walked over to Emerald, with no concept she actually shits in the mouth of another fluffy, and did her business. She let out a sigh as she relieved her poopies. She gave a backward glance when Emerald didn’t lick her clean quick enough.

Alan turned the camera app off. He couldn’t make a face. His mind was going so many different directions. He heaved a hardy breath. It was time. It was simply time to end it all. He went to take another shot, but stopped. No, he decided, he would be completely sober for this. His face was stern, emotionless, nary a crinkle on his flesh as he walked toward the safe room once more, carrying their partial demise.

He opened the door and stared at the fluffies. Angela stepped toward him. Stomping her hooves. “Dummeh daddeh nu gib nummies aww day! Angewa hab tummeh owwies,” she exclaimed.

Alan set down a bowl of spaghetti. He had made it last night when they were all asleep. It was going to be a treat today. Oh, was it ever going to be treat now. He stepped back as the three fluffies devoured the contents of the plate. They were smeared with sauce and noodles on their muzzles. Alan looked over at Emerald. He had placed the food strategically, so the little fucker could watch as they ate and knew all he would get was their waste afterwards. Emerald’s eyes were dull and wet. He truly wanted to die. Alan knew this all too well.

Alan watched with intensity. No expression. No guilt. He waited, silently. When they were all done, Alan picked up the plate and took it to the kitchen. Alan walked back to the safe room. Looking over these creatures. These wretched monstrosities, he now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. He waited for about ten minutes or so, then picked Angela up. He was gentle, but determined. He walked her into the bathroom and set her in the bathtub.

“Wai Angewa in here? Is baff time,” she asked, actually looking innocent. Alan said nothing in return. He next picked up Lemonade, who protested.
“Dummeh daddeh put Wemonade down nao,” she demanded. Alan again did not respond. He met them with silence. Lemonade was still having a tirade when he left her in the bathtub with Angela. She faked it this entire time. The little bitch-cunt, Alan thought as his muscles tightened.

Cobalt was standing in the middle of the safe room when Alan walked back in. “Is baff time, daddeh,” he asked, giving the most convincing performance. Alan stared at him. He pulled a sorry stick from the wall and looked back at Cobalt. Cobalt’s eyes got wide.

Wai daddeh hab sowwy……SCREEEEEEEE!!! NUUUUUU!!! SCREEEEEEE!!”

Alan had grabbed Cobalt as fast as a predator would its prey. He flipped the colt over on his back and wailed on his no-no’s like a mad man.


Alan did not relent. He whapped Cobalt’s nuts with the fly swatter sorry stick so hard that the fluff had started to fall out. He didn’t stop until one of Cobalt’s nuts busted open.


Alan spoke for the first time in minutes, “You lied to me you piece of shit. You disgusting, sister fucking, lying, fluff ball of putrid existential crisis of genetics!”

Cobalt continued to cry, even while Alan picked him up gruffly and took him to the bathroom as well. He returned after a few seconds. He stared down at Emerald. Emerald just kept looking forward. He had no fire in him anymore. Alan knew. He picked him up and carried him the bathroom. He set Emerald on the toilet as he removed him from his litter pal box. Emerald’s fluff had started growing back. It was still patchy and short, but the green color was there.

Alan sat on the toilet lid, after removing the box Emerald had just been freed from. He sat there, looking at the fucked up fluffy family whining in the bathtub. He held Emerald in his lap, stroking the fluff on his back. Emerald just stared at the other fluffies.

“Wai daddeh put fwuffies in bafftub an no washy,” Angela started. Alan looked at her, dead square in the eyes. He smirked and kept his gaze.

Angela’s stomach gurgled. Then Lemonade’s, Cobalt’s started too, just barely audible over his whispery huu huus.

Angela squeaked, “Tummeh nu feew weww……urgle…”

She threw up by the faucet. Lemonade was making a face, like she was holding her shit in. Well, she was, but only barely. She turned to step near the drain when her ass hole squeaked. A small fart came out. She started trembling, “Nu. Nuuuuuu!”

Her ass exploded across the bathtub. Cobalt, who was laying on his side, tail curled up over his busted ball sac, was covered in the volatile expulsion from Lemonade.


Did he just call her special sissy, Alan noted. He continued to stroke Emerald, pressing a little harder each time. Alan stood up, lifting Emerald into the air and promptly dropped him in the tub too. “Dinner time litter bitch,” Alan said flatly. Emerald just sat there, tears starting down his cheeks. Alan quickly swatted Emerald with a sorry stick.

“I said dinner time,” Alan exclaimed.

Emerald started eating the shit. Then, Angela squealed as her ass had a blow out, all over Lemonade; again. Alan wanted to laugh, but his anger, his loathing of these wretched chimeras of genetics from the corner of the cosmic gene pool where the pond scum gathered, could offer him no respite from vengeance.

Cobalt, still crying about his fucking balls, also started shooting shit out of his ass at an accelerated rate. Every wave of poopies made him convulse in pain. Alan watched in amused silence. Emerald seemed to have stop trying to numm the poopies. Two more hard whacks of the sorry stick changed that. Emerald was desperately trying to keep up with the other fluffy’ss bowels, but they were shitting uncontrollably.



Alan stepped a little closer. He had donned a glove on his left hand. Cleaning glove, to be exact, it covered a portion of his forearm. He reached in and pushed Lemonade’s head down. He held it in a pile of Angela’s shit near the drain that Emerald hadn’t got started on. He likely wouldn’t, either. He was busy trying to keep up with the explosions coming out of Cobalt’s ass that he sounded like he was starting to drown.

Lemonade twitched and tried to free herself from Alan’s grip. “For being an incestuous, lying cunt bag,” Alan said as he continued to hold her face in the shit. Her body started to twitch hard, then a little less, and a little less. Finally it stopped. Her back left leg shook a couple last times, then went limp. Alan removed his hand.

Angela was crying near the faucet. Alan reached over and turned the cold tap on; full blast.


Alan ignored her grating voice. He had hit the drain stopper and the tub was filling with cold water. Angela had ran toward the other end, but slipped in all the shit. Her face hit hard and a couple more teeth came out.


Alan sat down on the toilet again. He lit a cigarette. Better than the other habit. He puffed away as the flufffies struggled with their asses blowing out and other injuries. The tub was filling up nicely, albeit the shit-colored water. Alan heard an odd gurgle. He leaned forward. Emerald was struggling for air. Paddling his legs as best he could, slipping in the brown tincture of water, poopies and scaredy pee pees. His nose went under. He was actually trying to get closer to where Cobalt was at. The water had just started rising above his back leg he laid on. Alan reached in and moved Emerald over near Cobalt. “Not yet,” came a whispered growl from Alan. Angela in the other hand was treading water clumsily. Alan turned the water off.

Angela was bleeding out of her mouth, but then she dipped under water. Her fluff finally soaked enough it pulled her down. She had turned on her back and looked up at Alan pleadingly. Alan mouthed the words, ‘fuck you bitch.’

Her eyes widened and she started drowning. Alan watched her instinct to breath pull the water in. Her convulsions and panicked stare made his soul sit at ease. Just as he saw the light in her eyes start to fade, Alan grabbed her by the throat and hoisted her in the air.

“Emerald,” Alan said with volume. The green fluffy looked up as Alan pinned against the wall. He held Angela’s body over Emerald, while he choked the last vestige of life from her. Her body went limp. Her ass made a loud fart sound and the stream of death poopies fell right into Emerald’s mouth, that Alan held open with his fingers. Emerald choked and gagged, but some of Angela’s last brown load had some solid waste in it. It lodged in Emerald’s throat as Alan released him. Emerald was making choking sounds, his airway almost cut off, so Alan pulled him to where the water pooled and held him under.

Emerald’s legs flailed as his body went through its death throws. After a minute, Emerald’s body went limp. His bowels, which Alan made sure his ass was poised and aimed at Cobalt, covered the blue fluffy with his death shits.

Cobalt screamed. The poopies were all over his exposed nut and it made the colt writhe in burning pain. Alan flipped the drain stopper and started to drain the tub. When it was almost drained, Alan flipped it again. He turned the water on full blast, this time it was the hot water tap. The water heated quickly. Alan had quite a good water heater tank. The steam was rolling off the water as it started to get near Cobalt.

The first wave from the roiling faucet hit Cobalt’s back hooves. He scree’d, to which Alan made no response. He lit another cigarette, puffing it as he watched Cobalt struggle to escape the scalding water filling the tub. Eventually he couldn’t anymore. He watched as the fluffy thrashed about.


Alan didn’t move. He just watched. Eventually, the water overtook Cobalt. The blue fluffy was missing part of his fluff. The scalding temperature of the water had literally boiled it off. Cobalt felt the ungodly hot water fill his lungs. His last sight, as his wide-eyed gaze fell upon the cold stare of Alan, was Alan mouthing the words, ‘sister fucker.’

It was over. They were all dead. Alan began the hardy task of clean up. When it was all said and done, he had cleaned up his house and dragged the bags filled with fluffy carcasses to his garbage bin. Thursday was garbage pick up day. At least they wouldn’t stink up his bins while waiting to get picked up. He stopped at the bins. The open one had the shit covered ass of the smarty sticking out of it. Froze solid like a hairless ape in Antarctica. He tossed the bags on top and shut the lid. He exhaled. A weight was lifted. It was done.

Alan turned to walk back to his porch. As he pivoted, his eyes caught something. On the other side of his driveway; a fluffy. It was leaning against his mailbox post. Shivering uncontrollably. Alan cocked his head. It had the saddest expression on its face. Alan walked over to it. It looked up at him. It didn’t ask for anything. Its shivering body was barely above the snow. It looked at Alan’s eyes, then looked down to the ground, lowering its head. It was as if it had resigned itself to this moment. Alan leaned down closer. The fluffy lowered its head more, tensing its body, readying itself for whatever assault Alan was about to perpetrate.

It was an alicorn. Off-white with brown specks and a honey-brown mane. Alan picked the fluffy up, pulling it into his chest as he wrapped it in his coat. It pressed against his warmth and cooed quietly.

Alan spoke as he walked back toward his house, “Within all endings, lay new beginnings.”

This is the finale. Thank you all for the comments on the other parts. Let me know how this one struck you. Peace!


Alabama Fluffies.


God damn what a wild ride. I felt the emotion there with Alan getting drunk but not wanting too. Poor Ash. Fuck all those other fluffies. Telling lies from day one. They got off easy tbh.


Fuck what a brutal ending. I know hellgremlins aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they’re fodder for great abuse stories and also make the good fluffies all the more likeable.

Really enjoyed this story, man. Hope to see more from you.


Sweet Home Alabama intensifies

Anyway, that was a great story! A brutal end, which was what those little bastards earned.


Hell of a left turn at the end, glad to be on the ride. Hope to see more


Great story. Cobalts betrayal hit hard. I would be interesting what happend to the alicorn.


That’s it they speak in Habsburg


Shocking on the revelation on cobalt :scream::persevere::grimacing::triumph:

Poor ash :sob: Alan was crushed…hope this alicorn would heal him.


I know these kind of stories are more like a mental masturbation than something to be taken seriously, but the brown fluffy’s death was totally avoidable on the part of the owner. Also, Cobalt is probably the best actor and liar in all of fluffdom. I almost expected Alan to throw the alicorn in the bin too.

BTW, homemade cremation is horrible, even when done right. The smell of charred meat is almost… tasty.


Loved the story overall but Cobalt broke my heart :broken_heart:

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Ahh the classic “i couldnt continue it so i just ended without any satafuling resolution” ending
sorry if thats mean. I legit feel like colbolt was done dirty, he didnt show any signs until now it just makes me feel this was a rushed ending. it was ok and i sighed HEAVILY when i read it was an alicorn he found, im guessing alicorns a like 10% of fluffies, the amount of writers putting them in here makes it seem alot more common the lore suggest. I did really like the chapters, just feeling it could have wrapped up more smoothly

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Out of all the tings I was expecting to happen, this was NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING MAN, Jesus, dude I never would have thought Cobalt was fucking pretending GOD THIS WAS A ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTION AND I WANT TO RIDE IT AGAIN

Yea, I’ve just wanted to comment that. It felt really rushed but I understand the author needed it to end.
Still, a great story