Kitsunes and butterflies AMDk7)


Drawing this gave me diabetes !
its probably the almost best of the lot. ( Doesn’t say much)
And if am gonna draw this blighter, more he needs a name
Any suggestions ?


Kit fox

Will thinkbof some more fox names


I love the name Moxie!


I kinda settled on Rambo cause he likes apples and rambo is an apple cultivar
nothing to do with that other rambo honest !

But he might have siblings.

I’d name her Sakura, after my favorite character from Hyper Police.

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I should really start coloring these to differentiate them.
But glad you like them
This sub species is open to anybody who wants to draw or write them.

Phenom, keep it AMD themed heh. Phenom II, maybe, since it’s a quad tail.

Tails are real hard for me, so uh, you’ll forgive me for not posting one of these, right?

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I didn’t even think about that.

No worries I suck at drawing fox tails too, that’s why they always look like a mess. ( fits fluffies)
So off course I opt for a sub species that has them cause I’m a masochist thats why.

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I did end up making this, based on a true story.

Athlon II


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Posted one after all huh ?
I like ^^
I plan to one day post a kitsune fluffy lore post and all the kitsune fluffies there wil have AMD based names.

No Athlon II though

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What can I say? Advanced micro devices is a powerful muse.

Can’t wait to see that!

It wil take a while.
I might have become a tad overzealous in my lore buidling and i need to draw way too many fluffies.
I’m trying to slot my kitsune fluffies in to normal fluffy lore with out too much fuss.

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