Kiwi Part 2

Author’s notes:

This will be a short one but it sets the universe for which my my future stories will take place. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Later that afternoon as Jose finished his shift he decided to check up on the last place he had spotted Kiwi, he made sure that there weren’t any cars outside the house and ventured closer to the bush that he had last seen Kiwi. He did spot something brown that seemed out of place. If that were to be Kiwi’s corpse, why was it laying there in the open so clearly? It would have been buried in snow from last night’s storm. He got closer to the bush now bereft of flowers and leaves and noticed that the brown thing he spotted from a distance was a hole. Jose kneeled for a closer inspection and heard chirping noises.

‘Dummeh hoomin! Weave Kiwi babbehs awone!

Jose turned saw Kiwi. He noticed her back leg was now black from the infection and it just dragged completely useless. Even if he were to take her to a fluffy vet he was sure that the vet would have recommended to have the leg amputated… perhaps if he had acted the moment he saw the puss when he washed her… Oh well, a shitrat is a shitrat, he reminded himself. He himself couldn’t adopt her. Jose might be able to set her for adoption but no one would adopt her even if he handed her for free. she was old, brown and people bought colorful foals anyways.

‘Oh, hey dear, you’re alive!’ it took a whole five seconds for her retarded brain to recognize Jose out of his working clothes.

‘Nice mistah! Kiki am sowwy, Kiwi nu wemembew chu’

Jose found her mix of toddler and retard speech funny… for a few minutes, he couldn’t envision himself taking care of one these things longer than a day.

‘What is that noise coming from that hole sweety?’

Kiwi was reluctant to let him know that her litter was in there, even though she knew he was kind. she remembered the loud and traumatic shotgun blast that turned her rapist into mush. Jose himself picked her up by her by her neck when they first met. But she barely had any food left and it was very cold, she decided to take her chances as they were likely to die in just two more days.

‘Babbehs… tha am Kiwi nestie’

Jose leaned a bit closer to take a better look and the smell took him by surprise. It didn’t smell as bad as he thought, it reminded him of the pig pit at home in Nicaragua, not pleasant but bearable. Jose didn’t know what to do, his apartment complex was a no-no as they didn’t allow fluffies. He would get pennies if any by taking her and her foals to a local mill. Another thing to consider were the owners of the house, thanks to the bush they didn’t notice her “nestie” as even he himself had trouble finding it when following her. Now with the exposed bush they too like him would notice it.

‘Stay here sweetie, your friend Jose will figure something out.’ He didn’t want her to get the idea that he would be her new “daddeh” but Jose knew that he would make something out of this somehow, something in his gut told him so. He went to the local fluffy store and bought kibble for nursing mares. He thanked his lucky stars that the cars from house were still not there and he got close to Kiwi’s nest.

‘Kiwi, come here dear, I got nummies for you.’

Kiwi got out of her hole like a scared rabbit, but the promise of food was just irresistible for her, Jose grabbed a small handful of the special kibble and Kiwi tasted the handful. All of the sudden her eyes widened, and her tail waved from side to side happily like a dog’s. It seems that the intended food for fluffies did in fact taste good for them. Jose smelled it and smelled nothing; dog kibble at least gave a pleasant smell but it tasted bad. This stuff had no smell and didn’t taste of anything, he felt that he was ripped off… that was until he saw how happy Kiwi was

Author’s notes:

(I tried to find out if fluffy kibble had a particular taste to humans but could not find anything, this is my head cannon and it is by no means official, I welcome moderators to enlighten this fact to me.)

‘Kiwi dear, we have to get out of here, there are bad people living in that house that will harm you and your babies.’

Kiwi got scared and let a little scared fart, ‘Whewe Kiwi go?’

‘Take your babies and come with me dear, we’ll move somewhere safe’ Jose had no idea where to move her, but better he take her than to leave her at the mercy of the house’s owners. They could be hugboxers and save her… but they could also be sick fucks that would enjoy seeing a mother crying and pleading for her babies, all the work he had gone through would go to waste in a single day. One by one Kiwi was dragging her… pups? He had no idea what a group of fluffy babies was called. One, two, three, four… they just kept on coming! Nine in total, Jose noticed a fluffy that there it was a significantly bigger flurry than the others, it was pink with a green mane.

‘Kiwi dear, why is that fluffy bigger than the others?’

‘That am bestest babbeh!’

Jose knew by context alone what she meant but it could not just mean her color, the other foals were unusually colorful despite Kiwi herself being brown, that foal looked just… more well fed. He could research that later for now he had to get her out of there asap, it was getting late and the owners of the house were bound to be home soon. He put her on the back seat of his beat-up Toyota Corolla and drove to the restaurant. He went in and it was unusually slow, there he spotted Sandra and waved her closer.

‘Hey Sandra, you know about the shitrat I was feeding right?’

‘What about her? You found her frozen corpse?’ she said snickering.

‘I actually found her alive… along with her litter’

‘No way! Really?! I love those cute little fluffies’

‘One problem though, my apartment complex would not allow them. I don’t know what to do.’

‘And you thought I could do something about it? I can’t help you even if I wanted, my family already has a fluffy and my dad is sick and tired of him. We’ll think about something later, for now let me finish my shift, it ends two hours from now.

Once Sandra’s shift ended, she first suggested a local mill that she knew.

‘What, Sell them to a mill? C’mon even I thought of that, and you know how stupid I am.’

‘You never know, all of the feral herds must be dead by now, in fact I don’t know how she survived.’

‘She dug a hole’

‘Really? I’ve never heard of that before’

‘At any rate, the mills might not take her, but they might take her colorful foals.’

‘For pennies, I just spent $20 on a small bag of kibble.’

‘Lets give it a chance, we’ll think of something afterwards.’

Sandra and Jose entered the mill with Kiwi and her colorful litter. A man watching a football game met them.

‘Oh no, we are not taking feral fluffies that survived the storm. I don’t care how sorry you feel for them.’

Sandra gave Jose a worried look.

‘I am sorry Jose, I just can’t help you, my family won’t take one more fluffy, let alone ten of them’ Sandra let a single tear roll off of her cheek. Jose didn’t know why she was so emotional, maybe she thought that the mill would take them, if only to have a peace of mind. Jose looked at her golden eyes and felt a rush of blood… he wanted to do something for HER sake now, not Kiwi. The man that worked in the mill saw the colorful foals.

‘Let me see those shitrats.’

He inspected them one by one and Jose noticed that Kiwi had a tormented look on her face, Jose reassured her that the man wouldn’t hurt them.

‘You bred these shitrats? The have a designer look to them.’ Said the man that worked in the mill.

‘No, the mother here has a proper name, so I guess that she is a runaway.’ Said Jose

‘Is that right? These three have freckles and that feature only comes from special breeders, as a result even the cheap ones go little as $500 to as high as $3500 depending on the color and how far the lineage goes back, you know like dog purebloods… if purebloods shat as much.’

Both Sandra and Jose gasped at the news.

‘That being said’ Continued the man ‘We have no idea of who fucked this mare so we can’t sell her foals as purebloods and these little fellas are skinny and require special feeding if they are to make it in the following days. Tell you what I’ll give you $100 for the ones with freckles, I am sorry but I can’t take the rest of the liter.

“$300 in total huh?” thought Jose. He only spent $20 on kibble so that’s a total gain of $280. considering that he didn’t spend a single dime feeding or taking care of her that was a very good deal. But that still left Kiwi and her other six foals.

‘We can’t take care of these foals ourselves so what can you suggest.’

‘If you can’t take care of them, I suggest you just dump them in an alleyway, like I said we can’t take any more ferals, we have no room as it. It might sound cruel, but you can be surprised as to how well they adapt.’

At this suggestion Sandra hugged Jose while giving a little whimper, Jose could still smell the shampoo in her head despite the fact she had been working for eight hours, he could feel her perky tits on his chest and he had to back his hips a little so that she couldn’t feel his raging boner. He thanked God for this moment.

‘If that’s the only way then ok.’ Both Jose and Sandra were leaving the mill with the whimpers of Kiwi but Jose assured her that her foals would get lots of food and “Daddehs and Mummahs” When they reached the door the man called them back.

‘One more thing, you might want take these five brown fillies’

‘why would we take them? We said that we already can’t take the ones we have’

‘Just trust me on this one… you’ll abandon them, anyway right.?

Once outside the mill Sandra said, ‘So what do we do now?’ while wiping her tears and trying to console Kiwi.

‘Let’s go back to the restaurant and pick as many boxes as we can’

Gathering empty beer boxes, discarded boxes that were used for moving potatoes, and meshes that were used for the onion sacks, they then left the restaurant. They drove around and found an alleyway with frozen fluffy corpses. They gathered the corpses and threw them into a nearby dumpster. They then placed the boxes and made a sort of shelter for Kiwi and her remaining foals, trying to make it as warm as possible. Jose then grabbed the bag of kibble and placed it next to Kiwi sideways.

‘Okay Kiwi, ration this well and forage as much as you can, like when you did before the winter was here. I know that you might not like it but feed these as well’ Said Jose pointing at the brown fillies ‘They will help you out an-‘

‘Poopie babbehs wiww be enfie mawes…’ said Kiwi sadly

Then it dawned on him, Kiwi was such a mare… That was the reason why she was pregnant too

‘Damn…’ Then Jose felt sorry at the chirping brown fillies.

‘nu wowwy nu daddeh Jose, Kiwi take cawe of poopie fiwwies’

‘What’s going on back there?’ Said Sandra

‘Nothing… nothing at all…’


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