Kitto Adventure's - Part 1 (By StoneRouge & Proofread by Community Members)

At some point I fell asleep, only to be woken up by one of the employees. The surgery on the colt took over seven hours to complete, and sadly I was not allowed to see him, so the vet sent me home to wait for their recovery.
As a few days passed, I kept going in to check up on the little guy, but I was still not allowed to take him home, he needed to fully heal and be weaned before I could have him. Every day I’m a nervous wreck worrying about him.

Two weeks passed me by in the blink of an eye, yet at the same time, it felt like an eternity.

Eventually, I got a call from the vet, I was finally allowed to take him home! I was overjoyed, so I drove to the vet immediately to pick him up, when I got there, I was told to wait while they get him and some supplies I would need to take care of him.
Finally, they came out with the little guy in a cage, he grew a bit and a little purplish mane was on his head and tail, what surprised me the most out of everything, was that he has a little broken horn on his head.

His horn was the only thing they could not save, if left the way it was, it would have slowly grown into his head, killing him slowly.

So, the vet handed me the cage and a box of supplies, I was great full for what they did, I packed the cage and supplies in my car and immediately went home to get him settled in.

We eventually made it home, I unloaded everything and brought him inside, I set up the supplies, from a litterbox, food bowl, water bowl, etc.

Finally, I opened the cage to let him out, he was too scared to come out, he hoarsely whispered “pwease dont gib fwuffy owwies…” I don’t know why he assumed I was gonna hurt him, I had to think of a way to get him out without hurting or scaring him.

Eventually, I had an idea.
“If you come out and join me, i will give you a name” i said loudly
“Name, does that mean youw gon’ be fwuffy’s new daddeh?” the fluffy said happily

Finally, He slowly came out of the cage.
“Look who we have here if it isn’t… Kitto!”
“Fwuffy’s name am kitto? Kitto wub kitto’s new name!” Kitto replied, with a big smile on his face

“welcome home Kitto, I am your new daddy, I hope we can become great friends!” I proclaimed

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